Stephi Lee

Oh God, she's using one of those obnoxious TikTok tiny microphones... GURL. Just no.

Listen, so many people worked so hard for so long to invent microphones that could be hidden anywhere, okay. Honor their lives, honor their inventions, and just put the tiny microphone down.

1:07 it's great that Stephi fenced in her yard though, definitely a good idea. She's making good improvements. Having a fenced in yard is great for privacy, security, etc. not to mention it's great for the dog.

5:22 Stephi looks adorable, lol.

11:48 I'm not a dog person, but damn that's a sweet dog. I feel like I'm gonna cry, lmao.
My dog is literally barking at my bedroom door cuz I forgets to feed him on time , big heavy bark like he ain’t messin

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