The Peace Dealer: Greatest Astrologer Ever

He wins.
He's an absolute fucking blast.
The start of this video reminds me of channeling the sun, fond memories...

I was just about to quote him...

"The greats are born between 88 & 96"

I caint say I understand that but I did want to share that, for you...
You are pretty dope MO...

Jus sayin...

28:16 he's right you know.

4:30 I think he's overplaying the "strong dude" card here...

It's not funny. At all.

If she's gonna put her children in a situation to drive across the country to live with a dude she doesn't even know (totally insane in the first place) and hasn't even talked to about it...

It's serious, and it's dangerous.

7:00 see this is why Mike is so great, NOBODY talks about this kinda shit.

He was talking about the ancients who have been sleeping inside the earth...

I can't remember the last time I heard somebody talk about that.

3:32 Pluto in Scorpio is some hardcore shit...

This is where the sex/death obsession comes from.

1:40:00 great chat as always.

9:20 total truth.

6:04 lmfaolol

19:29 he's right re: ego.

2:30 roflmaolololo...

He's Right You Know

There are only a few left standing, and he's one of them.

Protect your truth-tellers, my friends...

Without these guys, there's no future of any use to you.


40:00 he's dropping real truth shit here y'all, it ain't no kinda joke.

This man is speaking some true shit.

It's not safe to do that these days.

But I keep accidentally calling him The Peach Dealer whenever I'm trying to find his thread.
I wish I had a peach!?

"No matter how dark it gets, remember everything that was revealed to you."

He's fuckin' right...

That man is right.

This is some real shit...

But I will say this...

TPD seems to know a lot about this but that's just cuz he's a Gemini...

He probably hasn't been woke to Doomtard Land for long.



We are in heaven.
We are in permanent stasis...

A constant process of dreaming, and waking.

It's always been this way.

It's a process of life-death-rebirth.

Sometimes, life can be surreal.

It's a phenomenon called "sci-fi world" by some of the internet's leading geniuses...
Essentially the concept is that this cycle of history, that awkward time of the bronze era or thereabouts, on the age of Aquarius...

Some kind of transitional zone...

There is a high tech time that fuses a lot of elements of sci-fi with normal and boring death.

So basically it's all the same shit as all your other lives, except for this time, there's technology.

It puts a twist on life and makes things more interesting.

We're in a process of being totally mind controlled by technology...

There's also a concept called "Space Ship Earth" that theorizes we are actually in stasis, in transit, and that this is some form of space travel...

Whatever the case may be, it appears our lives are dreams, which are within dreams.

Life can't be explained, we don't know how it works, we are totally unsure about whether there are ALIENS or if the universe is ELECTRIC...

So many examples of how limited info about the human experience actually is.

Your FOCUS determines whether your reality is good or bad.

At a certain point you have to become like a totally detached spectator and get some kind of masochistic kicks out of it...

Else you're probably gonna have some bad experiences at one point or another.

I am just saying.

It's your ATTITUDE that matters.

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