Stephi Lee
but that ear lobe , that would take some reeeeel time for me to overcome
Dude that girl needs opiates foremost, benzodiazepines on occasion but not too much booze
It’s what Johnny depps doctor prescribed
I feel that same shit she described about others seeming like not real and brain fog and body pains
It must be some weird laboratory virus some mad scientist released cuz I got all those weird symptoms including rapid heart beat feeling like heart attack stomach pain head pain and had to call 911 embarrassingly
The brain zapping electric feeling I only get when stopping taking anti depressants

She mentioned it all began at that friends wedding, must have been some tainted food drug or drink or virus but yeah 2017 and 2018 I bet they were doing secret trial releases of billy gates viruses


Lmao look at the video URL too... m4_iAvSCoLk

0:26 dude Stephi's sooooo lucky to have that bitchin', baller van and be able to just live outside like that.

1:56 oh damn... I'd live in a school bus with that guy any day!!! For you know, like a few days.

2:33 dude there's like, nothing but sexy people on this van build show, WTF. Soooo hot.

4:00 Stephi's really cute.

5:27 damn right you do, Stephi!!!

5:46 damn this chick is just wearing those righteous overalls with a bra underneath... fuck I could get used to this. Makes me wanna wear overalls. They're one of my fave colors too. Dark, rich, orange brown... fuuuhuhuhuhuhuhuck.

6:55 so sad to hear this sorta thing. Stephi is an incredible example of human adaptability. She spent most of her life preparing for death, but was given a new lease on life... has been enjoying that new lease for a few years now, but then has to be confronted again with a reminder of mortality. It's such an interesting existence. This is why Stephi should never even spend a single day in a situation that doesn't truly fill her spirit with joy, or at the least, a neutral kind of tranquility.

7:36 you don't have to think about death anymore, sweetheart... all you gotta do is make sure you think about life, and put it #1.

8:00 damn. These people are too legit to quit, lmao.

8:51 I'm proud for Stephi that bomb ass is real and there was no editing on that thumbnail lmao! Oooo, baybeh bayyybehhh! There's nothing I love more than fuckin' bodacious ass, *growls, hoops and hollers like a drunk redneck*

9:06 Stephi is so amazing to draw these incredible portraits for her friends. What an amazing special gift, not only for Stephi to have, but for her to give others.

10:20 Stephi's definitely lived an amazing life no matter how you cut the cards... she should be proud of that, and I'm grateful for her that it's true.

3:30 dude this just goes to show how totally fake these "reality" shows are. I don't even understand why anyone thinks it's a good idea for 'entertainment' to be THAT FAKE. I was talking about this lastnight in the Gunsmoke thread. All the fakery in movies and shows is such a huge turn off to me. I think it all needs to stop.

3:45 lol cute. They chose a bunch of hotties for this show. It's pretty annoying to wear shorts especially in super hot weather, but at least they look good in them.

3:55 Stephi's van is really gorgeous.

5:15 I'm glad she thought the experience was cool/fun, but to me, it just reminds me of school. Hardcore school vibes from all the direction and the order. That's something I would genuinely hate.

7:00 check out that badass hood mural.

8:30 lmao they had them working like slaves. I either heard or read someone say that the show made them understand how unrealistic building out a van really is for most people and it sucks that social media has been making it seem like it's sooo easy for years, just getting people baited into trying it left and right.

10:25 lmao that guy was like in love with Stephi. Relatable.

11:00 so for the most part it looks like she was the build-out team's graphic artist... smart choice, she did great work nobody else could do.

13:45 lol I love this hair dresser guy... definitely one of the more enjoyable people there, guaranteed.

16:30 they all wanted to marry Stephi... it's so obvious.

18:00 that dude in the Arrowhead shirt is super hot and one of the most legit people there but he wasn't on Stephi's team.

2:42 oh fuck man, check out all these hotass vanlife dudes... so fucking sexy. I'd be landing one of those guys. That dude looks like Jason Momoa only hotter.

1:00 I'm gonna keep it 100%... I think that millennials and Gen Z are responsible for some of the most absolutely fucking horrible vocal trends that have ever existed in music. I absolutely despise the way they sing. ESPECIALLY the females. I've probably talked about this before, but I'm mentioning it again. It's just God fucking awful in ways that words could absolutely never do justice.

1:30 dude I'm sorry but that scenery looks depressing as shit. Would I drive through there to smoke weed and do shrooms in Denver?? Man hell yeah. But only if I was somebody else and not me, lmao. I did go near Denver during a 2018 roadtrip and stayed in a REALLY nice hotel. But I never actually ventured into Denver itself and I've never regretted it.

2:36 Stephi's dog is the best dog.


4:18 dogs are so chaotic, I just can't.

4:50 is she going to get a custom hula hoop? That's pretty baller. I'd have an LED lighted hula hoop. That'd be super cool if you were mega high and taking pics and vid.

5:45 the stuff on the ceiling would look neat if it was gold colored instead. I'd be painting that shit yesterday.

6:07 this scenery's more like it. Now it's starting to look like the west.

6:48 lmao, no service and she's supposed to "turn left on a dirt road" and get even more lost? See this is what I fucking hate about this vanlife culture shit. And RVs too. They go out to the most deserted fucking places, and that's supposed to be fun? Like no. Give me an interstate rest area, anytime. Public bathrooms and vending machines are my aesthetic.

8:50 loving those fucking shorts though, hell yes baby.

10:50 this is why I love Stephi... her philosophy is gorgeous. I will say that I don't feel we're "small and insignificant" when taking in that landscape, but I do think all the made up problems we stress about absolutely are.

12:06 it does sound like a great salad. Being vegan is horrible for your health, but eating stuff like this you would be okay. Not great, but definitely okay. Just needs some chicken on it. Or sardines.

14:14 Stephi's opening and closing montages are always great.

This was a cute video, it was edited well too. Stephi has a lot of friends and they're all very handsome and pretty together.

6:00 this guy's mega hot, I'd totally travel in a caravan with him. It's the ideal society... mobile living and every individual has their own van.

7:00 OMG HE'S GETTING A WARCRAFT INSPIRED TATTOO. At least he chose something cool and not cringey. He's my kinda guy for sure.

Oh hell yeah, Stephi's at one of the most gorgeous places IN THE WORLLLLDDD.

0:06 oh yikes, looks like it's "drive 500MPH" season at the flats though. WTF, that's A LOT of vehicles... I wonder if there was some kinda special event on when she was there or something. I've been there during dry and wet season, and I don't recall ever seeing anybody driving across it. Wet season is the time to go if you really want your mind blown... it's a lot safer with no vehicles out there, the whole thing is just a gorgeous wet mirror.

1:43 oh my God man, talk about a magical AF setting.

3:08 Stephi has the prettiest dog ever. She really does. Like I am ZERO percent a dog person... but that dog is the ultimate dog.

3:30 oh I'm gonna be honest man... if they didn't allow my dog, I'd be the fuck out of there. That's just not even friendly.

3:50 and like... not only is it the prettiest dog, but Stephi and the dog look so cool together.

5:20 you know I'm trying to remember any of the times in my life when I've been homesick. When I was a kid, I tried staying the night a few times at other people's houses and that shit SUUUUUUCKED. Total crap. I don't think I've ever LEGIT felt homesick. As a young adult, I can recall missing my parents this one time pretty hardcore. Then as a full on grown up person, well... the only time I've ever been homesick was this general feeling of wanting to be back in the United States SOOOOO bad. Like. For REAL. Idealizing the shit out of it, planning to kiss the ground when I got there... and TBH, it was just as glorious as I thought it'd be when I came back, and I've probably felt that way about it ever since. Just glad to be in the USA.

5:33 Stephi... your life is VERY cool. I understand nobody else has to walk in your shoes, deal with your thoughts/feelings, or any of the hardships you've been through. And it's easy to get caught up in an extraordinary way of life when it becomes your norm. But you gotta know, your life is actual paradise. You WOKE UP at the Bonneville Salt Flats, yo. Like... holy shit. Sometimes those kinda memories are cooler to look back on than they even are in the moment, I will admit.

7:09 I was gonna go to Craters but ultimately didn't... can't recall exactly why, but it probably had something to do with a lack of the type of overnighting arrangements I prefer in the vicinity.

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