ballistic re-entry
mother russia saves the day 

booster failure , astronauts use emergency mechanism to escape 

@ 2:40 right before it happens,that look of fear

is cool cuz they are talking to the astronauts right after the failure

@ 5:50 they seem to be asking ground control to notify 'ballistic defense ' i guess so they are not shot down as they re-enter atmosphere ?
3:26 that looks fake as fuck.
(10-11-2018, 01:00 PM)MO Wrote: 3:26 that looks fake as fuck.

dude i am never ever gonna forget you said that shit   , 

you have defended nasa and globe earth for years  

thats right MO is a confirmed baller and does psyop for  an agency 

yet suddenly we are seeing cracks in momma MO defending the matrix 

she just cannot stomach the lies anymore
Well I mean what even is their excuse for that shot?

What the fuck was supposed to be recording it??

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