(((Afraid to watch)))
Alright, I got brave and clicked play...

Dude, how much rape do you think goes on in Slab City???

*goes to Google*

Results are scant... but there is evidence of murderers and rapists taking refuge there:

It would appear that many residents are armed... good.

I really like the TV sets which are painted over speaking to the truth of the banal dogshit mind control that platform was invented to perpetuate.

3:52, alright now that was funny. "We do have a stripper pole, because strippers will not show up if you don't have a pole." Beautiful. I would dance on that pole. I've never pole danced. I bet I would either be really good at it, or laughably horrible.

These Slab City residents have quite the attitudes. I do respect it for what it is. It is essentially the modern day lawless west. But with questionably less rape...? Everyone always wants to know about the rape. Is it a problem? Is it common? I know that's the first question I ask.

4:37, she's certainly correct.

4:53, greatest tour guide ever.

Jenn is actually super zen, I dig her.

7:12 see I dunno that I believe that. I think that if I were to come to Slab City, they'd basically tell me to leave. I guarantee you they have super hardcore in group preferences and are probably not at all welcoming of outsiders.

8:00 LMFAO they have a prom. I can't even lie, that's epic. That's really epic.

8:13 holy shit it's The Dude from Big Lebowski. That guy seems chill AF.

LOL, I think one of the best things about Rainbow and Slab City and all these 'gatherings' is the music scene.

"You're your own guru." That's awesome... I totally agree. "We do what we want." Amen. Amen.

1:15, interesting.

I had to listen to this on double speed:

3:10... 4:04 OMG. Disturbing.

8:35 exactly... the amount of crazy incidents in that timeframe is a real problem. 5 arsons in a week.

Seems that people largely describe Slab City as a "gray area".

Double speed:

He basically said it was sad.
More rape and murder at Slab City...

This chick seems pretty cool.
(07-30-2017, 06:56 PM)MO Wrote: 5 arsons in a week.

The chick in the above video mentioned the Slab City arsonist and said people have even been killed in some of those fires.
Check out the pinned comment on this video...

Sounds about right!!!

Honestly nasty and creepy as shit.

5:54 oh my God talk about a den of total fuckin' rape.

Look at this rainbow beard old dude with the painted nails...

Holy Jesus this is frightening.

And honestly THIS fuckin' guy is probably the least of anybody's worries, I mean...

It's the ones who aren't trying to stand out from the crowd that you gotta worry about.

You honestly gotta be a total idiot to take your wife with you to Slab City, let alone your KIDS.

You can tell this guy is a burnt out fucking pothead before he even mentions pot in this video...

*rolls eyes*

Fuckin' guy's on more than pot too. He said he's found 'love' and 'compassion' and acceptance...

LMAO yeah because he's got stuff they WANT.

They're probably spiking the water and stuff.

A lot of the comments on that vid are spot on.

It's really depressing to think this guy brought his kid(s) to that place.

2:05 holy fuck this guy...

This guy is crazy as hell.

Actually, no, he's just dumb.

These people are SO FUCKED UP on God only knows what.

This is honestly sad as shit, LMAO.

2:52 this dude trying to tell the YouTuber guy that these hunks of PYRITE are GOLD.


Wow, this is just FUCKED up.

I honestly like this dumbass trying to sell the guy on some fool's gold though...

At least that crook motherfucker knows himself, he knows who the fuck he is.

Meanwhile this hippie dumbass pothead asshole doesn't know DICK, and he's just a tragedy waiting to happen.

Look, he's even putting his dog in danger by being in that Slab City shithole.

What the fuck man.

Oh wow.

So it's clear in this video that this guy is a druggie, like a longtime druggie.

Like way above and beyond his time at Slab City, LMAO.

Surely to God THIS guy doesn't have a "wife" and "kids".

The fuck was he talking about in that first video then??


Sad. You can tell this guy could have been a successful person...

He would have been intelligent without all the weed and drugs.

Really just too bad.

He's tripping so hard. He thinks he's gonna find gold.

What the hell? He's like 170 years too late on that California gold diggin' thingy.

This must be some kinda mental disorder. Looking for gold? Really? Wow.

Somebody mentioned 'supervised visits' in the comments re: his wife and kid.

So apparently they're not with him.

Wow, she didn't want SHIT from the guy, she just wanted him to fucking LEAVE.

So yeah this guy is like a longtime drug addict and total loser.

Wow that's so sad... wonder what the hell happened to him?

Must have been abused as a kid.

He met a guy named "Light" who gave him food and stuff...

The heck? Sounds like some angels been getting embodied and helping these druggies!

Wow dude this is fucked up, honestly.

He met a 'lady named Mojo'...



Very interesting though.

Here's the vid about his divorce...

So he took off to California to dig for gold in order to make money to save his family?

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Someone in the comments said his wife is sick and that he's 'abandoned' her and the kids.

Well I have to be honest...

Having this guy with all his problems leave you and the kids is probably not a bad thing...

If she's really sick, she might just get better with him out of their lives.
Here's the story...

So he didn't have a dad in his life... mom was a drug addict. So it's likely he got abused.

His wife comes into his life and tries to get him on the straight and narrow.

This vid was April 2017 and he said his wife has stage 4 cancer with a 'short prognosis'.

So basically he's...

Started doing super hardcore drugs since early 2017, decided that he needs to leave his dying wife in her final months, and their children, and go off to dig for gold in Slab City.

That's some sad shit y'all.

I mean yeah, the terminally ill wife story is enough to drive anybody to drink...

But to start doing hardcore drugs and then run off to a homeless encampment in the family van? Lil drastic.

Wonder if his wife is still alive? I don't see any obvious video titles about it in the recent months, so. Hm.

Yeah, this guy is totally what was killing his wife. I mean he sounds totally selfish and obnoxious...

Saying he was all depressed and stuff being with his wife and family. He literally made his wife sick.

I bet she has gotten better since he left. He's happy being a druggie in Slab City, building his dirt house.

I am not even trolling the guy... I honestly believe depression and a bad attitude can cause cancer.

I really believe that how you feel effects not only you but the people around you.

What he said at 1:15 was so telling... she didn't like him as an alcoholic (well no shit) but then he started doing super hardcore drugs and got so bad it made her miss the alcoholic version of him. LMAO, it ain't rocket science, buddy. Not hard to understand.

Meh, this guy is an asshole. Now he's gonna destroy his life on YouTube for the entire fucking world to see.

1:55 so he's trying to say he only drinks... LMAO I'm sorry but it's more than clear he is on hard drugs. He seems to be in super hardcore denial about it too.
Nobody goes to Slab City to get 'mentally, physically and emotionally fit'... LMAO.

He said it in the first video I uploaded...

You can get as many drugs of whatever kind that you want in Slab City. He even knew down to the cent how much it costs to sit around and do meth all day there, LOL, I mean come on!

He's a pretty bad liar.

He won't leave Slab City. If he does, it'll just be so he can go hang around somewhere else and be homeless.
Imagine if that was your friggen dad...

A total piece of crap who literally abandoned you and your dying mother to go and live in a homeless encampment and build a dirt house.

Imagine losing your mother and only having that left. You'd have a grandparent... IF you were lucky. And you'd get to watch how your druggie dad destroyed his life when you find his antique YouTube videos 6 or 8 years from now.

Somebody in the comments said this dude looks like Vince the ShamWow guy... ROFLMAOLMOALOLMAOLOLOL.

To be honest though...

Who the hell would wanna live around the biggest bombing range in the country??

That sounds like a recipe for cancer too.

Nothing to do with Slab City... it's that ENTIRE area that is a bombing range.

This fucking guy.

He's saying he's "gotta leave" and that video was December 2nd. He's still at Slab City as of yesterday.

10:07 look he's even got a cute chick helping him build his dirt house, what the fuck?!

If the guy wasn't a druggie slowly destroying his life, he would be entertaining to watch.

I watched like 10 seconds of this video and there's no way I'd watch any more of it...

But those two dudes she's sitting with seem pretty nice.

I like the big quiet one, he's probably a teddybear under that gruff exterior.

This Zane guy is basically an example of the TYPICAL Slabber...

Probably wouldn't ax murder or rape you, and is 100% tripping balls 24/7.

The ones who do hang out and rape people do it A LOT though.

I can tell just from the vids I've seen on this thread...

Total rape haven. Total lawlessness. So many drugs around, they just drug and rape all the time.

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