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Amazing Polly: Gone - Chatwoman - 10-15-2020

375K subscribers.

The YouTube purge continues.

They got Kelli Coffee recently too.

RE: Amazing Polly: Gone - somethingelseishere - 10-15-2020

When in doubt, triple-down. It's far beyond obvious now. Has been for a few years.

RE: Amazing Polly: Gone - Kenny - 10-15-2020

they really are a bunch of nazi creeps at youtube maybe even worse than nazis as they seem to be foolish and stupid and short sighted . polly was super polite and really took her time putting together presentations and I was in love with her for a bit

RE: Amazing Polly: Gone - Devastatia - 10-15-2020

Her stuff was meticulously well researched. I found some of her conclusions to be a little "out there," but she explained her line of reasoning well. She was one of the more fascinating YouTubers, for sure.