Virginia Proudly Fights For The Right To MURDER Fully Developed BABIES For No Reason

Babies to be killed up to the end of third trimester, 40 weeks, no limit.

Hellfire will be the reward for a people who KILL BABIES because they decided they didn't feel like having them.

These laws will be abused and it will be a majority of selfish women who feign mental duress just to be able to MURDER an innocent baby.
Nasty ugly women...

It'd be a miracle if anybody could stay hard long enough to impregnate them, let alone they get the chance to excitedly slaughter their own infant.
It's shit like this that will seal America's fate as the world's biggest glass parking lot...

The luciferians are taking over, and people are retarded enough to think these laws are because they want to protect women and save their lives if pregnancy is endangering them...

LOL, no.

These babies are sacrifices and their parts are SOLD after they're MURDERED.

Get a fucking clue, America...

Stand the fuck up, you lazy, ignorant pieces of shit.
If you would have an abortion just because the thought of having a baby offends your fragile, pathetic mental state... you need your fuckin' hole sewn up.

You need a tattoo of a fucking dick across your forehead with "Don't stick your dick in this hellhole" written under it in bold letters.
America shouldn't be known as a land of abortion loving whores.

Change your evil ways, you fuckin' taints.
Do you think it's any coincidence Virgina is going ham with gun control right now too?

It's a coordinated attack, you fucking morons, wake the fuck up.
There should never be any point in time where women are making laws anyway...

They're fucking stupid and they can't be trusted.
These women are a total embarrassment to the human species...

But it's not even as innocent as that.

They delight in the idea of killing innocent babies.

They love the kickbacks they receive when dead baby parts are sold.
I think instead of killing babies, women who would be willing to do so just need to be euthanized.

Then the world would truly be a better place.

In fact I think that's a fitting way to deal with any person who is okay with abortion at all.

Without these people, it would be a better world.
I would caution any man who is dating and looking for a woman...

You should ask her if she's ever had an abortion or if she's pro-choice.

If she answers yes, you need to stay far the fuck away, or you'll end up being one of those obnoxiously bitter MGTOW retards after the psychobitch ruins your life.
Her last name is "Tran"...

LOL, it even goes right along with the transgender agenda...

They do all of this on purpose.

I don't know if there's hope for this country...

Probably not.

People are just too damn fucking stupid.
I give up on you fucking idiots.
It goes right along with the transgender agenda because it's POPULATION CONTROL.

A lot of young men who fell for the trans bullshit and took estrogen are finding out their sperm has been permanently rendered fucking useless. They're not encouraged to freeze it before taking estrogen and being sterilized so they're now finding out that it's too late, LMAO! It's for the best.

Nevertheless, it's just another sign population control is working and well underway.

Any nation that would allow fully developed babies, who have BEEN BORN to be "aborted" is fucking screwed...

Is that you, America?

Are you doomed to a fiery demise?

If you can't raise anything but morally bankrupt daughters, then for the love of all things sacred, just stop fucking. You're probably fat and ugly with nothing worthy to offer the world with those disgusting genetics anyway.

Don't become impregnated and decide to abort just so you can have blood on your hands in addition to being miserable and disgusting in the first place.
I don't know of a single woman who has had an abortion who isn't a total pig, or just a selfish piece of crap at the least. Knots on a log... and just as attractive as one too, because terminating pregnancies causes harm to the body. Rapid aging, increased risk of cancer, etc. You get what you deserve.

2:28 EXACTLY. This excuse of it being for "health" reasons is for STUPID PEOPLE.

It's to fool the IGNORANT MASSES into believing that there's a purpose behind these laws OTHER THAN the MURDER of babies in order to HARVEST THEIR BODYPARTS.

11:00 wake the fuck up people.
MO we could adopt all the unwanted babies and raise them on a vast barren acreage in western Australia. This will be the new white aboriginal race . Our own nation darling ...sound good?
This is also total proof that the healthcare industry as a whole is not to be trusted.

They're doing the opposite of helping people.

The trash they feed people in the hospital is further proof.

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