Onision (Greg/UhOhBro/OnisionSpeaks)

LOL Greg is SUCH a shit stirrer.
I feel like he makes vids like this whenever he feels like he needs attention/views or things are getting boring.
I'm gonna be honest...

I fuckin' love Greg even though I absolutely do think he's a total mental/emotional abuser, and probably an actual sociopath/psychopath.


4:35 I honestly totally agree with Greg on this point... it's ridiculous to call a guy a pervert, and then turn around and LEAVE YOUR BABY WITH HIM like he's some kinda babysitter or something. He's a fucking DUDE. If you need your baby watched, get a damn babysitter to do it... a GIRL babysitter, like any normal fucking person would.

I don't blame Greg at all. She shouldn't have left her baby with him regardless.

7:00 that Shiloh chick was CRAZY as a shithouse RAT. He should have seen that coming. She was obviously totally traumatized by childhood events. Nobody should be in a relationship until they get help for those past traumas.

As for Lainey, it's super fucked up what's happened to her...


She thinks she's a dude now or something.

Greg married a cute girl and now he's married to... a dude?


Pretty serious mental illness, quite sad. People like to blame Greg for it, but I blame Greg for not having the spine to keep his woman in line.

I'd divorce her for sure if I was him. Best thing that could ever happen to her.


Looks like she's started getting tattoos and stuff too... so she's just on a path of totally ruining her body because of this mental illness. She needs help.

4:00 getting your hair cut short as a woman doesn't turn you into a fucking man. God these people are so insufferably immature... this is why humanity is fucking doomed.

7:56 these people are fucked... I'd divorce her so hard.

Greg would be better off married to a big tittied bimbo (real tits of course, we know he doesn't like 'em fake!) and letting her raise his children.
(01-16-2019, 08:37 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Greg also writes books, which are an insight into his psychological state...

This video is fucking hilarious, not even gonna lie, the clips of him screaming had me ROFL...


I watched this video a few months ago. That chick seems to be obsessed with this Onision guy, as she's made several videos about him. What makes her obsession more strange is that she's a lesbian. Like WTF dude, why are you even bothered by what some guy on the interwebz does?
It’s because gay people are just traumatized or have some kind of biological/hormonal malfunction which makes them be gay. Deep down inside, they yearn for the opposite sex. Especially lesbians. Greg’s psychotic sociopathic overly confident controlling behaviors make him sexy to women... sorry but it’s true, we like them crazy and dangerous.

There are certain qualities in crazy dudes which cause a cessation in attraction though... it’s a very tight rope to walk and I think Greg has done an amazing job, he’s been utterly insufferable but somehow never lost his attractiveness.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I believe every word of it. I’d totally have sex with Greg. His most unattractive quality by far is being such a pussy with his wife and letting her do stupid embarrassing shit in front of the world. All it takes is one trusted person telling you that you’re being stupid for you to really stop and think about it. He hasn’t tried hard enough... too accepting and it’s not hot.
It’s whack and totally dumb that Lainey thinks she’s a dude just because she cut her hair short and wears boxers. It’s the most superficial, moronic shit I’ve ever heard. There are plenty of pretty chicks out there who could do the same thing and dudes would still want to fuck their funhole. Pro-tip... the dudes who still want to fuck you even though your hair is short and you wear weird underwear? They’re fucking ANIMALS. Best sex you’ve ever had... promise.

All Lainey needs is for somebody she trusts to sit her down and talk to her about how immature and moronic she’s being, and she’d straighten up. Greg does her no favors by being “accepting”... he’s just helping her ruin her life.

Psychologically, women try to be more manly when they don’t have enough men influencing their lives in positive ways, or at all. If Greg stepped up to the plate and dominated hard like nature intended him to... problem solved.

The only upside to Lainey’s situation is that she’s already reproduced... what she does from here on out will be a minefield of emotional and psychological trauma for her kids to deal with later, but at least she’s already accomplished the most important part of female life as it pertains to the physical components she’d like to get rid of.

It doesn’t matter if she ruins her body now, she’s already used it for the most important work. Yet, for her, it’ll suck because she’ll never be happy with whatever changes she makes (they never are) and then she’ll have to live with the fucked up mess because everybody in her personal life was too much of a pussy to set her straight.
(07-31-2019, 11:53 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yet, for her, it’ll suck because she’ll never be happy with whatever changes she makes (they never are) and then she’ll have to live with the fucked up mess because everybody in her personal life was too much of a pussy to set her straight.

It sounds harsh but it’s true. You start making permanent changes to your body... putting ink in it, scarring it up, taking shit out/off, putting shit on, well it’s a road of regret. Sheer pure and total regret that would have been best avoided if you want to live any kind of peaceful life.

All those things are just attempts to run away from something that has its roots in the mind. Conscious or subconscious. You’ll never escape those issues by fiddling around with the outside of the body. It’s in your head and that’s all there is to it. Get real psychological help, work on your deep seated traumas. With REAL professionals (or willing friends) who won’t just tell you to get a sex change operation because it lines their pockets, or because they’re just pussies.

Trendy fuckers like Lainey following the lemmings over the cliff with their stupid gender identity mind rot nonsense are a scourge to this planet... and all it would take to put them on the right path is men like Greg demanding they stop being so damn fucking dumb.
lol, I remember seeing some of Onisons videos a long ass time ago....

You know.... me my computer and the great beyond...

How old is that guy now? At least 27-28 right?
Greg is 33.

He’s now identifying as “James” instead of Greg though.

At least Greg has good taste in delusions.

Escaped Onision victim Sarah tells all!

LOL yeesh, those allegations though!

I mean I get that Greg is a horrible person but seriously...

Look at this shit, it's fucking hilarious.

Greg is a fucking shitlord.

What's up with the redness on Greg's throat and up there in his hairline??

You can see the guy isn't well (mostly mentally) and never has been.

The vegan diet probably isn't doing him any favors either.
I know we're supposed to hate the dude and all but meh, I'm just not feeling it.

On the contrary, I feel like he's never been well taken care of and that's probably where his issues come from anyway.

LMFAO, how can anyone straight HATE Onision??

He's FUCKINGGGGGG hilarious...

Yeah, he's probably a pure shit person through and through, but my God...

People let their virtue signaling get in the way of actually enjoying things/people.

Why aren't the people who hate Onision putting all their hatred into actual legitimate pedophiles, sex trafficking, slave trade, genital mutilation, and that kinda fucked up shit that goes on in the world??

Because they're fucking stupid, that's why.

Yeah, Greg is a FUCKINGGGGGG freak.

Like a disgusting freak...

But dude...

He's also absolutely fucking hilarious.
He truly does, ROFLROFL OMG!!!

Chris Hansen is pretty fucking hot TBH.

Too far Greg... too far.

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