Full Version: Heroin should be sold at 7/11
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Trane Hur

Just like booze. We the people demamd this god given substance be freely abailable
The heroin junkies are the worst...

They will stick by it like it's a fucking religion or something.

It's sad...

They all describe heroin as a feeling of "being in your mother's womb again"...

And every time I hear that, I'm like who in the FUUUUUUCK would that appeal to??

People with mommy/abandonment issues, that's who.
Cannabis, shrooms...


Other drugs??


Chew your coca leaves if you live in that part of the world, but LMAO...

Keep it natural for God's sake people.
Eat your poppies or whatever...

But stick to the natural unprocessed stuff.

If you gotta do more than pick it and let it dry in order to consume it, you're dealing with some unnatural shit.
Morphine is for people with their limbs blown off and guts hanging out.