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Someone posted this on another forum the other day and it brought back some memories.

I don't mean to be getting trashy or anything... I just honestly think this girl sounds so sexy when she's saying "huh..... what?''   and some of her phrasing. I don't like the blatant stuff, but her vocal inflections in the softer parts are so great!


How the fuck did they make that video???

I'm jealous as fuck...

I wish I could be in an episode of Columbo like this...


That's brilliant.

Is it really that chick in the video singing though??

I've never heard of her.
It's not the girl in the video... but that girl in the video is really sexy!

This song was never recorded in a studio. This is a live recording at a club and it was the first time Peaches ever performed it. If you listen you can hear the crowd whoopin it up.

So sexy!

They even put in a shadow. How the heck???
Oh wow... interesting.
Reminds me of this:
Yeah, it really is well done. It's pretty olden too.
At 1:33, she looks so hot with that mouth thing and she says '' uhhh"


-gg- is that you?

So beautiful!
Yeah GG has gorgeous hair and skin, sporting an ethereal glow!!!


For real, wow!
Oh my gosh... thank you!

I got brave and posted a picture. I was feeling a little down today.... and I'm really tired. I was hoping people would like it, so thank you so much!

I'm 52 years old by the way.... which is another big reveal.

I just feel kind of loose right now. I'll probably regret this tomorrow.


-gg- you're a bad ass, don't take it to head but don't forget it! 52 is the new 34, do you w/ your bad ass self!


I think you are you are beautiful as fuck!

Fuck anyone who says otherwise.
Thank you.
Are you the same GG from ICOM that wont unban me???


<3 <3 <3
Too funny.

Bitch BANS 52.

And she is 52.

LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


STFU 52, -gg- is my friend, you fuck with her, you comin' at me
Go back to the ice cream shop .

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