Full Version: syrians/russians chop down tomahawks
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looks like missile defense was very nice
The Russian Defense Ministry LMAO
for fucks sake.

closed captioning works for english. they say there was an explosion, then some stranger shows up and claims chemical attack despite no evidence nor credibility. this freaked the people out and thus they did they hosed each other down. this was so clearly a false flag done by mi6/mossad and yet we're attacking syria again.

failure to kaizen @ genba leads to tembatsu. it's like they are dead set on manifesting a deity that will absolutely guaranteed erase them from existence and annihilate all souls complicit with their crimes.

been a while since i agreed with ole billy boi this much.
(04-14-2018, 04:08 AM)genba Wrote: [ -> ]
been a while since i agreed with ole billy boi this much.

Oh my God...

I’m aroused.

Yeah I know it’s bad...

But I love hearing Alex all riled up like this...

I wanna be there.

God Alex has it all...

There’s no one else in the conspiracy theory world who has come anywhere near his level of dedication or mastery.

The last we had someone of this kind of drive and focus was Mae Brussell, and she was a chick.
4:58 ROFL God I want to fuck Alex so bad.
Owen is so fucking sexy though, honest to God he really is.

I dunno though, he’s too young. He hasn’t had enough time yet.

I want Alex.

2:14:44 - 2:15:08...


I fucking love this man, I truly do.

But Owen though...

I’ve tapped into his feelings.

I dunno how much longer he can do this.
Oh furry beavers with manky creamy juices
It always goes south with me!!!

(04-14-2018, 05:25 AM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]It always goes south with me!!!


How south are we talking like really south? Smile