The Carnivore Diet

This is a very interesting video.
If you Google search "the carnivore diet" there seems to be a lot of really wild propaganda put out against it.

Now of course, life is all about the art of balance and I am most certainly not trying to say that a diet of only meat is the right way to do things.

But some of the points being argued in favor of this diet are very interesting...

It seems to me that those practicing the carnivore diet might really be onto something...

If they're telling us what NOT to do, then it stands to reason we should probably be doing at least a little bit of that exact thing.

They want us unhealthy so we'll be dependent on big pharma, this industry being the biggest and most profitable in history.

Just saying.

It only makes sense that by eating a lot of unnatural things, the body begins to mutate and ultimately die.

By eating what's natural... most likely more beneficially an omnivore diet maybe just with a heavy focus on meat, we would probably be as healthy as we possibly could be.

Some could argue that the human with its unknown origins (let's be honest) is an imperfect being and therefore there's no perfect diet... we are just trying to get as close to a perfect diet as possible.

And I think we get there by using common sense...

We're made of meat.

You are what you eat.
I think an omnivore diet mostly consisting of fish is probably what's best.

However, on just the opposite side of the spectrum (and this is where the art of balance comes into play) I also think animals with more developed vagus nerve systems are probably the best sources of meat.

The idea is that the animals which are THE MOST LIKE US are probably the best food sources.

Again, it's common sense.

An interesting discussion by Clif High about the vagus nerve:
I remember hearing this interview...a lot of it has to do with the autoimmune issue. Meat typically wont trigger those issues as vegetables and grains have a lot of inflammatory byproducts and stuff. Interesting stuff.
It is VERY interesting.
Why cant we just eat grass like all the cattle and sheep?
Found an interesting carnivore diet proponent channel:
Bwahahahahahaha hoooo my God this guy is amazing.
I think this guy is onto something.
3:00 LOL.

Wow, wow just wow.

Fricken love this guy.
I know this much: Every time I've ever tried to eat a meat-free meal, I could NOT get full.
I had to eat double what I'd normally eat and STILL never got that "satisfied" feeling.

I ain't trying to eat a diet of 100% meat, but I'll be damned to believe meat is bad.
Dude this video is honestly fucking frightening...


I've never been more convinced about the dangers of veganism...

And the worst part is the children who have no choice.

lol @ 7 min. , give that dude a pork chop !
Dude look at 14:35 in the last video I posted... OMG.

These vegans look like they have AIDS and I'm leagues and leagues beyond disturbed.

I was totally anorexic as a vegan.

Oh my God this shit is disturbinggg.

Oh my God.

At the end of these videos, it always says "Kill animals, drink their blood, eat raw meat"...

And I'm gonna confess right here and now...

After I tossed veganism in the trash because it made me feel like total shit...

I've wanted to do just that.

I'm not kidding.

I crave raw animal meat.
And I've been eating animal products again for at least 1.5 years.

Or something like that.

I still don't eat enough meat...

But that's about to fucking change.

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