She Bear: Psychic Tarot Reader and Winner of the Genetic Lottery
(03-02-2019, 08:41 PM)thatguest Wrote: Me too for abit but havent watched her in ages
I will say thou I did enjoy the kids going crazy in the background, funny, she handled it really well

Yeah isn't that really interesting??? I always thought the atmosphere surrounding her was very interesting... that isn't something you run across very often. Very chaotic background... she doesn't ever seem to waver though. I have never seen her lose her shit, or even visibly contain the desire to lose her shit. It genuinely doesn't appear to affect her at all.
I remember a video where her (clearly a heavy smoker) mom was yelling for her in the background JAMIE JAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMIEEEEE
and she just laughed it off and continued
I would have been the total opposite, died of shame, re done the entire video and screamed at her for breaking my video lol #Aries

She is so chill
She really is...

But I wonder if she REALLY feels that way.

If she doesn't...

Then Pisces must the most skilled and deep fakers in the entire universe.
OMG. I’ve figured it out.

Ursula is totally an Ophiuchus.
Ahhh the other sign
(Which I know NOTHING about lol... so Im going to trust you on this) :D

I looked thru the comments section and came up with nothing
Honestly I’m just trolling at this point...


It started with the thought that she could be a Sagittarius...

The 13th zodiac sign is right up there by Sag, so I thought it’d be low key hilarious to make that statement.

She's gonna reveal her signs tomorrow as part of her 100K subscribers celebration.

She's telling people to guess her signs beforehand!


I'm gonna say Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Which are all earth signs and I didn't even think about that while I was typing them.

ARIES SUN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Pisces Moon, Leo Rising???

I was sooo wrong, no earth in there!!!!????
She’s an Aries sun, Leo rising, Pisces moon. North node in Scorpio.

I've known about this for a while, but it just dawned on me that Ursula basically pulled a Doreen Virtue on us!

And credit to Ursula for doing what she feels is right for herself, but my whole point bringing this up?

I don't understand how anyone could have a skill for divination (reading symbols in anything/everything) and then suddenly act like they ain't gonna do it anymore!?

There's no way...

I just don't think one can TRULY understand what divination (and intuition) really are if they're gonna react this way to experiences in life.

She explains in the vid of course some of the stuff that happened (vaguely) and again I see she has her reasons for how she feels and why she's come to these conclusions.

I hope she feels so much better and figures things out slowly and methodically, and stays in the chill zone. She seems like a nice chick.

But HOW IN THE FUCK did Doreen Virtue have all these damn oracle cards under her name, yet she doesn't understand WTF divination/intuition really is??

I guess the answer is that maybe Doreen made an oracle deck once or something, but after that, the work was really done by artists and stuff rather than her. Maybe it even started out that way, who knows. I don't know anything about Doreen really.

Here is the whole Doreen Virtue debacle thread...

"Doreen Virtue, one of the most prolific tarot/oracle deck creators, denounces tarot"
But it's like...

How is Ursula gonna be reading tarot and (supposedly) resonating with people and being right...

YET she doesn't understand what divination/intuition are?

I can understand denouncing certain tools to a degree.

Maybe this is really just a rejection of cards rather than a rejection of divination itself.

Which is fine, people have a right to randomly start thinking cards are dumb, but my issue is this...

What if they get rid of all their tarot etc. decks and realize YEARS LATER they were being silly, and then wish they'd kept them??

Because that's what's totally gonna happen to 'em.

Poor silly things...

So naive and hard on themselves!
It's a phenomenon called "flouncing" and you're supposed to not ever do it again once you learn your lesson the first couple times...

I am one of those people who learned my lesson about flouncing at the age of like TWELVE.

So how in the fuck and why in the fuck are these grownass adults not seeing the patterns in their lives??

Cuz I guarantee they do this in other areas of their lives too.
Flouncing is a way of being... and it is, in fact, a character flaw.

It's something you are supposed to do once or twice (likely in early life), then learn your lesson and realize not to do it anymore.

So that means that when situations come along in life and stir a "flounce" response in you, DON'T REACT BY FLOUNCING.

React by doing nothing.

She Bear could have sent up a flare saying "Aye yo I'm alive, here's a pic of me lookin' how I be lookin' if you need proof. Not gonna be posting to this channel much for the future until I have a plan for it. Thanks for your support, love and blessings" or some shit like that. She could have posted it as a YouTube pic with a caption.

But instead she made a vid just like Doreen denouncing the whole nine yards, and it's due to being approached or influenced by religion or religious figures.

Now I am not blaming the religions themselves, bad people can be at the helm of some organizations and that's just how it is for a while until hopefully better spokespeople get put in.

However I think it is highly coincidental that She Bear does basically the same thing Doreen did... was she approached and told to back off because she was too powerful or her audience was too big??

One of the biggest tarot channels is Eat Pray Read (Sal) and he has under 1 mil. subs at the time of writing. There are channels twice the size of She Bear's (like Rich Lopp) who didn't get approached, if it's a 'crossroads agreement' kinda thing.

Maybe there's a group approaching female divinators and trying to control them, or shut them up?

How could they really just go against what seemed like their entire way of believing, something it seemed like they had a real understanding of?

Then again, maybe chicks like Doreen and She Bear are just crazy.

But they sure have been successful for being 'just crazy'... and some of them just walk away?? Citing (even vaguely) religious reasons??

I just find it odd, and I've said what I had to say.
As for readers getting overwhelmed, OGs who made it and are still around today in the tarot community know that you stop doing one video for each sign, and you do either a video for the signs by element, or you do a collective reading (preferred).

There are a lot of ways to handle burnout, overworking can be managed...

So it just really doesn't make sense that She Bear would abandon the scene just because she was overwhelmed.

Honestly, I think a lot of this just has to do with chicks being crazy...

I was watching this other YouTube chick today who was talking some crazy shit, she's an OG YouTuber, I really should make a thread about her but I never have.
i kinda like the 13 sign zodiac. makes me the exact middle, pure definition scorpio.

i watch sasha bonasin and sal biadora for my tarot crap lately. i feel the urge myself to get into cartomancy, but that just might be my old magic: the gathering habit wanting to remanifest. i kinda wanna make a tarot deck from MtG cards, though i've sold all of mine at this point.

i like the people who have multiple types of decks and use those for clarifications and whatnot. i think my buddy's mom was gettin into this, i should be helping her out.
endlessly underestimated
I haven't seen Sasha in a long time, he's great.

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