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@ 1:00 you see those sun rays  how they are angled , proof that we are being lied to about the distance of the sun there is no way  you would get such angles  from 93 million miles  

on the bright side I see nice curves   at the start 

You're such an effing troll Kenny.

I'd like to see you admit it just once.
There is no way you truly believe this shit.
Kenny are you an immigrant?

I notice people from the middle east perpetuate this flat earth theory...

It won't make me love you any less if you're an arab sweetie, I promise.

Just be honest with MOmmy.


mo is kinda like a mommy you guys !
Okay that was just mean.

We all know what a MOnster your MOther is.

I remember all your stories, Kenny.
You darn Pisces with your unenviable childhoods...

*shakes head*
They're often so unpleasant that many Pisces grow up to believe cockamamie theories, like the earth is flat and lots of equally intolerable nonsense.


Discovered! A Large White Cannibalistic Peoples Occupy America In i500/i600s



WTF is going on?

mindblown wtf4 Whaaa Deep Thoughts Damned Conspiracy Hold On brucelee2 wtf3 mindblown2




Pretty buzzed about this topic still.





I don't trust women who drink red wine , its like a sign of witchcraft