Disney Movies: Who can actually WATCH this complete and utter TRASH!?


How could anybody seriously watch this SHIT?!

I fucking HATE Disney movies...


Especially Disney musicals...

Just pure and sheer ultimate and utter death.

Mind death.

Holy SHIT.

I couldn't even watch whole video and it was only like 45 seconds.

How do people watch an ENTIRE MOVIE of that shit?!

And all the millennial women who just randomly burst out into some stupid Disney song...

There are a FEW generations of TOTALLY BRAINWASHED Disney victims out there.

They really do range in ages up to about 45.

They'll just start singing these mindless dumbfuck Disney songs at totally random moments like true mind control victims.


It's enough to turn even the strongest stomach.

God help us all...

Disney has ruined so many minds and lives.
From the Disney mindfucked women who are just TOTAL BITCHES who think they deserve to be treated like PRINCESSES...

To the ones who keep their obsession with Disney more private but it still wreaks havoc on their lives subconsciously...

There are SO MANY victims of Disney brainwashing, and it's SERIOUS.

It's not funny...

Take deathly anorexic Eugenia Cooney for example...

She has been starving herself since early teenage years because she's OBSESSED with Jack Skellington, an animated character from the 1993 Disney movie "Nightmare Before Christmas".


TO THIS DAY she states in her videos that Jack Skellington is her "boyfriend", and as far as anyone can tell, she's never even been in a relationship. She is OBSESSED. She wants to look like him, or look like what could be his wife.

Crazy. Insane.

Colleen "Pure Psycho" Ballinger is the prime example of a Disney obsessed total fucking bitch...

Her YouTube famous alter-ego "MirandaSings" is the epitome of OBNOXIOUS and an excellent example of what Disney can do to the brain.

Sick and sad.

Disney is death.
I literally can't watch anything produced my big media. At best I can watch a Mike Tyson mystery 11 mins. That's about it right now.
I've seen that coney girl on YouTube. It's very sad. I feel sorry for her and I like skinny girls.
Yeah man there's skinny and then there's...

Literally dying.

She's literally dying...

It's super sad.

Her mom is a total fatass and so is her brother. I guess they're just proud Eugenia isn't morbidly obese like they are. Her mom is a total idiot and acts oblivious to the fact that Eugenia is dying. Her family should be locked up. They're letting her kill herself. She was in better condition a few years back before she was 18 and they legally could have had her put in the hospital.

But now that she's an adult, it's gotten a lot worse and now they can't force her to be hospitalized and I don't think they're smart enough to anyway.

She will die if she doesn't get help. Pretty soon. And you better believe I blame Disney. That's what started it... her dumbfuck fatass family ended it.
She can't see it she is mentally ill
Eugenia probably looks in the mirror and sees herself about 30 lbs heavier and then thinks "Yeeeah, gettin' there!"

It's unbelievable but true that when you're anorexic, you literally cannot see how thin you are.

There need to be some studies done on this... psychological, scientific.

I want to know what causes the illusion.

I think it's a fusion of issues...

Like for Eugenia, she was probably abused at some point in her childhood and then took on the Jack Skellington's wife role as an escape.

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