Dr. Anne Georgulas, Texas based pediatrician, FORCING son to be "transgender girl"
This sick excuse for a human being has court ordered the boy's father to refrain from affirming the boy's MALE GENDER in any way, even though the boy WANTS TO LIVE AS A MALE when he visits his father.




She is FORCING THIS CHILD to live as a female when he DOESN'T WANT TO. He chooses of his own free will to BE A BOY when he's with his SANE father.

EVEN WORSE, when the child (who is 6 at this time) reaches the age of 8, this SICKO is going to have him CHEMICALLY CASTRATED.

This is her Twitter...


She's self-professedly "teaching" MODERN PARENTING. Excuse me, but since when was a PEDIATRICIAN supposed to "TEACH" ANYTHING??? They're supposed to take care of childrens' health, not "TEACH" things.

She's INDOCTRINATING anyone she can get her hands on into this SICK, TWISTED "transgender children" AGENDA.

She's renamed her son James to "Luna"... 

She's probably part of a local LUCIFERIAN CHILD ABUSE RING, and her SON JAMES is probably her OFFERING to them.

Her practice's ratings on Google are fucking horrible! LOL!


Wow, LOOK at this review someone left...

Quote:Posted a week ago

I brought my young boy to her for normal check-up and she proceeded to complement him on how he would be such a cute little girl. I would never recommenced this lady to anyone, and after reading up on what she is doing to her son this only increases my frustration!

This "doctor" is OBSESSED with sexualizing little children and she's clearly VERY MENTALLY ILL. She should lose her license to practice immediately.

OMG, look at this review...

Quote:Posted a year ago

I read the reviews for this pediatrician, which were mixed.  I thought I would go ahead and give her try.  During our visit, she was opinionated, judgemental, and condescending.   She made subtle rude comments our entire visit, and demonstrated little knowledge of real world parenting - very much stuck in her theories of whatever on earth she views as "modern parenting".  I left wondering if her patient base was due to her convenient location, because it certainly was not due to her bedside manner.

This "doctor" woman is sick and she needs to lose custody of her son immediately. Sounds like she needs to be kept far away from other peoples' children as well!!!

I ran across this story on a YouTube video about a "DRAG QUEEN KID" who is being drugged and paraded around by his mother who is OBSESSED with murderer Michael Alig, who was part of the Club Kids (which also included RuPaul who is now a famous drag persona). Basically, Desmond's mother is using her child to get into a known drug addict and sex perv ring so that she can have access to her IDOL Michael Alig.

Desmond goes around drugged out of his mind and he has extensive knowledge about all kinds of illicit drugs, including HOW to use them. He was most recently found dancing on stage in a GAY BAR (he's ELEVEN YEARS OLD), and this story is what has everyone in an uproar now that they know what is being done to this kid.

This rampant child abuse needs to STOP.

(01-03-2019, 08:11 PM)MO Wrote: . . .part of the Club Kids (which also included RuPaul who is now a famous drag persona).

There's a clip of RuPaul with this little child Desmond...

In the clip, he is telling Desmond that he is his "replacement".

Can you imagine a 6'4" grown man in high heels, dressed as a woman, telling you that you are his "replacement"?

My God these people are so sick...

That crazy bitch should lose her license AND her child. Let that poor kid go live with his father.
Sad to see the Lone Star state letting this go on! C'mon Texas!!

And that Desmond kid, it really is disgusting what his pimps, ahem, I mean "parents" are doing
to him. So many different kinds of child abuse/endangerment going on there!

I can't believe something hasn't been done yet, this thing with him [Desmond] has been
big news now for a couple months. Wish they wouldn't drag their feet on this!

I thought surely something would be done once it was made known he was twerking for
dollar bills at a fucking gay bar! 11 years old. Those "parents" should be shot in the face! Fuckers.
they all seem to basically concede "baby i was born that way"

might be best to just set up camps , forget about rescuing these tools of satan
(01-03-2019, 08:17 PM)MO Wrote: There's a clip of RuPaul with this little child Desmond...

In the clip, he is telling Desmond that he is his "replacement".

Can you imagine a 6'4" grown man in high heels, dressed as a woman, telling you that you are his "replacement"?

My God these people are so sick...


It wasn't Desmond, it was the other "drag kid" in the news...

The clip is at 0:40 in this video, and it's not RuPaul saying it.

It's just some other grownass man in high heels dressed as a woman.

This kid's "stage name" is Lactatia and I'm pretty sure he's younger than Desmond.
That is absolutely disgusting!! "Lactatia"... ?? As in "lactating"....

God, please.... the asteroid.... now.
You  can help Go Donate at http://savejames.com  and sign the petition if everyone gave $1 they would have enough to savejames

1:52 so sad...

His mother told him that he is a girl, and she is destroying his life.

His body, his mind, his emotions...

And his relationship with her.


If this child is saved from this horrible fate, at best he will grow up healthy but hating her (for good reason) and at worst, he'll grow up permanently physically damaged hating her.

1:59 he says "I love girls". This is someone who could grow up to be a great man and make some woman a wonderful husband someday, and have a wonderful family together...

But his future to do so is being gravely endangered by his sick, twisted, mentally ill mother. If only his father could have custody instead.

2:40 his father sounds like such a gentle, kind, understanding person. All he wants is for his son to be protected from this insanity.

2:45 it makes me want to cry too, Blaire. That is the only healthy human reaction to this video and this situation.

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