Missing411: Strange Disappearances From National Parks
1 of 2 possibilities if all efforts have been exhausted and a lengthy time has been 

1. They're total amateurs and got "got." (elements, nature, hitmen, organ ghouls, accidents, etc. )

2. They total pros and got "out." (ghosts, opoffgriders, survivalists, cons fleeing arrest, agency, witprot prgm, whistleblowers,
    grey scientist, black engineers, political radicals, etc)

    a. bring gun to avoid 1.
    b. bring gun to endure 2.
(09-19-2021, 12:51 AM)Guest Wrote: witprot prgm

I was wondering just the other day if the witness protection program is still a thing...

Seems like it'd be extremely hard to do these days with social media and all.

Facial recognition, etc.
(09-19-2021, 09:33 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I was wondering just the other day if the witness protection program is still a thing...

Seems like it'd be extremely hard to do these days with social media and all.

Facial recognition, etc.


Hard to do IF you're on social media. ALL the old life get's ghosted. Facial recognition dbs are ran by
the ones doing the relocation. Some "witnesses" also get plastic surgery. 

About facial recognition, masks are hindering that so they also have "gait" recognition. Cameras will 
look at how a person walks and it's as unique as their voice timbre. 

It's why I like to walk funky in front of "city cams." 
Torturing artificial intelligence is my game and well. You know the Name. 
The bad thing with screwing with AI is that IT CHEATS! 


Yeah, it is pretty fucking odd now that you mention it buddy.

That video looks like it was made just for the purpose of being in a documentary about Gabby's death...

I think they're both dead.

Underwater recovery team...

They wouldn't be doing that if they didn't have some kinda tip or reason to believe that he's dead.

I think if he was ever at the Tetons with her, she probably got crazy on him and he pushed her away and she fell and hit her head. I don't think he killed her on purpose, if he did at all... I think either they got into a fight and it went too far, or it was an accident.

I also think it could be very possible that one (or more) of those officers was crooked (probably baldy beard guy) and she was followed after she and the BF were split up by the police. She may have been followed to the Tetons and killed by the crooked police.

I find it hard to place all the blame for the whole 9 yards squarely on her BF. My gut feeling tells me that if he killed her, it was an accident and then he freaked out hard and figured he had to hide the body and then he ran home.
All over social media, in comments sections, etc. you see people doing nothing but claiming "all the signs were there" that he was a "gaslighting narcissist" (an entirely overused term these days)...

But it's just typical man-hating and blame getting put on him because the chicks wanna demonize him/believe it's all his fault.

I will say that the crooked police possibility is a huge one...

It makes sense that they would choose to blow this case up/popularize it all over the media if it was a standard loosh harvest...

Makes sense they'd use their crooked/cult member cops in these weirdo western states (love 'em, but let's be real) to do it.

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

Where were the search efforts and the national publicizing in the media for all the other people who have gone missing at national parks??

Where was the effort to find their bodies?? Did they not matter? People of every race/color/creed/gender and all walks of life have gone missing, but what about them??


They weren't perfect (almost too perfect) cookie-cutter stereotypical examples of the Instagram/YouTube loving all American girl (and her BF)...

Except for that I bet you a lot of them fucking were.

So why choose this case?

I'm suspicious and there's every reason to be.

I tried not to even look into this case, but the shit got the best of me and I looked into it today.

These are my thoughts so far.

Moment of silence for all those precious souls who have gone missing in national parks before this incident, and to the countless people who go missing all over this country every single day...

If only they'd have been cared about as much.
I can just see it now...

She gets crazy, he shoves her, she falls and hits her head on a rock...

Gotta keep it simple...

That's what they had a history of...

Her hitting him, and him shoving her.

It happens all the time.
Chick wasn't right in the head, you could tell from their one single vlog, just the way she talked... you could tell from the police footage. She had major screws loose. He was in the same boat, but I would absolutely believe he was the calm one and the one taking most of the blows.
It's pretty unfair how he's being made out to be the bad guy 100% when nobody even really knows what happened.

3:46 look at the way baldy beard cop stares at her as he walks by...

I think there's a whole lot right there.

A whole lot.
what is it that attracts you so strongly to this story while you forcibly reject all the other news?
Because it's literally everywhere...

I think I said earlier in the thread that I don't even read the news or look at it, but even I've seen this/heard about it...

That's how hard they're pushing this story, and the fact that I'm talking about it is a testament to that.
At first it got my attention because I figured it was tied to the Moab campground murders and was gonna be an attack on camping. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be going that way.
Mobile living and camping is a topic close to my heart so that's what got my attention.
there must be a deeper psychological factor at play here that snags women to this story.
Exactly what it was designed to do...

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