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Dave Rubin will also be leaving Patreon on January 15.

No need to watch the video. It's just more of Peterson's croaky-voice babbling. I'm only posting it here to chronicle the continuing fallout.

I never thought Dave Rubin looked strange or suspicious, but...

I get skeezy vibes from them together.

They magnify each other's suspiciousness.
I'm experiencing deja vu at Peterson's side of this conversation. Either I've watched this video before and forgot about it, or he's repeating what he said in another video.
It's like Jordan Peterson is paraded around like some kind of non-PC hero we're all supposed to fawn over or something.

There's definitely something up with that fucking guy.
There's nothing cringier than a soy boy with a beard.

Yeah it's kinda like what they say about dudes who drive big trucks having penis envy.

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