Manna: Adalina Bonn's YouTube Channel
(01-11-2020, 09:23 AM)Guest Wrote: I get the feeling you are the fucked up stalker person she was talking about and most of these comments are just you talking to yourself like a creepy-sad-person.  KINDA Obvious. 
Have you considered medication man?
Maybe real help?  You know it's time to take a good look at yourself here.

That being said, I assume your life is so sad already that there is no hope at this point.  This is a BS thread and you are a complete BS person.  Please seek professional help. Because, I know that one day this shit will catch up to you.


You're way more mad and weird with your post than I ever was with anything I ever said! You okay? Do you need a hug? LMAO! Listen, relax. Take it easy. Maybe go watch one of Adalina's videos and chill ou-- oh. Wait. Nevermind!
When you piss off a simp noob that bad, you know you're doing something right as fuck...

So her website is gone and her YouTube channel appears to have been straight up deleted...

It's one thing to delete all your videos and flounce, but it's another thing to actually delete a channel with that many subs.

I can feel the sting of regret all the way over here.

Adalina definitely attracted some total fuckin' freaks and I'm not even saying it probably isn't for the best that she decided to just say fuck it and flush everything she was given by God on a silver platter.

But I learned many years ago that flouncing is pointless and you ALWAYS come back, only with way less than what you had before.

Such a noob move.

I wonder how different she'll be when she resurfaces?

Since she spit in the face of divine providence I'm sure she'll never have that large an audience again... weird karma.
She flushed it all down the toilet just because creepster dudes sent her retarded emails, and she learned about the surveillance state tracking everything we do on mobile devices/WiFi and it was just too much for her.

It's fine to dump it all if you're just gonna go and live on a farm and stuff.

But she's probably still online every single day.
She should have at least sold that fucking channel so she could have gotten some of the last money she'll ever make online that easily ever again, and the subs wouldn't have gone to total waste. She could have even gifted it to someone... but no. Sad.
(04-20-2020, 02:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: She could have even gifted it to someone...

That would have been really beautiful.
Makes me so sad to see gifts thrown in the garbage like they meant absolutely nothing.
When so many people out there are in so much need.

Someone could have used that channel to earn a living online...

But no.
Say you're a popular YouTuber with over 100 THOUSAND subs...

And you're tired of it and thinking about quitting YouTube...

And you know of a small YouTuber who makes good videos and you really get a lot out of what they share, but their videos don't get views or attention at all...

And you have the power to give them an instant boost, an instant large audience, an instant platform that matches the level of content that they share, in your eyes...

But you throw away that chance.
You take someone else's dreams, that you were handed, that you don't even appreciate, and you flush them down the toilet like it's the most foul turd you ever dropped...

Just amazing.
I hope that if I'm ever in a position to give someone the gift of a lifetime, that I do the right thing.
And anyone who wants to snort at being given a channel with 100K subs on YouTube as the "gift of a lifetime" you need to get a perspective adjustment...

There are a lot of people struggling out there with trying to create something valuable online so they can work from home, be with their kids, or maybe they're caretakers, or maybe they're disabled, or just unable to work "traditional" jobs anymore...

There are all kinds scenarios that exist out there where a channel with 100K subs and that kind of traffic would be beyond a lifechanging gift.

So sad. I'm gonna turn away from this now.

But the truth had to be spoken, and the acknowledgement of people who could have been helped had to be stated.
I don't disagree with you, but has something like that ever happened before?
I guess if the one passing off the big channel was similar enough to the "replacement"
content provider then it could probably work. I'm just wondering if the subscribers
would stick around. I'm sure enough of them would. It is a shame nonetheless.
Plenty would unsub, but in the end it would be negligible and the endorsement alone from the original channel owner would be enough to make people stick around and even share the word.
There would be a lot of ways to mitigate unsubs...

One easy way would be a nice (SHORT) intro on every video (for like a year or so worth of uploads) that summarizes the inspirational origins of the channel...

Picture a clip of Adalina on Skype with the person she's about to gift the channel to, she tells them "I'm giving you this channel" and they start crying and all that shit, inspirational music in the background, a screen that says some shit like "The gift of a lifetime! The rest is history..." and straight on into the vid.

After a while of seeing that, subs who were gonna leave would have already left, the remaining audience would have evened out, everyone would have been briefed, and the intro could be dropped.
People love inspirational shit like that, and it would have taken peoples' appreciation for Adalina to the next level...

She could have had a channel again in the future with just as many or more subs once her core audience came back, and all the people who were inspired by the story subbed to her new channel.

It's all timelines...

We choose every day.
Damn Moann, you're a one-woman research & development team! Rehspayeckt!!

*rumbling background voices* "Yeeah, dat bitch a think-tink herDamnself!"
Rofl... yup.
I've been meaning to ask MO if she ever had any weird/creep stalker types from her old channel. Did you?
lol :)

Listen, everything I say is from experience...

I know good and well what it's like to be stalked by psychos and receive all kinds of weird emails and comments and all types of threats of varying magnitude/seriousness...

I've been a hardcore internet junkie since I was like 8.

Chatting with all kinds of freaks, talking all kinds of trash, all manner of wholly inappropriate, insane shit since I was a literal child...

That's why I know what the fuck I'm talking about and why I know that once you have a thick skin and understand this game, you will never do stupid shit like delete a 100K sub strong YouTube profile again.

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