Hops Tarot (Jesse) - Most Woke Reader Ever
1:14:20 lolol OMG this poor guy, this poor fucking guy!!!

I feel like...

OMG he must have like even more creepy obsessors than the normal YouTube hottie does.

It SOUNDS like it.
Agh OMG it's terrible, LMFAO...

Sad Nana

This guy has mad knowledge...

He's absolutely amazing.

6:04 ROFLMAO @ the questions people ask! LOL his response was super funny.

1:08:16 he's got some great insights, here he talks about hate/negativity/anger creating cancer/disease.
He's a great guy.

Jesse is getting the same call...

The beings who want to come through us are almost ready.

It's almost time.

In no way in any capacity whatsoever do I give a single fuck about... rap, ROFLMRFOMFAOLROFLMAOLFMFALOLOL.


Jesse CAN spit, it's true.
Oh to be young...

Like so many other young dudes, Jesse will be datable once he's past 35, and most likely he'll need to be at least 40 to be acceptably matured.

7:47 he speaks the truth...

I'd like to tongue the shit out of that widow's peak.

God he's such a hottie...

There's a lot of value in his vids not because of tarot but because he shares a fuckton of spiritual truths and insights while he's talking.

He's truly awesome

And he has the most righteous bitchin' widow's peak I've ever seen.

2:34 Santos Bonacci is okay and all, but he can be a pretty bad influence...

He and others like him.

Fucking guy thinks the earth is flat, I mean...

If you think the earth is flat then at the core, you are not a trustworthy source of any type of information.

Only the easily led, people with below average intelligence, and the mentally unstable believe the earth is flat.

Everything is spherical and proof of this fact can be seen literally everywhere.

Look through a microscope, look through a telescope, it's all circles.

It's all spheres. If you scooped out your eyeball, it'd be just that... a ball.

If you could shrink down the earth and hold it in your hand, it would be a ball.

Those who believe the earth is flat are very sick mentally, and it's on loud display in many other areas of their lives as well I'm sure.

Jesse doesn't need to go down that path, it will begin to rot his mind. He already has special circumstances and needs a strict regiment of reality based experiences to keep him on the saner side. I really caution against listening to supreme fucktards like Santos and anyone else who touts similar rhetoric, of which there are many.

6:08 he's right.

Jesse’s gone all vegantard on us...

Pretty damn annoying.

He should be careful pushing this agenda...


Veganism destroys health, I know from personal experience.

He already doesn’t look all that well lately...

The vegan diet won’t help that any.

Even if it doesn’t destroy his health, he can’t speak for everyone...

Everyone is different, some people may be able to live that way, but some can’t.

22:10 he's sooooo right.

12:31 he says a lot of important things.

So I see this video in my feed and I'm like oh shit... let me try to withhold any judgement before I watch this. It's interesting because this is the first video Jesse's ever had featuring his romantic partner (pretty sure). So it's kind of a big deal and it should be pretty interesting.

TBH, my VERY first impressions...

0:02 in and I genuinely feel like these two were made for each other. They even kinda look alike, which to me is an indicator of high compatibility... definite soul family. The way they look at each other is full of love and reception.

0:05 oh... fuck yeah. These two?? THESE FUCKING TWO?? HARDCORE in love. Crazy, crazy hardcore in love. It's on.

It's interesting how much Jesse seems to give himself to her. He really completely gives himself to her and she knows it. I feel that she has control over their situation.

0:29 I think, maybe they need to forget about the rest of the world and just be together.

Their energy works well together and they support each other... not sure how much of that they should be sharing with the world at the moment. I mean obviously judging by this video they feel ready to share a little bit but...

I think they really need to govern over that energy carefully, and just enjoy each other.

4:30 I REALLY like her... she's fucking amazing. But these two are such a powerful force together. I just feel like they need to enjoy that togetherness more than they need to share it. Maybe just share it sparingly.
She goes by "Ka Mon Amour" and this is her channel:


Seems amazing.
Her name is Monique, he even made a song for her a while back...


Amazeballs video re: the visuals, I like Jesse's aesthetic.

I'm proud of Jesse, he's a good fella.

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