It's time to watch Columbo...
(01-06-2020, 12:17 AM)Bella Stella Wrote: Oh, my... just cuz of you I wanna watch it!

LOL, do it!

It's an amazing show...

Particularly if you like old shows, which are my favorite.
Just start with the ones embedded on the thread/free on YouTube, it's the easiest. I would recommend this one:

Ruth Gordon is one of the most legendary actresses of all time.
Season 4 - Episode 1 - "An Exercise In Fatality"

Oh this should be good to watch... I haven't seen this episode very much. I've seen every episode at least once, but this is one of them that I never watched repeatedly.

I hardly remember any of it at all with this whole recap they're showing before the episode.

0:40 LOL gyms are so depressing. But even they were better in the 70s!

0:48 wow look at that groovy, bitchin' typewriter she's got.

1:12 damn, check out this guy's rad shirt... are those butterflies? Wow.

Dude this episode is ringing NO bells.

I'm sure something will click eventually.

1:16 OMG look at that green phone... that is a 70s color you NEVER see anymore. I don't think they can even MAKE that color anymore!

2:07 ah yeah I know I've seen this one because I remember the guy's name, Milo Janus. I don't seem to remember the plot though.

3:40 this guy's got some pretty amazing blue eyes.

8:28 the fuck is that supposed to mean?

8:50 the fuck is he about to do with those littleass scissors??

12:14 wow that was sloppy as fuck. I seriously don't remember this!!!

21:05 God what a great husband. Makes me wanna bang so hard.

22:00 I love the old style thermos with the cup on top... so brilliant.

29:00 damn baby, work it!!!

31:30 I love it when Columbo tells his stories because the perps just think he's being dumb, but really if they knew he already had 'em, they'd enjoy his beating around the bush a little more.

39:50 he's singing "This Old Man/Nick Nack Paddy Whack" again.

40:40 "I don't even like a deep tub" roflrofl same, saaame.

44:50 LMFAO @ how he's trying to covertly dump the sand out in the planter. He's so polite!

56:00 lmao Columbo is just as confused about this computer thingy as we are.

59:00 I can't believe he didn't take the paper with him.

1:02:00 I like this chick, she's chill and I like the way she dresses.

1:10:10 oh this Janus guy is boned for sure.

1:13:55 what, is he gonna kill her too?

1:18:00 it's weird/hot to see Columbo dressed differently.

1:26:02 LOL I love how feisty Columbo is in this scene.

1:32:08 what the fuck does this guy have against cigars???

1:34:00 it's always very interesting to me the way they have these intricacies embedded in the story and Columbo uses them to hang the bad guys in the end.

Always very well done. Even the final episodes in the series maintained this quality til the end.
(01-06-2020, 12:28 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 56:00 lmao Columbo is just as confused about this computer thingy as we are.

In 1974, that was the most cutting edge shit EVER.

And it WAS amazing.

But now, from 2020...

It's so 'archaic' that most fairly young people don't even understand WTF is going on.

Absolutely fascinating.
(01-06-2020, 12:19 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: LOL, do it!

It's an amazing show...

Particularly if you like old shows, which are my favorite.

Yeah... I will!

Season 4 - Episode 6 - "A Deadly State of Mind"

0:30 - 1:00 a dog person with daddy issues, go fuckin' figure!!!

2:00 I'd be needing to smoke more than cigarettes to put up with this shit!!!

5:50 I'm not into the male lead. He's just not attractive to me!

6:00 oh, damn lady! I dig people who say what they think and speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

8:42 that's pretty rich coming from her, oh, you know, HUSBAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?1?1 Or are you just saying she was never attracted to you? LMAO! LOOOOL!

9:40 umm, he's literally physically attacking both of them. And now he's beating his wife up. LMAO. Ummm? This isn't... exactly murder?

11:00 he's even talking about calling the police, I mean... this isn't murder, that shit was self-defense.

15:10 what the fuck, why the fuck is he tonguing the blonde chick?? Did I miss something?!

23:20 I gotta be honest, I'm prettymuch not interested in this episode at all. I think it's because it's not REALLY a murder is it?

25:25 oh my God dude... where is this going?? I think I can see where this is going. Pretty sure I remember how this goes. Oh shit man. This episode might just get better!

31:14 oh this chick is hella screwed.

32:57 DAAAAAYUUUUHUHUHUHUHUUUHHHHMMM. That fineass lady came up on me OUTTA NOWHERE. Here I was just minding me own damn business and then DAAAYYYUUUUUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

43:55 oh wow this guy's an asshole.

44:35 he said "put down the phone"... he should have said she'd hang it up instead. That's gonna get him caught.

49:40 I love that guy's outfit though, he does look good as fuck in that outfit.

52:40 you know I'd feel bad for this chick but she's pretty annoying so I don't.

That's honestly terrible though... and he killed her for nothing too cuz Columbo's obviously gonna catch him anyway.

56:08 yup... see. The phone is what got him.

58:00 demonstrating that she intended to jump and swim, proving that she wasn't in her right mind.

1:09:30 this is an interesting segment, I thought it was pretty neat how they got him.
Season 5 - Episode 1 - "Forgotten Lady"

This is one of the episodes I was never all that wild about. There were a few of those, I admit. While they were still great, they just weren't the greatest. Usually it's because of the actors in them.

2:16 for example, Janet Leigh was never one of my faves and she's not a particularly great actress either. I think it's just that I personally am not into her.

3:40 the lettering looks chartreuse... I uh, FUCKING love it?

4:30 oh man, I guess that super old dude is her husband... that would suuuck!

4:35 she's having brandy!

8:20 I mean he's right though.

14:40 I'm definitely rooting for her though.

15:06 she really does have a great figure though.

16:50 if she drugged him beforehand they're going to find it in his system.

16:55 wow this lady is fucked up!

17:55 damn, she's pretty spry!

20:20 well I guess Janet Leigh was more of a singer/dancer than an actress? No idea. She's better at singing/dancing than she is at acting though, that's for sure.

21:40 so... what is it about the film that's gonna get her caught? I don't really understand what went down there, so I dunno.

22:20 wow, what a bitch, sending him up there to find that mess.

27:00 it's a better episode than the one I just watched though.

27:50 did he just say that hot maid is his wife???

34:07 LOL, God I love Columbo so much. Greatest of all time.

49:42 seems like we don't get to see him smile like that very often.

51:25 you know, I kinda agree with the late doctor on that.

56:12 awkward? Oh I think this fuckin' guy needs to be fired.

1:05:00 I love the way this is being filmed... you just don't see this kind of stuff anymore.

1:08:30 God I fucking hate the sound of dogs barking.

1:17:30 they all just dig the hole deeper when they tell Columbo to leave them alone.

1:20:09 Columbo is so compelling.

1:22:50 he's wearing a suit... damn he looks fine!

1:33:00 wow, what an ending... that's some crazy shit.

I'm glad I watched this again, it was actually a damn good episode.

What an amazing show.
Season 4 - Episode 5 - "Playback"

Hmm... I definitely don't remember this one.

Can't say I'm all that excited about it despite the fact that it's obviously one I haven't seen much, simply because I just don't like the guy's accent.

4:18 ah well, at least this guy's good looking!

4:27 I mean she's right, fuckin' guy's got a smart house... in the SEVENTIES.

5:00 I just realized she's in a wheelchair.

12:20 oh well, at least this old lady's gonna die with some brandy in her system!!!

She really should have known better than to tell him first without telling anyone else.

21:33 "Bad day huh?" LMAO! Aw. This lady is pretty hot though, her name is Gena Rowlands, she's been in a lot of stuff.

23:46 WTF? What was with that twinkle in his eye?? Does he already know who did it??

24:00 this guy is a fucking horrible liar.

29:15 where the fuck are the outside security cameras???

31:45 I dig how serious this security guard is.

32:25 aaaaand, he's already got him.

36:00 what a nicely landscaped property!

36:30 those sunglasses are a bit... feminine.

40:35 lmfao Columbo just looks at him like "Now why in the fuck would he do that??" but then he's all nice and plays it off like the guy said something brilliant.

46:00 Peter Falk was actually an artist.

47:15 lmfao so dumb.

59:15 Columbo in bed... *nanarub*

1:00:20 they've seriously lost me with this plot. I honestly don't get it.

1:01:00 ooohhhh, I get it now.

1:03:27 too bad this hottie wasn't in the episode more.

1:07:32 oh that doesn't bode well!

1:11:50 got 'em.
Season 6 - Episode 1 - "Fade In To Murder"

OMG this episode is starring the Shat!

4:54 lmfao he's like "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."

6:40 I gotta admit, I was busy drinking brandy and only half listening, but I really don't understand why he's killing this chick. I'm sure Columbo will explain it later though.

9:00 WTF, wait... he's killing this guy??? Who the fuck is that guy even??

I'm honestly so fucking confused lmfaooo.

10:20 dude his fucking VOICE. They'd know exactly who it is ROFLMAO he better not let them live!

11:20 actually... this is kinda hot.

12:20 oh yeah... little tiny highly identifiable down feathers everywhere, what could possibly go wrong? I feel like this guy's kind of an idiot.

13:17 that's the cheapest looking watch I've ever seen.

14:20 and what could possibly go wrong with this either? How's he gonna set his watch back now??

Well it was elaborate and clever, I'll give him that but... I'm sure there are all kinds of problems.

18:08 if she wasn't a stiff, that would have been a pretty hot scene.

19:43 LOL... meet Columbo, douchebag. Your new best friend.

The guy just sealed his own fate by playing all that bullshit. He's a moron.

34:35 I think the Shat is a tad gay, I mean ever so slightly.

I was always Team Spock anyway though.

40:37 roflmao @ how Columbo just takes off walking in the wrong direction but the guy doesn't even say anything.

41:00 roflmfaolol he can't get the door open.

43:07 I can't believe he's smiling smugly, he should be trying to escape the country.

45:35 lol what the fuck is he doing??

45:45 it's gonna be embarrassing AF if he gets caught like this.

47:00 lol this guy's so fucked.

48:00 so was using all the stuff from the studio part of his plan, or is he just a moron??

58:25 it's so cute how he's so good at pretending like he's never on camera... he's amazing.

1:00:00 dude, they've been serving brandy to someone on every episode of Columbo I've watched for like the past 3 episodes, and these have all been randomly chosen and everything. There's some kind of magic surrounding brandy right now...

"Decided I'm gonna start drinking brandy"

1:01:20 is he talking about himself in third person?? The fuck?

1:02:10 where the hell is this going??

1:06:20 the thread thing isn't gonna work... Columbo literally saw him pull it off the guy's shirt.

1:07:06 rofl.

1:07:30 MOhair!?

1:12:08 lol oh man... I almost kinda like this guy!

Decent episode but not one of my favorites.
Season 3 - Episode 1 - "Lovely But Lethal"

OMG this episode has Vincent Price!

0:47 LOL uh this is creepy as shit!

1:00 so this is Martin Sheen. He was sorta hot I guess.

2:00 lmao it's not like they'd be cutting on her when she has a full face of makeup on LOL.

2:28 umm, hold the fuck up, sir, that doesn't look like brandy to me.

3:13 your majesty?? Well it seems like he praises this lady properly and adequately. He's cute for an old dude, it's charming. I like him!

3:17 she's still pretty damn hot, I dunno what they're all chasing with this foolish miracle cream shit.

5:00 her personality sure isn't helping though.

7:10 sooo, who's gonna kill who here exactly? Cuz she looks fairly homicidal right now.

7:30 wow I can't believe this innocent looking bitch is such a traitor! She's perfect for the role though.

Martin Sheen was in Badlands... It came out the same year as this episode.

12:30 hell yeah, put him away!!! IN MY PUSSY!!!!!!!!!

13:00 he's totally gonna kill her isn't he?? That's hot!!!

14:05 lol this guy is awesome. I dig it.

15:25 I feel like he's being SLIGHTLY unreasonable.

15:40 is he serious?? What the hell is the catch here??

17:04 yep, he's totally gonna kill her.

17:27 omg noooo, dammit. What the fuck?!

17:50 great, now she's really fucked everything up.

He was the only one who knew the formula. She should have just let him kill her.

I hate it when the wrong person gets kaput.

22:20 there's something oddly attractive about this old dude... that's a great actor right there.

His name is Richard Stahl, he's very recognizable...

24:10 I hate the fact that they killed the cute dude off instead of this chick and it's like... she didn't even kill him on purpose so it's less juicy murder than usual. It's still a great episode but I just like it better when they actually mean to kill whoever they end up killing.

31:15 LOL I fucking love you Columbo. It's so endearing how they were planting helpful waste-minimizing hints in this episode with the whole bit about repurposing the jar.

33:00 oh God... he's got her.

33:40 this lady has a nice fucking office though, bitchin'.

34:10 this fucking lady though, lmao. Wow.

35:35 awwweeee, Columbo is such a damn sweetie... he just warms my heart.

39:30 Vincent Price is really pretty hot... especially when he was young:

40:45 wow this chick is SUCH a bitch but she acts SO innocent.

42:10 I can't believe she's trying to blackmail her into buying this butt-ugly dress!!!

43:44 is she really gonna poison this chick's cigarettes?? What a bitch!!!

47:15 nude sunbathing rofl hell yeah!

53:40 oh he'll get her for that one!

55:05 gotta tell ya Columbo, I've had the same kinda fantasies about you... *nanarub*

59:10 that font looks super modern.

59:44 lmao that's the same thing I said!

1:00:34 those clear chairs are ugly as sin though.

1:09:05 God, Peter Falk was so gorgeous.
Season 3 - Episode 7 - "Swan Song"

This episode has Johnny Cash. I remember the premise pretty well. It's a damn good episode though. Johnny Cash was actually a decent actor.

2:00 again with the gorgeous lens flares.

3:05 whoa what the fuck is with this lady's hair? That's GOTTA be a wig, that shit is over the top, I'd have gotten mad if they made me wear that.

4:14 dude these girls are SUCH an embarrassment.

4:24 who the hell is this old lady? She reminds me of my grandma, LOL.

4:45 "Go home, sluts!!!!!!!!"

5:35 Johnny Cash is a sexy mofo.

10:20 rofl this lady is savaaaaaage.

11:27 this lady kinda had it coming, let's be honest. And I'm sure the entire audience agrees.

11:40 that was one hell of a comeback, LOL!

15:43 these two are like fucking zombies man, LMAO. Debatable they were even alive in the first place.

17:45 man oh man, LMAO, talk about an act of desperation!!! The man should get some kind of award for this, not a homicide detective on his ass!!! Hell he was even nice enough to put them to sleep, what a great guy!!!

19:40 man he better burn that fucking thing!!!

20:00 come the fuck on though, how could he possibly survive that? LOL.

21:20 dude he found the wreckage way too easily. It would have been way too far away from him.

25:00 rofl God I love the way Columbo works people up... there was never a better character.

25:20 I dunno, there's something INSANELY sexy about Peter Falk in this episode as this unfuckingbelievably legendary character. Absolutely fucking gorgeous. Just perfection. This is a great scene, one of the best actually.

30:33 "Oh you got one of those too?" roflmfao. Gah. Some of the stuff he says... I just love this man so much.

32:14 lmao he's so funny.

32:46 rofl now he's crashing the funeral.

34:10 roflmao I honestly think this guy is kinda hot, not even gonna lie.

35:00 rofl I love how he's trying to sell him funeral arrangements. This is hilarious. They're right though, it does save a lot of hassle!

41:20 uh oh, this is lookin' like some Jerry Springer shit!

46:16 lmfao segue into gratuitous guitar playing.

46:50 talked his way outta that one didn't he?!

48:48 lmfao Columbo is so me.

49:28 check out that fineass pilot.

52:10 this dude's kinda goofy, but he's pretty fuckable too.

52:20 the thermos is totally what's gonna hang him... you can get so much good info by talking to people.

53:20 hell even I'm freaked out right now?!

1:03:16 LOL this guy is a great character too.

1:08:32 this is one of the most special shows in the history of all shows.

1:12:30 LOL I like this lady.

1:15:26 God I love you Columbo.

1:26:55 God I love cowboys.

1:35:00 pretty great episode for a lot of reasons.
(01-16-2019, 03:08 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I mean that was totally sexual, look how he's looking at her and how close he is to her. WTF!!!

The hell was going on in 1976??
. . .

And this is the only episode that is like this, I've seen them all. Except for one other episode, "Dead Weight"...

This one had an odd scene if I remember correctly, with Columbo crouching down on a pier or something, with his legs all spread open, it was awkward as fuck. I'm pretty sure I remember Suzanne Pleshette being in that scene.

Okay so we're gonna give this episode a go tonight... I'm in the mood for some WEIRD shit! Let's see if it's as fucked up as I remember!

Season 1 - Episode 5 - "Dead Weight"

I kinda dig the opening music here... it's good. It has that delicious detective movie sound.

Now, Suzanne Pleshette was fine as fuck, let's not even front about that.

2:45 agh the music is SOOO suspenseful.

3:35 it's weird to see Eddie Albert in any role besides Oliver/Green Acres. And I never even liked that show, LOL.

5:00 oh he's gonna knock this guy the fuck off so hard... it ain't even right. I like this guy in the uniform too.

It's so sad, that guy didn't have it coming.

10:48 lol this is great... send in Columbo! God knows he don't give a fuck who this guy is!

12:08 God Columbo turns me on so damn hard I can't even stand it.

12:50 one of the rare episodes where he actually shows his badge.

14:28 you know what, I dunno if I'm gonna make it through this episode without humping the chair at some point, mean... I'm just sooo turned on by Columbo.

Oh how I wish a mere mortal could make me as horny as Columbo makes me!

21:10 LMFAO Columbo is soooooo not convinced, roflrofl!

21:25 I fucking love everything that Columbo does... every move he makes, every facial expression and mannerism.

23:27 this episode has got me so turnt and I really have no idea why. It's gonna be pretty weird if I get sketched out later by an overly inexplicably sexual scene after everything I said, huh? But maybe that's just the point... maybe they've been slipping subliminal sex messages in here all the way along and that's why I feel the way I do.

24:10 oh come on Columbo you're skeptical and you know it!!!

24:47 well this isn't getting totally fucking creepy at all or anything.

The fuck's he gonna do, kill her too?? That's not suspicious or anything. I mean COME ON. The fuck is this guy's plan?

25:45 OMG thank God Columbo showed up.

27:00 I totally fucking ship Columbo and this lady... her mom is such a cunt. She needs Columbo in her life to lay the dick on her.

27:10 look how fine he is... watch how he listens to her. OMG I'm so turnt right now.

27:30 lmfao "children and animals" rofl like I get it but, how do those two ACTUALLY go together??

28:15 he totally doesn't get it, but he's still totally into her.

28:35 "There was no gun" ummm, there were A LOT of guns... what's his edge here exactly??

29:37 she's so lucky Columbo is standing in front of her right now.

31:20 OMG I CANNOT believe he showed up over here, this is so creepy.

32:40 oh well that wasn't creepy and unnecessary as all out pure and total fuck or anything?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY!? He's a fucking moron! How did he get that far in life being a moron??

33:00 dude honestly, this guy is unlikable.

To me, at this point? Straight up unlikable.

34:39 oh he's fucked, Columbo's got him now.

35:30 everyone treats this chick like such a cunt!!!

37:22 is that shirt as see-through as it looks?? I don't understand the point of see-through dress shirts, like what the fuck?

40:06 "Oh you don't know him!" roflroflrolmfaolololo.

42:50 yeah, this guy is verified fucking dumb.

43:44 is this fucking guy really stalking this chick down at the zoo now?? Like wow. I'd have fucking called Columbo lastnight.

45:55 I mean there is NOTHINGGGGGGGG charming about this guy.

48:34 sounds like he made the right choice to me, lady.

49:20 oh Columbo's got this fucking guy for sure.

49:55 I hope he gets her on his side, I can't remember what happens in this episode.

50:05 "You're a very individual person" ROFLMFAO that's a nice way of putting it!!!

51:45 Columbo's so brilliant... wow.

53:06 this chick IS sorta dumb if she doesn't see what's going on here, let's be real.

53:50 I think it's interesting how they framed her face between these candles.

54:57 ew.

55:20 TBH I don't blame that lady for screaming like that, that shit was pretty gnarly.

56:06 he looks confused.

1:04:40 LMFAO this guy looks so old next to her, like... come on, why would you wanna be with him?? I feel my older dude fetish dying. People like Columbo/Peter Falk are "grandfathered in" (pun definitely intended) but otherwise I just feel like a youngish chick next to an oldass dude just looks absolutely ridiculous.

1:05:00 fuck this captain guy, I'd rather have an affair with Columbo's married ass.

1:07:40 I really like the way this episode was filmed.

1:08:20 "In order to understand a man, you have to understand his past"... damn that was deep though.

1:10:06 well there's nothing I love more than an unmade bed.

1:10:11 sorta off topic, but...

I mean look at the vibes in his eye right here. Of course the other one is glass, so it's interesting because we only ever really get to see his soul light shine through the one eye. Even the glass one due to proximity and energy aura does carry the shine especially at a distance but... that one eye of his, damn. Yowza. I just dunno what else to say. Sigh, he's so fine. Sooo so fine.
Oh and um... that totally wasn't the weird sex vibes episode that I was talking about. I have nooo idea which episode that was now... but that definitely wasn't it.
Man I REALLY wanna know what episode that was.

Am I trippin'??

Was it even real??

Did I see it and just don't realize??

Have I already reviewed it on this very thread??

Have I lost my mind?!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??!#!>#?@?
Hmmm you know what else it might be...

Amazon's Columbo selection only goes up to season 7 (1978) and it might have been a later episode than that.

But... there was no Columbo in the '80s (apart from 1989) so it couldn't have been any later. This was a '70s episode. Hmmm.
Okay I think I found it.
Season 4 - Episode 4 - "Troubled Waters"

Half the dudes in this episode look like '70s porn stars. No wonder it makes me so uneasy!

1:00 this episode starts out with Columbo running aboard a cruise ship... it's an unusual beginning as we usually don't see him until after there's been a murder.

2:57 there's something off about this guy and his wife. She seems a lot older than he is. Robert Vaughn was 43 in this episode and Jane Greer was 51.

4:36 I love how they never show Columbo's wife.

6:15 how could anybody look at this guy and NOT be able to tell he's gonna kill somebody?!

6:55 I mean... it seems like Columbo ALREADY KNOWS this guy's gonna kill somebody. The fuck is going on here!? OMG what if this ISN'T the weird creepy overly inexplicably sexual episode either???

8:37 I mean this guy kinda freaks me out a lil but I'd still totally fuck him.

Whoa, wait a fuckin' minute, that's Dean Stockwell!

I thought he looked familiar!!!

I ALWAYS want to fuck him when I see him!!!

12:58 damn, is he about to strangle her?! I was just thinkin' this guy isn't all that hot, but now I might have to change my tune!?

13:40 LMFAO he just hit that bitch! I'm starting to like this dude!

14:40 WTF is he snorting?

Damn, dude! This guy ain't fuckin' around!

15:45 aren't you gonna tell her to feel up his scrotum too???


17:00 dude this lady sucks.

17:10 smoking in the medical ward, man oh man, were those ever the days or what?!

The days of being able to smoke at work in general, wow. Long gone! They've been slowly weeding the joy out of absolutely every facet of life for decades now!

19:37 look at her, she's going straight for another one, LOL. Wow just wow. A chainsmoking nurse. This is awesome.

19:57 I don't get why dudes are cucking themselves and being all homicidal over this singer chick at all.

20:45 I'm honestly pretty excited for this dude to kill her.

21:17 I mean how long IS this fucking song???

21:46 I love the way she's still just as loud as she was before even though she's sticking the mic in this random dude's face.

22:17 alright lady, now please get the fuck off the stage.

22:20 man oh man I gotta tell ya though, I wish Dean Stockwell's character was gonna kaput her instead... look at his sexy brooding ass over there in that dimly lit corner, fuck meee!!!

22:57 fuck dude, maybe he IS gonna kill her. That'd be pretty rad.

23:20 I don't understand why she doesn't want this guy. He's pretty fine and his desperation kinda turns me on.

24:11 and she's just instantly dead... riiight.

That was a pretty well done scene though.

He's trying to frame that other dude for killing her. Weaksauce. Columbo isn't a moron, he saw murder in this toolbag's eyes from the minute he met him on that ship, guy's fucked!

27:30 man I don't think I could do that job... having to go bug somebody that way every 30 minutes? Man fuck that.

28:24 LOL... oh my. Just look how cozy Columbo looks in that robe. God I love this man. I wish I could pull him right out of the screen and have his undying devotion... and he'd never ask why it's 2020 and how he got here, he'd just love me all day and night and do everything I wanted to do.

28:26 I love what he does with his hands here.

30:10 his hair looks amazing.

31:10 LOL.

31:27 look at this gorgeous warm toned brown suit and shirt he's wearing.

34:50 the hell was that he just picked up off the floor???

35:45 this nurse lady is pretty hot, honestly.

37:30 *shakes head* ... how many times can I say I love this man? I love this man.

38:50 this old dude is pretty fine too, he looks familiar... Robert Douglas:

41:45 awww, I feel bad for this guy's character... honestly feel sad for this guy. For real. Probably only because I have a soft spot for Stockwell.

43:10 Stockwell's got some fucking glorious eyebrows. I have a fetish...

44:50 oh wow, this magician guy is super fuckable too... hot damn!!! God... so many fineass dudes in the '70s.

59:30 Columbo showing some chest hair!

1:03:20 Columbo looks extra handsome in this scene.

1:16:26 oh well that explains why they're together.

1:28:20 ah man, this guy is none too bright... he fell right for it.

Pretty enjoyable episode.
Season 2 - Episode 8 - "Double Shock"

Wow Julie Newmar is in this episode. I bet she's totally the killer. I honestly don't remember!!!

1:05 nah that's definitely a dude wrist.

2:45 wow... I'm not into any of these dudes.

6:00 I seriously don't understand where this episode is going.

6:30 Julie Newmar's character's marrying this old guy?? Gold digger much!?

6:50 LMFAO look at that security system... holy shit. Looks like that ancient computer they found in that cave.

8:35 yeah cuz it's totally normal for somebody to come in like that while you're bathing. LMAO. Ummm. I feel like he would have been suspicious and freaked out rather than... jolly.

This is a fucked up scene.

9:40 LMAO this lady and her obsession with this soap opera... the power's out and she's banging on the TV.

11:06 I DO love Julie Newmar though.

11:17 I mean she IS crazy fucking hot.

11:20 I love the way she moves.

11:28 again though... she's literally Catwoman right here. #actorsarentactingtheyrejustbeingthemselves

11:40 this is even framed like a shot from Batman.

12:35 roflmao OMG that's terrible... making her think he keeled over whilst riding the bike she got for him. LOL. Savaaaaaagggeeeee.

12:52 I dig her manicure here though... looks like her natural nails with some length but nothing too crazy, nice luster coat of clear on top maybe even with a touch of sheer pearl. I like it.

15:25 lmfao listen to this crotchety old bitch!

15:50 rofl I'd have to bitchslap that old hag.

Currently pouring my first brandy of the night, BTW.

17:00 it always boggles my mind the things that make Columbo suspicious and set his mind ticking!

I think Columbo might even be a little bit psychic ;)

21:15 God, Columbo is everything.

21:27 lmfao this family is utter trash.

27:10 Norman was definitely the one who did it.

33:25 she's sorta intimidating. Anybody who's gonna ask Columbo to leave their house has nooo fuckin' taste.

41:30 how did he know it was a mixer??

47:25 this is making me wanna go back to the '70s worse than a lot of things do!!!

51:32 YOU TELL THAT BITCH, COLUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

54:35 wow... see this guy is guilty as sin. He's totally the one who did it.

55:20 OMG is this guy really about to do this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can't be serious!?!??!!??!!?!?1?

56:30 LOL I can't believe these greedy fuckers!!! I hope it's all a setup, this is just wrong!!!

58:55 geez, this apartment place is a bit dismal looking.

1:00:10 OMG noooooo! It can't be!

1:11:00 great episode. I didn't remember what happened, so it was practically new to me!
I really like Colombo. It's been awhile since I've stayed up so late to catch it when they were running it on MeTv. I Love MeTV too.
Season 2 - Episode 2 - "Etude In Black"

Oh I haven't seen this episode in HOT minute!!!!!

0:38 he seems mad.

1:20 could he be having... BRANDY?! It's not gonna work on me tonight!!! I WILL resist!!!

2:15 this guy's outfit is sinful levels of ugly.

2:59 OMG, is that the White House!?

4:10 shit, you'd be dirtier coming out of there than you were going in!

5:10 if only he could have been faithful, or divorced like a respectable person... then he wouldn't have to kaput a bitch.

7:17 this guy's a little handsy with people isn't he?

9:45 lmao as if he'd know how to work that thing.

11:05 oh this guy's about to be on that bird's shitlist, one and done.

11:55 this guy is absolutely not worth dying over.

12:30 then maybe she should find a new man? ROFL? Hellooo?

12:40 this bitch is way too pushy, I'm actually kinda on his side now TBH.

12:48 yeah he does look a lil funny, which is just another reason why it's better to dump the fucking guy and find somebody else.

13:10 were tiny thin eyebrows on women a trend in the 70s or something?? Cuz... that don't seem right.

13:43 I don't like her at all, but her hair is kinda pretty from the back.

He totally has my permission to slay this bitch, she is not likable.

14:50 this is kind of a great scene.

WTF did he just bash her in the back of the head?? I don't get what just happened here. At all.

18:18 oh man, the flower... this guy is fucked.

20:35 damn, it's Myrna fuckin' Loy.

21:12 uh oh, how did he fuck himself just then? Was he not supposed to know her number??

23:18 I feel like orchestra conductors are pointless and just for looks.

I mean he's not conducting a fucking thing by waving his arms around and looking all intense.

Apparently I'm not alone, rofl.

24:58 yup, you're fucked.

26:38 you can see the dog's hair fly from his hand after he waves it toward the light... you'd never see something like that in today's shows.

28:56 Columbo hates suicide! <3

30:10 this is one of the best scenes in any Columbo episode ever. One of my favorites ever for sure.

30:50 again with this fucking barking dog.

31:27 WTF, even the bird's dead??

32:40 you know for damn sure Columbo saw that and knew it was there before. You know it. And now he's got that super satisfied "the murderer just fucked himself in front of me" look on his face.

33:45 what's with the sunglasses man?

35:40 LOL I like this bitchy little girl! ROFL! She makes me wanna be more of a bitch!

38:50 wow, he killed her just to be found out anyway.

44:00 these questions though!?

47:07 I feel like Columbo is bullshitting this guy hard about money.

59:50 oh man this guy knows he's fucked!

57:17 "She was a pianist, the poor dear!" ROFLMAO. "Now, I'll order for you." LOL.

58:38 wonder why Columbo keeps harping on money in this episode... what's his edge here? Strange. He never says that kinda stuff in any other episode.

1:02:12 oh my damn, I didn't expect him to say that! ROFL!

1:04:00 oh this guy is so fucked!

1:06:52 this guy is ummm, fine as fuck. Damn! James Olson... very sexy. I looooove the way he talks.

1:10:28 what the fuck kind of an outfit is that for tennis??

1:13:55 yeah, stop it or he'll kill you too!!!

1:29:36 rofl, he's literally facepalming. He's so done with this guy, rofl.

Great episode.

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