Smut like '50 Shades of Grey' has REALLY influenced things...
I have NEVER read/seen that fucking trash smut '50 Shades'... I don't need some badly written BDSM crap polluting my perversion pool. I am 100% totally satisfied with my own demented sexual dreams and desires.

But now all these novels are popping up everywhere featuring super dominating dudes and the ads and book covers are these crazy soft-core BDSM scenes. I mean it's hot as fuck but, do we REALLY need this shit around? At all?

I mean I don't think I'd ever actually read shit like that. I can't imagine ever actually wanting to watch movies about it either but I KNOWWW...

That's what's coming. Tons of more books and movies just like 50 Shades are coming down the pike and they'll probably get more and more outrageous and perverse as time goes on.

And they'll probably be wildly successful... but not because I had anything to do with it, I'll tell you that much. I will not be supporting any of this shit AT ALL.

It's all part of the societal degradation operation. It's all put out there and peddled to the masses to further erode our moral fabric.

It's true... women love to be dominated. That's what they secretly (or not so secretly, some of us are honest) dream about basically all the time. Yep. It's true. But does it need to be carved in stone and propagated in all forms of media? No. Just no.
We are so controlled by political correctness and obsessed with what others think about us - these cultural phenomena are the way we tap into to our shadow side, but in a completely superficial and sheeplike manner. Nothing to see here, move along

I see what you're saying.

I just feel that tapping into the shadow should be a private thing. These perverse books/movies are totally banal, and they're not an accurate expression of what's lying under the surface for most people out there. That's what they WANT to program us with... it's some kind of twisted version of our nature that they hope catches on and warps us even more. In a way that is beneficial to their goal of having ultimate control over us.

I just don't agree with plastering our private business (the shadow) all over the place for everyone to see...

Admittedly I say a lot of obscene stuff on my site and some social media platforms, but there are _some_ lines I don't cross. And certainly in real life, I wouldn't say most of the stuff I say online. The internet is a massive library, news stand, and a place to say (basically) whatever the fuck you want. That's how I see it. Yeah, it's public... but it's not REAL LIFE. It's a place for expression and creativity, it's an outlet. So I don't think it's inappropriate to be totally honest here. That's what I've always loved about the internet... you get to say what you REALLY think, under the cover of anonymity as well. The anonymity is what encourages people to be so honest. This is how I've learned what's really at the heart of humanity. Thanks, internet! Some people (such as myself) choose to take it a step further and use their real picture beside the things they say... now that is probably regrettable, and it's unnecessary. It's really an ego thing, and I should be smarter than that. But I've done it anyway because I feel that my involvement online has been an evolutionary process and it was kind of 'time'. Plus, I don't give a shit what people think... so what if my online ramblings get tied to my real identity someday? I am not going to just sit on the fence and lead a boring existence. You have to stand for something in life, and I stand for honest expression. People can say whatever they want, because there's no tangible harm in SAYING anything. People are way too thin-skinned these days.

Having said that, I REALLY dislike this new (in the last 6 or 7 years) 'fusing' of the internet with real life. There's too much crossover. Back in the day, what happened on the internet stayed on the internet. It was like fight club... you don't talk about fight club. And likewise, your behaviors online didn't carry over into "real life". Your online stuff was a little secret you could smile about whilst waiting in line at the supermarket. Now, as a result of mobile devices in my opinion, the lines have been totally blurred and it's for the worst.

Now there are all these classless weirdos going way too far with shit and saying super embarrassing things in public (in REAL LIFE), like celebrity feminists talking about their vaginas in front of massive audiences, and then that gets broadcast all over the internet.

Mind rot... it's all total mind rot. The whole thing.
My concern is that, in addition to all the other things coming against men and women these days as they relate to each other... because of these perverse books/movies, younger men are going to get the idea that women just like to be treated like pure shit in general.

What if you're a young guy and you have an older sister, or maybe just your mom, and one day you're nosing around and find her stash of 50 Shades books and DVDs or some shit? Are you gonna start believing chicks really like that shit, exactly the way it's portrayed in the media?

Are you going to grow up and go on dinner dates and just suddenly smack a bitch while you're waiting for the food? Are you gonna start strangling a bitch when you drop her off at her house instead of the classic "nervous peck on the cheek" we used to see in movies/shows from the good old days???

How far out of hand is this shit going to get? How seriously are young men going to take this? Not very, I hope.
You'd like to think it can settle into some kind of symbiosis - who knows where its all leading. The weird thing about the ego is that it simultaneously wants to hide abut also implode in public. preservation and annihilation. Thats kinda what sex is about - being seen, worshipped and adored and then that moment of self forgetting through orgasm. The whole sub/dom thing is based on that. All a big game of hind and seek till we reach enlightenment.
There are forces in the world that want us to wake up and others that want control us and keep us asleep.
And fuck it, I'm just gonna come right out and say it...

I think these BDSM concepts are being perpetuated in order to brainwash women to accept being totally dominated by men... until the moral fabric of society erodes to a point where they will accept this treatment from "immigrants" who seek to take over the Western world.

Yeah I said it. I SAID IT OKAY.

I said it.

That's what I think the end game is.

I think it's all about instilling a desire to be dominated in Western women (feeding on that innate desire in all females) and building it into a perverse and warped version of its natural state.

I think after a few decades of this pure and total trash intake...

Women will be not only conditioned to accept it, but they'll even think they want it.

And once they figure out it's actually REALLY REALLY BAD...

It will be too late.
I bet they don't have this weirdo BDSM thingy going on in Asia right now.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they do.

I tried to search it on Google but all I found was Asians making fun of 50 Shades.

Which in and of itself says a lot about what they think of the whole thing.
You got it right. I remember talking to a friend years ago... we agreed that when the left finally see what they've let in they will either go mad or fall into a weird kinda sadomasochistic submissive role. fucked up

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