Full Version: Lie to me, if you will...
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... at the top of Berringer Hill.

Tell me anything you want.

Any old lie will do.

Call me back to you.

Things could be so different now.

It used to be so civilized.

You will always wonder how

It could have been if you'd only lied.

It's not a case of telling the truth.

Some lines just fit the situation.

You call me a liar.

You would anyway.

(10-17-2020, 10:33 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ][video=themtube][/video]

Ooooohh!!! It's been awhile since I heard the Black Keys.
Why you always lying?

Stop your fucking lying!

(10-17-2020, 02:00 PM)Devastatia Wrote: [ -> ]Ooooohh!!! It's been awhile since I heard the Black Keys.

Not exactly keeping with the theme of the thread but I'd be LYING
if I said I didn't love this song!! *looks to the judges* 

"We'll allow it!"

Thank you, Jesus.

Plot twist: The judges are passing a big, fat joint around amongst themselves as they sit there judging.