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RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 08-21-2019

They've moved to Bullhead, Arizona!!

not sure what the goal is here ….making their way slowly towards California?

Thought Rich said he wouldn't live in Arizona again lmao

but now it may explains all the changes to his schedule ….

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-21-2019

I gotta be honest, they're currently in what I consider one of the best areas in the entire country.

And if it weren't for the INSANE heat, I'd not hesitate a single second to deem it THE BEST.

California, Arizona, Nevada all a short drive's distance?! Holy shit hell yeah, sign me up!!!

Hot damn!!! Kingman, Lake Havasu... even Vegas, not all that far away. Absolute pure and total win.

It's a great place to be... fucking magnificent energy around there too. Better than being in plain ol' southern AZ in somewhere like Phoenix or Tucson.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 08-21-2019

I guess it depends what the ultimate goal is! For now they still live in same hotel in Laughlin which is 13 minutes away but she posted the move to Bullhead so maybe it's where she will attempt to find a job and an apartment.

Having the fun life near by is always a good thing but it can become a bad thing too especially if you have no discipline lmao

Now all the Mexican food in Arizona won't be good for the waistline haha

even some of her family seem puzzled right now.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-21-2019

(08-21-2019, 03:25 PM)Guest Wrote: Having the fun life near by is always a good thing but it can become a bad thing too especially if you have no discipline lmao

Some might consider Vegas to be the "fun life" but honestly... having Lake Havasu so close, THAT'S where I'd be going to have fun. Damn beautiful area.

(08-21-2019, 03:25 PM)Guest Wrote: Now all the Mexican food in Arizona won't be good for the waistline haha

Oh my Lord...

Amen, amen amen.

Just buy bigger pants and let it happen!



Kidding, only kidding.

(08-21-2019, 03:25 PM)Guest Wrote: even some of her family seem puzzled right now.

Meh, nobody ever likes it when you escape from whence you came...

It's not like where she came from sucked or anything, but nobody ever gets it when you leave.

They wanna leave and they can't so they get all weird when you leave.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 08-30-2019

 a lot of red flags on both sides …..not even a 2 months relationship

he has become boring af and she's not all that after all lmao

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-30-2019

At least she tries to look hot... Rich is just a doof.

I'll look at this in a sec and see what I think.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 08-30-2019

leah is really beautiful in the video

i love her front teeth and her pretty black top

oh do i wish we could french kiss and make out on richie's couch

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-30-2019

LMFAO Guest.

I like her teeth too...

She is very cute, and her look is unique...

I like that. She is attractive.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-30-2019

0:06 God their drinking is soooooooo fucking annoying. Like...

I can't relate to that on ANY LEVEL. Whatsoever. AT ALL.

0:12 on one hand it's fine to be honest about getting burnt out, but it's Rich's own fault he gets burnt out because he tries to do shit EVERY DAY (like the morning chats) and make a habit of it, instead of doing it divinely inspired and from the heart. If he had done it only when he was truly inspired to, he wouldn't have burnt out on it... and that goes for everything in life honestly.

But saying that he's tired of it and all that shit, it doesn't make people feel good. It doesn't make people WANNA watch his videos. Thing is, if YouTube was a mere hobby for him, it wouldn't matter AT ALL. But since it's his main money maker... *shrug* It matters a lot.

If they went and worked it at the gym more (or dedicated themselves to any physical daily activity) and laid off the retarded alcohol, they'd be a lot hotter. I think Cheetah needs to lay off the alcohol, hit the gym (or any activity) and hotten it up even more. She will look better than Rich does, and will stay hotter than him for longer if she keeps up her figure. She needs to do that for when she inevitably has to leave his ass.

2:50 God Rich is so... douchey, but without actually having almost any of the qualities that are required for successful attractiveness DESPITE being douchey. Does that make ANY sense? It's hard to explain, but I think you get what I mean. Like if I was a newcomer to his channel, I might think he was fairly hot in this moment but... since I've been watching for so long and (we all) know his patterns/cycles and his true personality, well. It just fails to be hot. But he THINKS he's hella hot and super popular regardless, even though it's all on the downturn. Meanwhile Cheetah over there at this time segment is just... not impressed. She's not. You can tell, she... has a certain level of self-involvement going on and she should REALLY keep that intact. Because losing that quality of hers, in THIS relationship? Not worth it. She should never, ever put herself on the back burner in this relationship (specifically).

I like the room they're in, the decor is nice. I'm sure it's all due to her. If their relationship dissolves, she should keep that place. I think this whole move was moreso about what she needs in life/her destiny. Getting Rich out of Idaho was a byproduct... a total fucking no-brainer that he needed to get the hell out of there, it was more like "Fucking finally" than a clicking into place of destiny like "OMG this is what I needed all along!" like I assume it is in Cheetah's case.

3:17 "I haven't even talked about my new place yet" ... IS IT "your" new place Rich?? I don't think so since all we ever heard about was Cheetah busting her ass to find somewhere to live, with so much help from you that y'all had to relocate to an area SHE is familiar with in order to actually land a place to LIVE. It's "OUR" new place at the least, and in the most truthful sense, it's Cheetah's new place. Semantics... it matters.

4:08 it's a very nice place they're in. Cheetah is a sweet girl and she needs to make sure she's done RIGHT in this relationship.

6:36 I think she's a babe TBH.

7:58 they discuss the process of moving. And of course it's all Cheetah's effort.

10:08 I think they're good together... but I think Rich even though he can seem like he's digging a situation, as an Aqua, it's all hot and cold.

And here we'll get into the real meat and potatoes of the issue, something that nobody ever just casually addresses because it's so REAL and TRUE that people can't/don't want to confront it. The essence of the situation is that it's all about reproduction. I talk about this all the time, because it's the core motivation behind almost every single thing we ever do in life. It's a subject that is ESPECIALLY essential for women in their childbearing years to UNDERSTAND.

Using Rich and Cheetah as an example...

Rich is a man. There is no time limit on his reproduction. Furthermore, he's already reproduced... which means doing it again is probably the last thing on his mind, the last thing he wants, etc. On the flip side, Cheetah has never had children. No idea how old she is, but we'll just say she's 30. Time is ticking down for her, reproductively. She'll probably start encountering the extreme ticking of the biological clock here pretty soon. She doesn't have years to waste in a relationship that will ultimately fail and leave her childless. And this is the underlying subconscious dance that is taking place. Whether she consciously knows it or not, she's looking for a stable foundation, and a man who she essentially wants to reproduce with.

Rich is not promising on any front, since he already has children he hasn't demonstrated the ability to care for, has a less than great personality, and has not shown the ability to be a provider at all (showcased by the fact that Cheetah had to do EVERYTHING to get them in their current living situation).

There are already so many indicators of failure here, and Cheetah is the one whose time is the most valuable. Cheetah is the one in a time sensitive situation.

There's nothing wrong with giving Rich a chance... there's nothing wrong with attempting to make a life with him. But after a certain point when there are too many hurts and resentments piled up, and things aren't looking promising on any level... Cheetah better be smart enough to dissolve the situation. If she likes where she lives, she should just kick Rich out when that time comes.

As a woman in her reproductive years, you stay in shape. You keep up appearances. You keep socializing. You keep your self-value high, and don't ever give anything away easily. The fact is... not every woman is going to land a good man and successfully reproduce in a promising situation. But it's better to keep standards intact, don't settle for a bad situation (a man who doesn't want to be with you, and couldn't take care of any progeny), and have those reproductive years pass you by rather than make the mistake of bringing a child into the world without a stable foundation in place.

That's just the cold hard truth of life. But whatever you do... reproductive years or not, KEEP yourself in shape. Keep your appearance attractive. Even after the reproductive years are done, a woman can still end up in a decent situation if she looks and acts in high quality and integrity. Roles change, focus changes, intentions change, usefulness is shifted around and whatnot... but it's still possible to get in a good relationship with a good man who is your equal in age, or older than you.

10:38 Arizona IS a great state. Totally gorgeous, and some areas have good weather as far as acceptible temps, not too many but some.

11:46 it honestly feels like it's been 2 years.

13:56 I like Cheetah's attitude toward Rich's channel and audience. She isn't eager, she doesn't even SEEM that involved... but not in a bad way, just in a conservative and respectful way. She doesn't seem overbearing. She is by far his best girlfriend we've ever been exposed to on camera. His Maine GF is still the absolute best at this point because we never had to deal with her at all... but to hear Rich tell it, it sounded like a very detached relationship. And if an Aqua is feeling some type of way about the level of detachment taking place in a situation then, LMAO, you know that's some distant shit. So what I'm saying is... there's a happy medium. Too much detachment isn't great.

54:17 so Cheetah states that she's 26. Everything I said still applies... you spend 10 years in a dead end, fruitless relationship, you're 36 when you get out. Your ability to reproduce declines sharply after 34.

I watched on double speed up to 1:06:00 and I'm done.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-31-2019


He's right.

This is part of the downturn in the popularity of tarot, et al.

I didn't figure straight up attack of the practice would be used...

I figured it would just be a totally organic shift of interest, but it looks like it's gonna be a mix.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 08-31-2019

@6:50 a screwdriver could be evil if it has graven images on its handle , or any image that leads to sinful tendencies

i think the cards themselves are evil and must not be looked at whatsoever , my sister dabbled with them and now she is a fully fledged lesbian who is trying to adopt illegal immigrants ...tell me that's not evil

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 08-31-2019


RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-14-2019

Cheetah took Rich to meet the folks the other day, they went out to dinner...

I think that Rich and Cheetah will get married.

I personally love them together.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 09-17-2019


too bad he deleted the Youtube video in Cali at a fan/ Cheetah's friend birthday party because it was something else!!!

soo much drunkenness and the way he was looking at the brunette (the birthday girl) oh my oh my! LMAO

NO he should NEVER get married don't need a marriage to be in a long term committed relationship

I think Cheetah may get bored in AZ alone with him ….she's a party girl and needs her people around!!!!!

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-17-2019

I don't think Cheetah would have too hard a time making friends, maybe she'd even like it.

I'll check out that video in a second.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-17-2019

So apparently Rich is a sleep eater??

Re: the end of the video gross...

See that's the type of shit I'd smack Rich for saying, it's just so gross and it's in the same vein as his weird thing about calling people "doofus" or whatever stupid shit he says.

It's totally obnoxious and unlovable, but Cheetah doesn't seem to mind sooo... maybe they're perfect for each other??

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Guest - 09-17-2019

that's the birthday girl!!

Cheetah doesn't mind because she wants to be loved ….but maybe some day she'll wake up lmao

for now they're a good fit!!

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-17-2019


I would... NOT be letting my boyfriend around that.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-17-2019

Looks like she has kids too so she's Rich's type.

RE: Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader - Mister Obvious - 09-17-2019

Bio compat between her and Rich looks pretty damn fucking high if her b-day really was the 14th...

Astro compat between them looks like a bunch of lusty, doomed trash.

Hopefully he'll just keep his dick in his pants.

I wouldn't wanna deal with a chick like that, you're way better off with Cheetah.