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RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

He’s bussing it through NYC tonight and he’s gonna do an hour meetup/livestream there. I feel like that’s not really long enough to do anything with.

Supposedly this ride to OH will be the shortest bus ride he’s ever taken... interesting.

I feel like I’m starting to understand Rich more, which I’m not sure I ever really wanted to do. He keeps deleting all mention of his breakup, in channel (community tab) updates and livestreams. Seems like he’s dealing with it by acting like it never happened. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. It’ll be interesting to see what he acts like once he arrives at his destination and settles in.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

I will say though, if you go through a breakup then immediately leave and go to an entirely different city/state, it’s gotta be easier to deal with. Seems like you wouldn’t care as much because you’re literally being pushed into a new life, which makes the last one seem like some kinda bizarre hallucination.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

There’s like a fuckton of hella hurt behind his eyes though, it’s actually really sad.

And he’s one of those blue eyed people who look like they have brown eyes from far away.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

Dude honest to God looking at Rich in that thumbnail low key kills me inside.

I feel sooo bad for him right now.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

LOL, dude, Rich is drinkin' and smokin'...

Poor thing, he's fallen off the wagon over this breakup.

I guess it was to be expected.

I mean it's understandable...

I just hope he keeps it all under control and doesn't let it spiral too much.

I get that it was a 1.5 year relationship but, meh...

Can't be the worst thing he's ever been through.

I hope he has some good friends he can talk to.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-19-2018

Poor Rich... gosh.

I just can't get over it.

He's legit heartbroken.

I just want to give him a big hug.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-21-2018

Rich has arrived in Cleveland, and it appears he's in a grandma or mother type of environment.

Seems like a nice setting. He's coughing and whatnot, probably caught something nasty from one of those bus people.

Gets some fucking madass superchats... people looove Rich. I mean I feel like he really is a sweetheart.

Sweet lil' Richie. Wonder what he's gonna do now? Is this just a pit-stop? Wonder how long he'll be there?

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-23-2018

I'm wondering what caused Rich's Tower moment. For his girlfriend to throw him out so suddenly, I suspect it involves another woman or this case, maybe all those sexy photos his audience is sending him over the internet.

Rich is an extremely intuitive & talented reader; with his charm & appeal, he could be immensely successful. But if he gives in to his penchant for alcohol, he could lose it all. His future is in his own hands.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-23-2018

To be honest with you, I assume the exact opposite... I think his girlfriend may have trifled on him. She may have been thinking about dating somebody else she knew of, then as soon as she decided to and got serious, it meant Rich could no longer be there.

Regardless, I’ve chatted to some other people who like Rich’s videos and they all seem to share the opinion that he’s honest and a good/sweet fella. I agree, I’ve always thought he was honest insomuch as he says what he thinks. I do think sometimes though, he does scheme. Not necessarily in a negative way. It’s really kind of cute. I see Rich in a different way than I used to.

Rarely, I see the child in people. Especially with men, I can see their inner child, sometimes. It’s like a flash wherein I see the wonder, hopes, dreams, and the disappointments of their childhood. Actually, it’s sort of a psychic kinda thing that happens. Recently, I did see that in Rich. Now I can’t unsee it, and I have compasssion for him because I think he is a sweet guy.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-23-2018

WTF?! He's with some strange chick! Ahahaha OMG maybe Guest was right?!

He says he's living in a hotel with his 'partner in crime'.


Are these two like... boning??

Says they've got a house in a nice part of town lined up!!!

I'm so... shook. LOL!!!

Dude... IF HE IS boning this chick, this shit is not gonna last.

Like. Are they just FRIENDS??

Can a dude and a chick BE "just" friends, LMFAO, fuck no they can't!!!

That can't be one of his subscribers, that's gotta be... like somebody he knows in real life or something.

I really hope it actually is like an old friend or something, because if it's not and they're going into this house thing together...


It'll just end in fucking disaster. Again.

He'll probably just remove this livestream too.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-24-2018

Nobody is disputing that Richie is extremely likable & sweet & open (though openness can sometimes be mistaken for honesty). He comes across as a real good guy & you feel affectionate & protective towards him, like maybe you'd feel towards your baby brother. But the fact is, men are too often ruled by their little head, and Rich is no exception...

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-24-2018

I’m tired of all the whorish behavior out of dudes.

I talk pure smack and sound like a sexual cretin, but I don’t actually have sex with people.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to. But it’s not easy to find likeminded, promising prospects who I’d actually want to go that far with.

I just cannot understand how somebody could get out of one relationship and run straight into another one... it’s not mature, it’s a sign of people who can’t stand to be alone with themselves.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-24-2018

Guys don't often leave one relationship until they have another one securely in place. They're creatures of comfort in that way. They're not actually leaving one relationship & running straight to a new one: the relationships are often running concomitantly. They simply ease out of one into the other, and the side one becomes the main one. This is a decision which they may not yet be prepared to make, however. Sometimes they're forced into it prematurely, thanks to that Tower moment which goes like this: "You think you can bunk up here rent-free & eat my food & carry on with your side chick while I'm at work supporting your ass?! Oh hell no, go pack your shit right now, I want you out tonight!"

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-24-2018


I ain't gonna argue with you!

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-24-2018

Stuff like that makes a previously attractive dude become unattractive though.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Mister Obvious - 11-24-2018

This is the random chick in Rich's hotel room video:

He commented on her video right before the breakup. BTW, this room looks like the same room where Rich recorded this video:

She left a comment on one of his videos a month ago saying she'd just found his channel:

In this video (which was 2 days before her video) she's in the livestream chat:

She's acting like they don't know each other yet, and it could be that they weren't an 'item' yet, because you wouldn't think he'd want her monkeying around in his livestream chats if they were on the down-low.

In the chat she's talking about eating with the kids, so she must have children. So let me get this straight, LMAO, Rich knows this chick for like 2 days, meets her and decides they're gonna GET A HOUSE TOGETHER!?!?!?!?!?! LMFAOHHHOOOOLY SHIT.

She was in that livestream chat eager fangirling it HARD. I definitely believe they didn't know each other at that point, at least not in any serious way at all. She was talking about knowing all his signs, and all kinds of other hardcore fangirl shit. Wow man. This chick has gotta be on cloud nine right now since she landed that dick. And so FAST too! Geez, what's her secret?!

8:10 "I wouldn't look for one on YouTube" LMFAOOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright. That's it. Total mic drop moment.

That's all that needs to be said.

Never say never folks...

Just never say never.

Cuz this is the kinda shit that ends up happening.

If they weren't chatting with each other privately before the breakup, then she must have served him a fucking doozie in private messages after the shit hit the fan...

My guess is she 'reached out' to him when he was having his initial meltdown and taking donations (right after the breakup) and told him to come to Cleveland.

That's always how he does it...

He goes from situation to situation based off people who reach out to him on social media when he's having a meltdown. It's how he ended up in Idaho after going homeless in Indiana, it's how he ended up in Maine after facing homelessness in Idaho (my guess is because he never got a job like he promised he would, and he did the same thing when he got to Maine), and then from Maine to Ohio... with this chick.

So on the livestream chat at 11:00, she says she's gonna email him. So she struck up a convo with him on Nov. 14, and the next day or the day after, the shit hit the fan. And then at 11:30 he responds to her and tells her yeah, email him. So this is where they got into contact.

Later in the livestream chat she told him to check out Cleveland, and said she'd show him and his girlfriend around. Facepalm.

Quite odd timing... that he'd make contact with an incredibly eager fangirl just a day or two before his relationship dissolved.

I saw on his Community comments, he was touting Kelly Lunt... a hardworking lifecoach with her own nice house/apartment or whatever the hell she lives in. He commented on her video too. My guess is he was scoping her out for a place to live... heck, maybe he still is.

Considering that 95% of his audience is female, none of them are going to like this suspicious move he's pulled (whether he did it on purpose or not) and it'll be leaving a bad taste in their mouth, especially as the relationship becomes more apparent.

The comments section of the video where he introduces her isn't too great...

Seems to be full of people suggesting Rich seems a tad off the rails, and just telling him to wait on the readings because he quite clearly needs time to recover. When your audience is like *wave/no* we don't want you to do readings, LOL stop, I meeean... you should probably listen.

There are also a lot of people in those comments who don't seem too impressed that he's jumped right into another relationship. Chicks don't forget either. I am sure a great deal of his viewerbase is feeling a tad scorned right now... if not just totally fucking confused and straight up rubbed the wrong way.

I'm not saying Rich or this chick suck as people... she seems like a cool chick, she seems nice or whatever. Rich is fine, it's whatever. But when you're putting your life online and your audience is mostly chicks who think you're hot... ummm, this kinda shit is gonna make them feel 'some type of way'.

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-25-2018

OMG, MO, you're quite the detective--I'm horribly impressed! I was gonna come back on last night & post that I thought he departed Colorado under similar circumstances--he may have had to leave suddenly, I'm not sure--and that he had no place to go when one of his subscribers offered him to stay with them in Maine. It seems this subscriber promptly became his girlfriend.

I kept thinking he met his new supply (a.k.a. "girlfriend") over the internet, that she was probably one of the subscribers to his channel also, though I had absolutely no proof. I figured his Maine girlfriend found evidence of their budding relationship, either on-line or on his cell phone, & the shit promptly hit the fan. And yep, ole Rich looked pretty ragged huddling at that NYC bus stop; I noted the same devastated (?) look in his eyes as you did. I imagine Rich may have been making plans to leave & get another place lined up but he wasn't prepared for the Tower moment to happen this soon!

Rich seems to be quite the serial--I can't think of the appropriate word here--serial something or other, his m.o. appears to be repeated. Anyway, this ole boy (who to me looks older than his 31 years) is quite adept at getting his needs taken care of despite hardly working.

I have not had a chance to read you last posting thoroughly--I just scanned it quickly--but I plan to go back & look up the links you provided. Again, congratulations, you're quite the detective!

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-25-2018

Rich keeps apologizing for not getting his videos out, saying "things have been crazy." I imagine things have been crazy but I also imagine Rich has been quite busy getting acquainted with his new bestie; after all, the video where he introduced her was shot in bed!

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-25-2018

I spent a good amount of time editing my last two messages (which haven't yet posted) but I suspect all my edits were lost when I posted. Sorry for any misspellings or confusing sentences, etc.!

RE: Rich Lopp: Hottest Dude Tarot Reader Ever - Guest - 11-25-2018

This is gonna be an interesting partnership, two tarot readers.  Rich's new housemate I suspect is a tough-minded little cookie, he better mind his p's & q's.  This relationship may hang in there longer than his others--they have tarot in common & may have a business partnership as well. 
No cats so far but a three-year-old...hmmm, he'll either fall totally in love with Rich or drive him crazy!