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To Save The Children (1994) - Review & Commentary - Mister Obvious - 10-24-2019


It appears that Richard Thomas is looking pretty damn fucking sexy in this movie. 

I avoided watching this one until tonight because I had been under the impression that Richard plays the school teacher/good guy... but then I found out that apparently he's playing the unhinged psycho instead, good news!!! Woot!!! 

I'm watching this one on Amazon. Let's begin.

0:20 LOL I love it when he looks sorta homeless. It's so sexy to me. He was great in Down, Out & Dangerous (1995) as the murderous hobo... God that turned me on so much!

0:28 LMAO @ the Nietzche "God Is Dead" bumpersticker... *eyeroll2*

0:36 mmmm God he's got some nice looking hands... fuck I'm so lit right now.

0:46 I find it so impressive the way he just LOOKS like a psycho. Honestly, how the fuck do you go from being John-Boy to looking like a fricken damn unhinged lunatic?!

1:00 LMFAOOO and it's like... he didn't just play badguys, he played like REALLY really bad guys. Who committed heinous atrocities. LMFAO. Like... wow. I mean at least Richard was never typecast and never had his career endangered on that level.

1:10 I just want someone to look at me the way Richard looks at that burning schoolbus!? <3

2:10 I have nooo fucking idea what that guy just said. And I literally rewatched it like 3 times. And I still have no idea what the fuck he said.

3:20 poor kid has to come home after a long day at school to deal with this fuckin' bullshit!?

4:30 - 4:40 oh my God dude, Richard Thomas is RETARDEDLY fucking gorgeous. What is the purpose of a being like this? To lead unsuspecting people like me straight into the clutches of soulsucking LUST?!

4:42 I love his style in all the movies I've seen him in, they really know how to dress this guy. Check out the bitchin' coat he's wearing here, fuck I wish I was in there with him! It could fit the both of us for sure LMAO. Those coats were super popular in the 90s.

4:46 I dunno, I think he's really convincing. Really. 

6:08 LOL, he's so great.

7:20 amen to that brother.

8:10 wow look at this cop/secretary chick, she's real pretty and she's got real pretty hair.

10:00 "You're about 8 months late" LMFAOooololol.

10:25 wow I don't like this dad dude, he's a fucking douche. 

10:58 so this chick is supposed to be hottie Richard's daughter? That's a lil weird. There's only 17 years age difference between them here... when I think "dad" I think at least a 20 year age difference, on the low end.

11:45 what the FUCK!? Yeeeeeeeiiikes. NOT hot. Not hot at all. Cut that shit out!!! Don't ruin this movie for me, LMAO!!!

11:57 what does he think he's a fucking cult leader or something?!

12:30 the fuck is this shit, I'm so creeped out right now.

12:58 this chick is cuter than cute though, not digging the mullet, but other than that. 

13:06 I mean he's right though.

13:17 bahahahaha OMG this IS some cult leader kinda shit!!! What the fuckkkkk. Yeesh man I did not expect this exact narrative.

15:15 I dig his girlfriend's style though. Them boots, oh that's cuuute.

15:48 LOL well that made everyone visually uncomfortable.

16:20 nice nails too.

17:59 LMFAO OMG... he's lost his mind.

18:18 and this was before the matrix too!?

19:14 LMAO I'd be running away if I was her.

19:40 LOL... when the failed cult leader finally loses his shit.

20:18 LMAO, didn't see that coming!

20:40 what the heck is in his ears??? He's got these things in his ears, they almost kinda look like hearing aids or something. Maybe they're ear plugs cuz of the blasts or something?? He's had them in there for the whole movie so far.

It's not like HELLA convincing... I mean, it's no fault of Richard's but, these scenes where he's trying to convince his girlfriend and all this kinda stuff, it's just not 100% all there. It's like what he's telling her isn't convincing, like "king and queen" of the "brave new world"? Like what the fuck does that even mean? Is she really the type that would find meaning in that or fall for that?? Shrug, whatevs tho.

22:14 I just want him to wank all over my face, that's all.

22:33 this guy on the left has some pretty eyes and interesting facial structure.

22:46 "I can save them!" It's at this point they realize they're all fuuuuucked.

23:33 "When you get to be as old as I am" which is 38 at the time of filming, LMAO! Kind of a dumb line. Cool earrings though.

23:51 "Cokeville" lmfao I can't get over it.

24:00 "He tried to have sex with me lastnight!" Lmfao. Aaaawwwkkkwaaarrrddd. And not hot.

24:29 "Biggie time!" roflmfao he IS cute though. LMFAO so cute.

26:13 lmfao I want to fuck this guy so bad. 

27:08 I wonder if his schtick is to not blink when he's playing psychos. I'd have to watch some of his nice guy roles to know whether or not that's his thing.

27:20 what's to stop these dudes in the vehicle from just yelling their heads off for help??

27:58 "Annie Get Your Gun" lmfao *shakes head* You just cannot make this shit up.

29:20 EVERYONE in the building?? Dude come on... it's not a fucking nuke.

29:30 "I'll just wait over here" ROFLROFLMFAOLOL that was fucking baller.

29:50 that's a pretty bitchin' button up shirt too... great color.

31:44 "How are we gonna get outta here?" LMFAO looks like he didn't think that one through!!! *facepalm*

33:10 LOL it must have been really weird for John-Boy fans to see him act in these kinda roles.

34:06 roflmao.

35:40 "Get his gun!" LMAO this scene is hilarious. 

34:44 the look on that kid's face LMFAOLOLOL, so well done.

36:26 a time before cell phones. I maintain that cell phones changed the world too much, not in a good way...

38:10 "I'd just as soon kill you as look at you"... ROFL. Why is he SO believable. HOW?!

39:06 hahaha oh shit... this movie is some fucked up!


40:10 oh shit, the psychobabbling begins! The fuck is this guy even talking about!

40:48 their dad is totally gonna kill this guy.

43:24 this Howard dude's pretty hot.

44:00 yeah they HAD cellphones back then but the shit wasn't like it is now LOL.

48:20 LMAO, y'all ain't slow are ya?

49:02 wow that lady's eyes are amaaazzinnggggg.

50:25 yeah this guy's got a good point, what's he want the money for then???

53:36 I'd have no problem kneeling to him!

56:24 LOL this kid's got more cojones than all the adults in the room, including cult leader wannabe guy!!!

1:00:46 guy on the left is mega hot.

1:02:57 agh that looks nice... I'd love to hold him close that way.

1:07:13 kids are excellent actors because of their imagination.

1:09:36 LOL this part cracked me the fuck up. Cult leader wannabe guy is such a one trick pony!

1:10:00 do you think any girls grew up wanting John-Boy Walton to call them a stupid bitch?? I find it enthralling.

1:10:16 God he's so fucking fine.

1:11:55 I wish his balls would explode... all over my face.

1:17:40 get him a fucking jug!

1:18:40 LMFAO this guy is so crazy.

1:19:30 uuuuuhhhhh OMG... I didn't see that coming.

That's fuuuuuuuucked up yo.

1:20:40 yaaaaas! At least he did the right thing by her!

1:24:30 dude he fuckin' tried to have sex with you, get over it!

Awe, she really is super cute though. Pretty decent movie, it's whatever.

1:26:10 "You were a real asshole. Kthxbai."

6/10 stars.