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Sunday school - Hanno - 11-04-2019

when I was a boy   learning about the Bible , I took those  readings very seriously . The passage that really stuck with  me  and scared     me to death was about sodom and gommorah ...a bunch of aggressive perverts surrounded    this holy mans house and wanted to rape everybody both men and girls , this is why gay parades terrify me to this day ! : 

Genesis 19 

The angels find a warm welcome in Sodom: Lot greets them at the gateway of the city and invites them back to his house to eat dinner and spend the night.  While they are there, the men of Sodom collect outside Lot’s house and demand that he send out his guests “so that we can know them.” (Scholars differ on the most accurate translation of know in this context, but most believe that it is used here in a sexual sense.)  Lot refuses, offering his two virgin daughters as an alternative.  “Don’t do anything to these men,” he pleads, “for they have come under the protection of my roof.”

Next, the men of Sodom threaten Lot: “Get out of our way! . . . We’ll treat you worse than them.”  To protect Lot, the angels strike the men of Sodom with blindness.  The angels then urge Lot to get out of town as quickly as he can, because the city is going to be destroyed.  After Lot has escaped with his family, God rains down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah,  “destroying all those living in the cities and also the vegetation in the land.”

RE: Sunday school - Mister Obvious - 11-04-2019

If you're not using the KJV, you're a sinner!!!

RE: Sunday school - Mister Obvious - 11-04-2019

That doesn't look like the KJV to me!!!

RE: Sunday school - Guest - 11-04-2019

Dude i read that as KYJ at first as in ky jelly. Was king james super holy and living a godly life or just some jackass king wanting a divorce the pope didnt wanna give him ?