Alex Jones is so fucking amazing...
He has such spectacular spirit. He's very humble too. He could brag and be haughty, but he refrains. His reach and platform is absolutely massive and is waking people up exponentially at this point.

He's probably one of the greatest freedom-fighters of our time.

The guy is a TIGER. Literally, tiger on the Chinese zodiac and he has all the typical traits. The '60s and '70s Tigers you can pick out in a crowd. ESPECIALLY the Aquarius variety. Not saying they don't have some unfortunate traits too but... in general they're some full on motherfuckers and generally like to stand for something.


I fucking love him.


He really embraces that true human grit, he's in touch with the animal in human nature. 

Fucking love it... he is the best.
Dude I've been watching AJ rant compilations for like 2 days...

He can't be topped.

He is THE MOST epic.

Some of the faces he makes...

LOL. Man. 

And just to look at the guy, I would never think he has anything going on upstairs...

I mean he looks like a buffoon.

But it just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.



Fucking hilarious.

Alex is a MASTER.

LMFAO and THIS is a good one!!!

You can tell by the way the guy opens up the convo with "Let me finish?" when AJ literally isn't even talking and then he's just like, "Oookay". The guy is a total troublemaker from the start and just LOL!!!

Alex was totally right here... freaking awesome. 

The comments on the video are hilarious too. AJ haters just love to have a "safe place" to flock to and bash him to make it seem like he did something wrong and they're so validated. 

Alex is a tireless truth machine.

LOL, that's probably the angriest call I've ever heard on there. 


He kinda looks like Archie Bunker.


Man I just wanna give this guy a big hug.

He'd crush me and I'd like it...
This is a pretty serious and excellent rant... especially at the end:
Ah man I'm a sucker for young AJ. 

I just "look up" to the man... bottom line.

He started broadcasting from his bedroom, and look at him now.

It's damn inspiring.

I have to say though... the AJ of today is a fair bit more toned down than vintage AJ, and I'm glad.

For example (9:26), here is the Alex Jones I don't care for... at all:

That's not the AJ of today, thank goodness... if it was, I wouldn't like him.

He's much more professional now and that's the way to win people over.
This one is epic gold too...

At 1:38, he starts saying my favorite valley girl word over and over...


Then at 4:50 he starts trying to get me all excited talking about strangling...

I wonder if Alex likes to get kinky like that? Come on, big boy, give Mama Trixie a nice hard squeeze!!!

Fucking hilarious at the end when he starts cracking up.
Alex was so great lastnight (that's what she said) amidst that shining Trump victory. That man is so dedicated. I'm just inspired and grateful to Alex for giving this all he's got.
My God, I love this man...

Just sprang an absolutely massive ladyboner at the concept of randomly seeing Alex Jones in public...

Much less reading his own publication.

Those guys should have been down on bended knee ready to service Alex's member.
I'm speechless. This was one of those things you just hoped Alex was wrong about.


What the FUCK is wrong with this world. We have every opportunity to be an incredible race of beings, and instead it's just a bunch of evil greedy turd-riding clowns in a circus toilet.

Starts at 1:47

Alex originally commented on the subject of harvesting organs from living infants and fetuses a couple of years ago on the Joe Rogan podcast; you may remember Eddie Bravo calling bullshit and Alex screaming at him in response. I'm going to post the full video with the timestamp at the bottom: 

2:04:35 is where Alex references it really specifically, which leads to the screaming. 

Knowing this is true makes Joe's laughter seem pretty fucking haunting. 

Alex's frustration wasn't theater.
I think I'm gonna fucking vomit.
Yeah Joe's been known to laugh at all the wrong shit and it makes him seem like a douche.

I don't think he truly feels inside the way that it comes off.

But... ain't nobody perfect man.
Alex speaks some truth shows some fact, like Stew Peters, but anyone selling snake oil products is annoying.
Plenty others on Bitchute speaking truth showing facts not trying to sell kinky penis pills.
Nothing wrong with making money, money is just a thing like a rock or a stick, but its how you get it and use it that defines you as a person.
(08-06-2021, 05:11 PM)THEFUNGBRO Wrote:  anyone selling snake oil products is annoying.

Orange Energy Drink Mix (

Bill Hicks (
I've been thinking a lot about Alex the past few days...

I hope he's okay and I hope he knows how much he's loved and what a huge difference he's made in the world.

Alex, love you so much sweetheart.
take your horse meds people  


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