*** The Official Styxhexenhammer666 Discussion Thread and Garden Party ***

I like the way Styx talks to his wife, they remind me of my grandparents.

5:45 I agree with him.

Look how adorable the cat is. I didn't even see it until like 10 seconds in.

Cats are the best.

I talked about this years ago...


(07-03-2018, 01:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: So check out this segment of an email that I got from YouTube...


So basically exactly what Zane has been doing for the last year on YouTube is now "trending"...

Oh really?

See, what this means in corporate YouTube/Google jargon is that they're about to send out their 'contracted' YouTubers to do some pretend Bear Grylls kinda shit while REAL PEOPLE like Zane are out there doing it LEGITIMATELY.

That's what corporate YouTube does...

It takes whatever organically comes up in the ranks of popularity, and it invents and contracts its own mass-marketable version of the fad... and it has to be safe for the masses, it has to be somebody non-controversial who doesn't upset all the masses who are brainwashed retards.

I despise what they do. I fucking DESPISE their method of cloning what's organically popular and bolstering THEIR VERSION OF IT to make money.

So how does this concern people like Zane? Well basically, people like Zane, as pioneers of this popular 'trend' will get their notoriety and enjoy their snowball effect popularity... but eventually corporate YouTube will inundate the platform with their FAKE versions of the real thing. THEIR STOOGES are the ones who will be sponsored and get to the top via algorithms etc.

Anybody who tries to follow the trend (because of algorithms) will only end up bolstering the stooges they've put in place by turning the tables and making it seem like THE REAL, ORGANIC trend setters are the ones who are 'imitating' and 'following' these contracted STOOGES YouTube will put in place.

And it doesn't matter that people like Zane have been making videos longer than these new pieces of shit who will spring up... because mindless dumbfuck retard masses don't pay attention to the FACTS. They follow the HERD.

So what is the answer? Just knowing that eventually the survivalist "trend" will be so oversaturated on YouTube that there won't even be any incentive for "non-contracted" YouTubers to even engage in it, and it'll be time to innovate and pioneer another trend... which happens organically, BTW. You don't PLAN that, it just HAPPENS.

That's what I HATE about all this algorithmic, AI non-sense... it can't fucking think for itself, it has no creativity, it has to fucking STEAL from the pioneers and geniuses who come up with this shit ORGANICALLY. Corporate fucking YouTube has no soul and no creative ability of its own... it just steals from entities who DO.

I'd say this process of total inundation and oversaturation of "survival" themed content on YouTube will last approx. 1.5 years before everyone is totally sick of it, the stooges YouTube has put in place to take advantage of the trend will have made all the money they possibly can (peak) from the trend, and at that point it will take a downturn and those stooges will be out of a job and fade into obscurity.

Aaand he's right.

It's easy to be proud of Styx. He just gets better and better at what he does.

LOL it's crazy that anyone would think that!!!

He's right.


"Faucism" lmfao DAMN that's a good one!!!!!!!!!!!


Why am I listening to this...

I don't need to hear the news.


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