I sincerely believe it's necessary to drink a FUCKTON of water...
I don't think there are any exceptions...

As for the "some people need more water than others" argument, I call bullshit.

So it makes sense that by nature humans would need to live near a freshwater source for survival.

It's only in recent times that we've been able to move away from such areas due to modern conveniences like plumbing and grocery stores.

My question is...

How long have humans been digging wells??

Well I searched it...


Okay then, humans have been digging wells for quite sometime now.

But it just makes more sense to me that humans would thrive more if they lived near freshwater sources...

And I think it's true even today with our modern way of living.

In nature, without these 'modern conveniences', I personally would NEVER survive if I wasn't only a short walk away from a freshwater source at any given time.

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I sincerely believe it's necessary to drink a FUCKTON of water... - by Mister Obvious - 10-23-2019, 05:25 PM

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