Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...
Sad Nana 
Turn volume down before you click play...

It's sad as shit...

I remember Lucian from when I was like 16.

He's been sitting in THE SAME ROOM for that entire time.

I video chatted with him on MSN Messenger like 10 years ago...

He randomly grabbed a sword and put it in his mouth, and I told him fuckin' stop or I'm blocking you.

LOL, so he put it away.

He's been making shitloads of YouTube videos for years, nobody really watches mostly because I think the background looks too chaotic and the audio is awful.

That and he doesn't consistently speak just English or just Romanian. So you never know if he's even going to be talking in a language you can understand.

Poor dude has been off the rails basically his whole life.

But I randomly clicked on this video tonight when I saw the thumbnail and thought man oh man, he's really lost it.

And he's saying he's 'standing in his grave' or some shit. Meh, it's a world full of all kinds of riff-raff out there.

At least he's had a roof over his head all these years... he could do with a change of scenery though.

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Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind... - by Mister Obvious - 10-11-2017, 09:38 PM

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