Full Version: AHS: Double Feature
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Just ran across this trailer from 4 days ago...

First of all, looks like a ripoff of The Shining's plot line.

Evan Peters is back... wonder why. I guess he had enough time away? Feels better now? Who knows. He looks great though.

Finn Whitrock is retardedly hot, as per usual.

It's cool that Macaulay Culkin is in this, that is actually kind of a big deal.

As far as whether it looks good or not... um, no.


But we'll see, I guess. Apparently comes out August 25th.

Of course no season of AHS is complete unless they gay up Evan and disrespect his manhood somehow.

This season looks like shit.
It may even be worse than Roanoke. We'll have to see. But it looks like total garbage.