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Kevin Matthews - Bill Hicks Interview - Pt. 1

3:16 oh shit! LMFAOROFL!

4:20 I ain't convinced this is a true story, but it's still really good.

Maybe it is true, but I sincerely doubt it...

Not trying to talk shit about Bill Hicks here, but I can just see what's going on here.

I mean, what the fuck is Bill's ethnicity even?? He looks like a bunch of different ones.

Honest question, I mean the guy's from Georgia, supposedly...

I'm starting to get why there are so many conspiracies surrounding him.
Maybe he was an agent.

But he looks Italian or something.

I can't place it...

Maybe like, Italian or Native American.

For real, I feel like it's both, plus northern European.
Dude... maybe Bill Hicks really was an agent.

It's kind of a freaky story...

Quote:The family lived in Alabama, Florida, and New Jersey before settling in Houston, Texas when Hicks was seven years old.

WTF, are they gypsies then??

OMG THEY ARE GYPSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn gypsies are so charming and manipulative... no wonder he's so likable.

A lot of times, the crazy stories are true though... just can't really tell with "Bill".
I think he really was just a random guy with a good sense of humor who is just totally honest and not always very nice about it. He's mostly just outrageous. I'm not saying there isn't more to him than shock value. He clearly had a real message.

But I just find the whole thing suspicious as fuck.

Maybe it's just because he's an anomaly, it's sort of mysterious.
God you know what I gotta admit to you guys I just never understood the Alex Jones/Bill Hicks correlation...

It's like a known thing that people claim Bill Hicks is an agent who retired as Alex Jones.

LMFAO, it's a lot like the "Faul McCartney" Beatles conspiracy theory.

One of the dumbest, most annoying "theories" ever...

But now?

I still think it's dumb, but I understand the doubt in Bill Hick's origin that inspires this line of thinking...

Something is totally not right about this story.

But Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks.
They're not even remotely similar on any level, real or imagined. LOL. They don't look alike, they don't sound alike, they don't have the same aura... it's just dumb.

I will say this though... that Bill Hicks ain't telling us the truth about himself. It's great to tell the truth about the world and all that kinda stuff, but what about telling the truth about yourself?

I don't think Bill told us who he really was!!!!!!!!

I'm just sayin'!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you really be touted as 100% honest and true if you never tell the truth about your own self??

Um, no.
Who you are MATTERS.

So who the fuck was Bill Hicks?
I'm just sayin'...

I think Bill Hicks is a lie...

I'm just gonna come right out and say it.

I don't feel that way about Mae Brussell.

I don't feel that way about Alex Jones.

Both of the aforementioned had plenty of paper trail in their lives...

Those are real people, real events, but if you asked me who I thought was a TRUE agent...

Between say for example, Alex Jones and Bill Hicks?

I would say Bill Hicks.
I'm talking like TRUE agent...

Anybody can sell out in life, I am not saying Alex Jones has ever sold out, but he could. For example.

I don't think Mae Brussell sold out to an agenda.

I've questioned Alex pretty hard a few times.

But I think Bill Hicks was an agent from birth, like born to an agent family...

I know people allege Alex Jones' bloodline is elitist or something, well I think either Bill Hicks' family is elite, or he came from an agent breeding program.

That's my honest opinion, you can like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dunno, prove me wrong...


I doubt anybody can!

Nobody knows fuckall about where he came from.

It literally can't be verified.

But it reminds me of Peace Pilgrim in a way too...

Only Bill Hicks is much more likable.

They're all agents!
Alex Jones is still my fave, but recently he's just been too weird.
I can't remember exactly but I was under the impression that the Hicks family
moved around due to the father's job/work. It's been a long time since I read
anything about ol' William Melvin Hicks though. Haha, gotta love that name!
This blurb says his old man was a GM exec.

But anything could be made up if they were "agents".
I'll tell ya who strikes me as having possibly been an agent...

Fucking Andy Kaufman. Oh yeah. lol
Not taking away from the guy at all, just always made me thinkĀ "hmmm"...
That's another possible agent.


(07-02-2020, 05:14 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: [ -> ]I can't remember exactly but I was under the impression that the Hicks family
moved around due to the father's job/work.

Well that's EVEN MORE suspicious!
Yeah, especially if it's not military related. Or something requiring frequent travel.
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