Sammy Guevara

6:30 I guess Sammy is on TV now, I don't own a TV though so I have no way of knowing.

Seems like they've got Sammy in the "asshole" role where he even LOOKS like a total douche...

That was how I remember interpreting him in the beginning back before NWA70 after which I started watching his vlogs and realized he's a super nice dude.

I know wrestling is all about schticks but it's too bad Sammy's gotta be played up as a megadouche.

Yes he ABSOLUTELY fucking looks the part, LMAO. ABSOLUTELY. LOL. I'm not saying it's ultimately gonna make him less popular than he otherwise could have been... but I do have my concerns about how he's being portrayed.

7:43 LMFAO that was a good one.

Sammy's girlfriend is great, they're a great couple and look perfect together. These vlogs are good because we get to see what Sammy is really like... but if it was only his wrestling persona as it's portrayed in the media that we were able to see, I just wouldn't like him.
I think what bothers me about the douchey wrestling persona is that...

If you look at characters like that in the movies, they don't ever come out on top do they??

Reminds me of Biff's friends in Back To The Future...

0:33 it's that sorta 'greaser' bully type of atmosphere, and those types always get owned in the movies.

I guess the persona would be fine to carry on if you were gonna be an eternal 'jobber'...

But uhhh, is that what we're going for??

Needs some balance...

In his personal material (the vlogs etc.) Sammy shows his heart a lil bit and that provides balance...

But if it's left solely up to TV/the media, it's gonna be solid douche, no balance in that and it lacks depth.

That's my only concern.
Dancing Banana 
Sammy's living the dream and getting to hang out with some of his longtime wrestling idols...

Wonder if any of them have propositioned him for gay sex yet?!
(08-23-2021, 01:32 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: I just looked at Sammy Guevara's channel and it's blown the fuck up, his vids get crazy views...

Dunno WTF went down with him, but the newest one is him proposing to his GF in the ring...

I used to watch his vlogs a lot not because he was in character, but because it was really interesting to see his hustle and dedication.

But the vids with the wrestlers in character/out of the ring are addictive...

Only if they're done right though.

Early days of the NWA reboot did 'em right.

Sad that things changed...

I'd like to see it be done again but I just dunno if anybody out there is really capable of it.

It was special, I dunno, maybe I'm just biased and nostalgic and that's all there is to it.

I wonder if he knocked her up. I'm not really interested enough to go and find out... I didn't even listen to the video so I dunno what was said.

Imagine being GF/married to a hotass wrestler dude...

Jesus man.

How the fuck do these chicks land dudes like that and I'm over here...

Admittedly living an extremely chill, carefree, totally self-absorbed life and loving it actually.

BUT, wouldn't mind getting fucking pounded by a hotass dude like that.

Ah yes...

Marriage is always the beginning of the end.

Pam and Sammy are no more, they split "all the way back in October" (quote from Sammy, lmao) and a few months later he was public with his new squeeze, some wrestler chick named Tay...

I like Fuego, but he's probably the only decent person in their entire group. He shouldn't be taking one for the team by sitting down and making a whole address on the topic when the "haters" are obviously right...

Sammy and Pam did part ways over Tay's influence, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking idiot.

Tight titties and ass always wins with men, they know no loyalty... ESPECIALLY in the wrestling community.

I'm sure Sammy and his new chick will have fun with the rest of their youth being good looking and fit... hopefully he keeps the dick snot out of her because even fit chicks can permanently inflate after shitting out a kid.
tay is really good in the ring. she was in a hell of a tag team street fight a week ago. lots of blood in that match, rarely if ever see that with the women.

i think tay had a guy back in brazil. something about physical competition that brings out the inner sluttiness in people, like the olympics.
Yeah people seem to REALLY like Tay, and I'm sure she's great. Sometimes romantic partnerships between wrestlers can work out and be good for both their careers. But when it doesn't work out? My guess is that it gets ugly.

It's probably hard to be in peak physical shape and get lusted after by everybody constantly but... the more transparent a situation is, the less tolerance I have for feeble attempts at obfuscation.

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