Eugenia Cooney: Eating Disorders and the Devastation of Anorexia
(07-28-2021, 07:09 PM)Guest Wrote: That's revolting. Are her parents behind this? They don't seem to care enough to intervene at least.

I think her mom is her biggest enabler.

But I also think that there could be something sinister going on...

At this point, Eugenia is very obviously flaunting her own pro-ana fetish.

And YouTube is complicit in popularizing her videos, showing off her emaciated body.

This means they are either purposely trying to foster the pro-ana fetishist community on their own site, or they are trying to get them in a ring bust.

Since I have no faith in humanity, my guess is YouTube is just making bank off the biggest pro-ana star out there... Eugenia Cooney.

Someone quoted in that video said it best...

How many young people will she take with her on her way out?
Eugenia (her family?) is pretty damn rich...

Where'd that money come from?

Who are they in bed with?

Is it just a lower level of all the typical shit we see in the MSM entertainment industry?

Is it really that low level, since Eugenia is so popular?

Her obsession with Disney...

Did her parents pull a "Britney" on her and sell her to Disney as a child?

Are they her handlers?


These are pretty valid questions at this point, especially with YouTube supporting Eugenia on the front page...

They want her to influence young girls (and probably boys, and adults too) into eating disorders and if they follow Eugenia's example, they'll post plenty of their "thinspo" pics and videos online for the fetishists to jerk it to.

I am just being real...

There are only so many explanations, my friends.
And none of 'em are good...

Cuz kids are being harmed by this, and kids are being groomed in Eugenia's very own community.

It's sick, it's evil, and Eugenia clearly loves it.

I think people need to start calling that out on its face.

Looks like people are just tired of this bullshit, and the truth is coming out.

It ain't pretty.
That compilation of the same person tipping her for moving the storage container...

The most damning and transparent shit I've ever seen come out of this Eugenia crap.

She knows what she's doing, she knows what they're doing, and I believe she's guilty as sin.
It's time to age-restrict Eugenia's videos.
If only people would listen...

Crazy shit, y'all.

At least people like that lady come out and speak their truth to help others, even if people like Eugenia are never gonna fucking get it.

Guarantee that lady's video helped some people who will go on to do very important things.

Eugenia honestly looks like she's being held captive against her will.

If not, she's just fucking trolling at this point.

It'd do her some good to obsess on Marilyn Monroe for a change...

She might live.
concentration camp MM , dude I would barf if she stood over a vent shaft and her dress lifted

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