Full Version: Can we just talk about totally fucking sexy Donald Trump's offspring are?
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I mean damn, just damn...

Look at these sexy motherfuckers.

Gonna rate them, 5 stars hottest.

Donald Trump Jr. ***

Eric Trump **

Ivanka Trump ****

Tiffany Trump ********88888**8I JUST C888CAMEEE****

I mean damn, just damn.

Yes. Please.

I'm TiffanyTrumpsexual.
Tiffany "Sexy As Fuck" Trump.
Tiffany Trump is such a fucking babe...

Look at that outfit, slayyy.
she double fails my F2 test.
The hell does that mean?

Explain yourself, Genba.





donald caught giving a little tongue action   ,
I think tiffany is the hottest and looks like trumps mother.
Check it out, Trump family picture:


i thought i was the only one who thinks tiffany is the hottest !
Anybody with properly functioning eyeballs thinks she's the hottest!

Ivanka is like...

Not hot compared to Tiffany.
Plus 'Tiffany' is such a stripper name it just makes me wanna wank.


(01-19-2018, 01:24 AM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody with properly functioning eyeballs thinks she's the hottest!

Ivanka is like...

Not hot compared to Tiffany.

Ivanka is HOT but I am attracted to Tiffany.
she looks like a lust baby absolutely devoid of any sort of love from/between the parents or spark from the divine. picture perfect cliche blonde bimbo look, replete with the over generous thoughts of self attractiveness/worth.

she almost looks like an anime character, or like she's got permanent snapchat filters on her, which for the record i find revolting.

take off the make up and you get this:

^ y'all really think that's hot?

any woman who wears a lot of makeup i cannot take seriously. stop trying to lie to me through the use of toxic chemicals.


Man oh man...

Never wanted to see the truth on that one.

Gonna go and mourn now.

Sad Nana
I almost kinda feel like makeup should be banned.


That sounds really bad.

I mean...

Of course I'm not serious but.

I'm kinda serious.
Well you know, I gotta say...

It's weird now that Donald Jr. is officially Trump's hottest offspring.

Whenever I see pics of Ivanka and Tiffany, I just feel so cheated...

Seeing them together makes them look even weirder.

Donald Jr. is definitely the hottest.
Because Eric Trump kinda looks like a male Tiffany.

He's better looking than Tiffany though.
(01-23-2018, 10:36 PM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]He's better looking than Tiffany though.

Do you know how much it hurts me to say this?

I don't find them sexy but I suppose they are actually sexy
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