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Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 07-29-2022

I started watching the Joe Rogan interview a few minutes ago...

There has already been some discussion of Lex's channel in other threads...

"G R I M E S"

"Lex Fridman and Slashdot are always swinging from Elon's nuts."

"Lex Fridman and Michael Malice"

"Vitalik Buterin"

I'm waiting for him to interview Alex Jones. It'll probably never happen.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 07-29-2022

How did he get Zuckerbot to come on his show?

Is Lex an agent?

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 07-30-2022

(07-29-2022, 11:18 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

36:39 really interesting discussion... Lex seems honest. Just hard to believe he's not some kinda asset himself though.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-03-2022

(07-29-2022, 11:18 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: "G R I M E S"

(04-30-2022, 04:53 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

0:13 I mean it's JUST the look on his face when she's saying this... SKEPTICAL and thinking she's full of shit would be a nice way to put it. That's not to say he's being rude to her or whatever. But, yeah, it's clear that he thinks she's full of shit in that moment.

And I mean, maybe what she's saying IS ridiculous. HAS humanity evolved because of technology? I don't really think so. If you took away anyone who was able to understand how to MAKE technology and you took all the tech away... we'd be right back where we were at the start of the 1900s or something. We'd be the same fuckers we were in the dark ages. I'm serious. I really do not believe humanity has evolved. Has their interconnectedness been totally put in the spotlight and ramped up and made really super obvious? Yeah. But it's an innate gift we have, tech gave us more ways to use it. So... I dunno. But I need to get farther than 15 seconds into the video to form a real opinion, I know that for sure.

0:07 okay, I am starting from the beginning and I'm gonna watch it now. It's a long video, dunno if I'll make it all the way through but I will stick it out til I feel like I've analyzed it enough. I will start by saying... CLAIRE NEEDS TO STOP IT WITH THE STUPID FUCKING FILLERS BECAUSE HER TOP LIP IS GETTING THAT FATASS LOOK BETWEEN THE LIP AND THE NOSE AND IT'S FUCKING DUMB. That. ALONE. Is taking away from her youthful appearance. If she hadn't done that stupid fillers bullshit... she would STILL look the SAME (good) as she always did. But it's starting to fuck her up. I won't stand for it, I'm serious. She needs to fucking STOP. It's like a fucking drug addiction or something. I wrote about this topic...

0:36 awwww, he's being sooo sweet and accepting!!! What the eff, I already like this guy!!! He just seems understanding and personable, and I like that. I'm not saying he's acting like her fanciful notions make sense or whatever, but he's at least being friendly and whatnot from what I can tell so far.

0:46 oh wow this guy is serving me 1970s-80s vibes with this outfit and his over all look. He's very attractive!!! I've always been partial to the name Lex too... I even used it once, but that persona never went anywhere.

1:08 there's something... quietly super sexy about this Lex guy. I feel like Grimes kinda brings out the sex in people. Gnomesayin'? Like she's kinda just... I dunno, kinda fucking sexy and makes other people feel and act sexy too. Is it just me? Maybe it's just me. Whatever, she's sexy. It's sexy, it's all sexy.

1:20 whoa... it's so fucking weird she mentions THRILLER because I have had that song stuck in my head ALL day. Actually since yesterday. I even wanted to post it, but I just didn't really have the right kinda thread in mind to do it on. Keep in mind that I never made it this far in the video lastnight. So this is "coincidence"... man, the psychic energy and synchronicities have just been POPPIN' lately, there have been A LOTTTT.

1:29 this guy is hot. He kinda turns me on. I'm kinda loving it. I think he's feeling like this interview's gonna be wild.

2:26 I thought he was giving me coder vibes... that's even sexier!!!

2:48 I mean that's actually a really good point... she does say some pretty interesting shit. Definitely hardcore Pisces.

3:07 nah I agree with him though, he's right like... why improve on perfection??

3:28 this is making my brains tingle, I'm turned on.

3:50 I kiiiinda ship these two, I think they could make some REALLLLLY fucking smart babies. Like for real. If Elon's stupid ass can go around knocking up evil, non-Grimes women who have nothing to offer the world, then I think Grimes should get to mate with intelligent sexy beings who are actually smart and useful. Just an idea though!!!

4:12 AGH. Fuck me. She's so cute. I honestly love her. I do love Grimes. I'm sorry, I can't help it. She's always had this effect on me, I can't help it.

4:15 it's actually a very good line of questioning though, it's a leading that could offer a lot of psychological insight. He's goooood.

4:22 he says they are recording this at midnight. Grimes seems to drop into interviews at weird hours!!!

6:50 I think it's so cool how Grimes makes her music. Technology is amazing and I am not hating on it with anything I've said in this post... I am not advocating that we should go back to the stone ages, that would be boring.

7:18 what Grimes really does is sound art. Experimentation. So it isn't "music" in the traditional sense, like with the designated stringed instruments and the wind instruments and the percussion. It's some newfangled experimentation with sound that actually turns out to be very fascinating and unique, much of it getting the stamp of approval even from assholes like me... with some hardcore critique here and there.

7:50 he's so chill, I'd enjoy sitting in his lap and hugging for an extended period of time.

10:00 Lex is like... Joe Rogan level. He really is. He's just GOT IT. He's got it. I feel like he could just talk to ANYONE.

10:25 see this is the crucial distinction between sound art of old, and sound art of the future and the now. It's ALL in the INDIVIDUAL'S hands. It doesn't have to be worked on by multiple people, and in fact, for ultimate uniqueness, it shouldn't be.

11:00 exactly... it was the 2010s GarageBand computer music era that birthed artists like Grimes. My favorite artist from the era is actually Sloslylove...

11:35 Grimes, my sweetheart, my precious... please stop injecting shit into your face. The gods will punish you. Stop altering your body. It's wrong.

12:30 tavern music, roflmfaoooo.

15:00 I'm not trying to be a kiss-ass, I hardly know the man but... I don't think Lex can do any wrong in my eyes at this point. I seriously love this guy. He's got some great eyebrows too.

16:50 she's right... there's A LOT wrong with this whole copyrighting and trademarking obsession people have been hung up on for so long. It needs to be done away with.

17:45 this segment of the discussion right here is excellent. It reminds me of what I've been pondering lately about historical reenactment... And Grimes makes a very important point. When the aliens come, they'll find the pyramids and the hieroglyphs. Why? Because they're set in stone. It's either been carved in stone, or it IS stone... and that's some of the only material that stands the test of time. We need to start carving things in stone and fashioning things out of stone. It's one of the only ways to have actual longevity on this VERY turbulent planet, at least on its surface.

18:18 he's absolutely right... digital art is not secure. It's really not. Sure, it may be around as long as your site is hosted, or your profile exists, or computers are still around and there's been no EMP to take them out. It's NOT secure. That's why I'm into compiling my online writings (what I consider the most important of them) and printing them out every few years. Computers and the internet are not a safe storage of anything. I print my writings out, I save my writings and my photos (and some select videos) and I burn them onto discs because as I was discussing in this thread... CDs are EMP-proof. They last for a very long time.

But what of the photos?? Gotta print those out too, but only the select ones. Issue with that is that proper storage is extremely important to keep photos legible. It's not really safe either. What we need to start doing is CARVING photos into metal, and stone. I've seen certain Etsy-type artists make stores where they will make and sell custom order METAL photos. This is the way we need to start heading if we want photos in particular to last. As for video, especially purely digital videos? They won't last. You can consider them the least secure of all material.

At this point, the most secure way for the common everyday person is to preserve writings on acid-free paper... Even the lifespan on that material is abysmally low in the grand scheme of things. We need to start simplifying our MAIN POINTS, boiling them down into the most CONCISE form possible, and imprinting them on sheets of metal, and in stone.

18:30 she's absolutely right. This is the direction we need to go in. At this point... we've created enough. And of course we're never going to STOP creating. However, it would be irresponsible and foolish to continue on without preserving what we've already made, in a way that is meant to stand the test of time.

18:50 well I'll answer that... I don't like Spotify. I don't like centralization and dependency on a third party to access what should be content in MY ownership. I was discussing this yesterday...

(OT but I absolutely LOVE being able to link to pages where I've already discussed whatever given topic... ROFL. This is what is so wonderful about having YOUR own website. You discuss all your beliefs and ideas, and then it's available for you to access and direct people toward whenever you're touching on a point that you've previously discussed. This is EFFICIENCY at its finest. I encourage EVERYONE to do this... and start now. Start NOW. Get your personal library/database/archive built up so that you can save time in explaining things by linking people to the pre-existing answer. This way you can keep creating without ever having to take time out re-explaining things you've already covered. Value yourself and your time enough to do this for yourself. Facebook and Twatter aren't SEARCHABLE databases the way that a site which YOU control is. Please do it for YOU.)

21:20 that app actually sounds like a damn good idea.

21:40 removing ALL the middlemen isn't gonna take away jobs, it's gonna take away piranhas and leeches.

Dang I'm only at 31:47... this is gonna start cutting into my Gunsmoke time if it goes on for too much longer. I'm gonna go ahead and post this in case I don't finish it.

So I finished watching her interview lastnight and I gotta say... it was great. It was a late night interview since they had to work around her parenting schedule... I could tell Lex was sorta tired. But he was really fascinated all throughout the discussion and I think he really enjoyed talking to her. I think he was sorta smitten with her, TBH. I would have been too.

There's something attractive about somebody who is so unique, she's one of a kind.

I like her a lot... I agree with most of what she says, but there are definitely a few ways which we diverge in polar opposite directions.

She claims to fear death, essentially. I think some of the reason could be the sudden death of those two friends she mentioned early on in her adulthood. I don't think that's the only reason for it though.

I've known some people who legitimately couldn't talk about death at all. I can't hang with those peeps because if I'm gonna kick it with you, you gotta be able to talk about deep shit... especially death.

I think fearing death creates the opposite, unwanted result... dying. Lol. If you don't fear death so much, you could live longer. This is a dichotomy present in so many facets of life... it doesn't just apply to the death topic.

The other place where I don't click with Grimes is the "only person left on earth" scenario, where she'd be looking for another survivor. I am more Team Lex on that one, I personally would just go on about enjoying myself. I wouldn't be concerned with making contact with any other survivors. I'd be hoping any rustling in the bushes was an animal rather than a human coming to fuck up my good time... but that's just me.

I also appreciated hearing her take on motherhood. It's the most thankless job in the world... unpaid and unappreciated. That's some bullshit and it needs to change in the future. Women have gotten the shit end of the stick for all of recorded history and I don't expect that to change, TBH... men will never value women beyond anything other than a fuckhole and free maid/childcare service.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-03-2022

Lex is hot hot.

But I don't wanna see him get married off and have kids and all that crap...

It's just gonna take away from the incredible legacy he's building, ironically.

Just my opinion though.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Guest - 08-03-2022

Gosh I could listen to grimes lisping all night long
It’s really soothing

Mewthik unduthtree thpotified my ath

She needs to make lisping asmr pronto, it’s relaxing as hell and it makth Uth horny

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-04-2022

I do love the lisp.

She's ridiculously cute, she sets off my cute feels.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-04-2022

I already liked her work, pre-Elon era, I'm no Grimes noob... I will say that some of her music ain't associated with the happiest of times to me, agh. It's really, really, really not. But. I do still appreciate it and I do think some of it truly is great.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

This lady is really pleasant.

I think Lex is mega sexy.

I like how he talks and closes his eyes and stuff...

The accent is cool too. Lex is hot.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

Lex is a sexy name.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

I'm starting to think Lex is a global treasure that must be adored and protected. Lol.

I don't recognize very many people that he's interviewed... I'm not really all that interested in watching 90% of them, but I think he's really special.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

I think one of the reasons I like Lex is because it seems like he actually has feelings.

Like if Lex said he was in love with someone, I might actually believe him.

I think he's one of those rare men who are actually capable of feeling love, at least to some degree. Not saying males are legitimately capable of love, but it seems like some of them can get close to something like it... after all, sometimes they write poetry or whatever.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Guest - 08-05-2022

you and khazars...

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

Sweet baby Guest no likey the Lex?

Me sad face.

C'mere beeeebeeee.

Let me cuddle.

We will forget the Khazarianz.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

He should make an OnlyFans and start a series of adult films entitled "Sex With Lex"...

It can just be him having sex in various settings.

"Sex With Lex: SUBWAY"

"Sex With Lex: GIGA TEXAS"

"Sex With Lex: MOONBASE"

"Sex With Lex: MARS"

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

I just wanna see his o face.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

I'd jerk Lex off in a steam room.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

I'd pay Lex to let me jerk him off in a steam room.

Five dolla.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-05-2022

No eye contact.

RE: Lex Fridman Podcast - Chatwoman - 08-06-2022

I wasn't going to watch this, but then I started watching it...

It's great. I gravitate more toward Lex in the conversation though, maybe because he is closer to my age and therefore shares the experience of my generation. He relates to the more esoteric kind of language we use to describe things.

Reminds me of what Grimes said... it does seem like we're all saying the same things, but with different words. The ideas are the same behind it, but the words we use to communicate the concepts vary widely.