I'm starting a new career as a home health care assistant!
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The whole IT thang done played out. Ain't nobody want to hire a washed-up, over-the-hill programmer. As the saying goes:

"If you're still in IT at age 50 and haven't made it into management, your career is over."

I thought they were joking, but, much to my dismay, they weren't. There's ample evidence that I and others who were laid off last year were victims of age discrimination. The company shuffled old farts and youngsters around in one department to make it look like they weren't targeting the geezers. The smoking gun: as a condition of accepting the severence package, we had to sign an agreement not to file an age discrimination grievance. Now why in the fuck would you worry about someone accusing you of something they hadn't thought of accusing you of unless you had a guilty conscience?

I spent most of the past year looking for another job in the same field, and was told I "wouldn't be a good fit for their corporate culture." Who did they think they were fooling? Every company's HR department dictates an identical cultural Marxist culture. The "cultural fit" horseshit is HR code for "no old white men." They know it, I know it, and now you do too.

I burned through my severence pay, unemployment benefits, and savings over the ensuing nine months, ended up homeless in May of this year, and moved in with the parents in June. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to be dependent on your old man at my age? Everything I spent the last 10 years working for is in a storage unit in Oklahoma, and I'm about to lose it all because I can't pay the rent. That's my reward for giving the best years of my life to a slimy corporation. The only thing of value I have on hand now is a .357 revolver, and it's getting mighty goddamned hard to find excuses not to put it to good use. You know D-FENS had a point because he really did have a fucking point, all right?

Oh well, best to be moving on. The year of our Lord 2018 needs to just die between sheets of burning plastic already. On the bright side, the parent company of my company also owned the Weekly Standard that just went out of business, and the other publications in the group probably won't last much longer either. Sucks to be them.

Anywho, it's evidently hard to find honest, dependable people to help elderly and disabled people with their daily needs: cooking, cleaning, running errands, chauffering, and so forth. Some people think 20 miles is too far to drive to a gig, and others just want to rob the old folks blind.

This weekend, I cleaned an old lady's house, and tomorrow I'm taking her to get her hair done. The gal who was previously helping her did a half-assed job of cleaning. It's a tiny apartment that takes no more than two hours to clean, but she would take off in the middle of the job to go smoke weed with some ol' boy. The old lady was letting her use her car, and she ran it smooth out of antifreeze, so the old lady took it away. That pissed her off, and she didn't call or come by for two weeks. That's how I ended up with that gig. I'm applying to local agencies to pick up a few more clients.
You’d be perfect to work with old people.
(12-18-2018, 12:57 PM)MO Wrote: You’d be perfect to work with old people.

Right? Grumpy old men kvetching together about how the world pumped a handcart straight to hell.

They probably see you as young comparably...

If they’re 70+.
I wish smoking hot young Webmistresses saw me that way. Sad Nana
LOL :)

Smoking hot webmistresses...

What a concept!

It’s really funny.

Makes you think.

How many smoking hot webmistresses are there?

These days, more than ever before.
(12-18-2018, 01:16 PM)MO Wrote: How many smoking hot webmistresses are there?

Do you remember JenniCam? Jennifer Ringley was the first person to ever have a live streaming video camera in her home. They didn't make plug and play webcams back then. She engineered the whole system herself using a regular analog video camera.


Another notable woman pioneer I spoke with back in the day was Shelley Powers. In the 1990s, every browser handled JavaScript effects differently. Ms. Powers wrote a JavaScript package called X-Objects that provided a single interface for all browsers.


There's another woman I talked to within the last year whose name I forget, but she ran a dialup BBS on her Apple II back in the day. I found a story she had written for a computer magazine that somehow ended up as a textfile on a BBS. She's still a fiction author today.

So you're in good company as far as lady Internet pioneers go. ThumbsUp
I totally forgot about all the gals who ran peer-to-peer chat channels on WinMX and PowWow. My favorite WinMX channel was Pam's Confessional, operated by Pam V**** of Chicago. I was the only person authorized to run that channel in her absence.

Peer-to-peer chat software runs on the user's computer rather than a server. You could start a channel just by pushing a button and typing in the channel name. WinMX still works, but there are far fewer rooms now, and most of the people just lurk.
We have a beautiful history, and we’re creating more every day.

Group Hug
And there was Tierra Wolf, a member of a Wolf clan that had various channels on WinMX. She had a wicked sense of humor.

Around 2003 or thereabouts, I posted on a discussion board called Flamebunker. The main draw, of course, was the flamebunker subforum, where you'd call another member out and start a no-holds-barred flame war. Flamebunker was run by a Jewish woman whose handle was Whoopteedo.

The summer before the original Flamebunker closed, everybody took off their clothes and posted nude pics. We called it the summer of love. It was an affirming experience all the way around. Whoopteedo had awesome tits. I mean they were absolutely perfect. Hump

While I was there, I made friends with wonderwench, who had migrated there from Netslaves. She introduced me to Pud Kaplan's legendary Fucked Company and its various spinoffs. That's where my trolling career really took off.


Wonderwench had some nice tiddies too. Good times, good times! Banana
(12-18-2018, 01:51 PM)Guest Wrote: There's another woman I talked to within the last year whose name I forget, but she ran a dialup BBS on her Apple II back in the day. I found a story she had written for a computer magazine that somehow ended up as a textfile on a BBS. She's still a fiction author today.

Jennifer Petkus, author of Good Cop, Dead Cop, a novel loosely based on her BBS experience.

Holy fuck Guest...

These are my people.

I know I'm doing the right thing in life.

Jennifer Petkus is fucking brilliant.
It says she "spends her time creating websites for the dead" and "building model starships"...

I mean holy fuck.

That is my kinda lady right there.

I bet she's an Aries, or maybe even a Horse.

I mean wow, just wow.

She's a Sagittarius.

I feel so fucking inspired and validated right now.

I know, right?

Here's the short story she wrote that initially drew my attention to her.


Can't wait to read Good Cop, Dead Cop.

from D-FENS to DEPENDS ?

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