First time with Escort
I fucking Did it.
And it was all good.

All good,.

Im usually so negative like MO towards these types of dumbshit woman. But now that I think about it.
Im happy they dumb shit woman LOL
atleast now woman will give me a chance instead of prolonged years of suffering from 0 attention LOL

This is a huge step up for me.
 I really feel like  I "Manned the fuck up".

I fucking did it. I actually went and did it. I fucking gave in.

Usually im like. Fuck you you fucking Thot piece of sheet.
But I broke down. and said fine whatever.
and its always hard to do that becuase they attractive woman
i wont lie they attractive.
and they intrested

actually intrested. well for the money. but atleast they finally like...
intrested .
ya know?

no more being treated like i dont fucking exist anymore by the opposite sex.

Now i wanna hear some bad comments about what i just committed lol....
i feel fucking ashamed. but at the same time, i realise i have no chance in hell of ever finding a good wife- and im getting to fucking old waiting and pretending like if i be good that something good is in stores for me.

no no no. that is wrong way to think about it if your getting fucking no where with the oppoiste sex
u guys knw exactly what im talking aobut

so come on lay it on me im a fucking Whore lover now LOL
(04-09-2019, 05:31 AM)Guest Wrote: Im usually so negative like MO towards these types of dumbshit woman.

I’ve advocated for legalization of prostitution, dumbass...

Getting an escort is probably the best thing you’ve done in life.
You’re lucky they exist.
You better change your fucking attitude about them too you disrespectful fuck.

Your attitude is the sole reason you can’t get women unless you pay for them...

It’s your own doing...

It’s not because you’re ugly outside hon, it’s cuz you’re ugly inside.
nah its bullshit i wont do again fuck that.

i rather go without now.
its meaningless...
it deprives my fucking spirit now.
i feel so utter ashamed.

i feel i betrayed my inner most core values.

i broke down and gave in to this barbaric stupid practice.

this is not good. i am not pleased at all. at all.
no its so fucking garbage.

i know what love is and what its suppose to be like.
this is meaningless garbage that whole thing

brainwashing dumbfucks.

they are dumbfucks. point and simple.
dumb fuck after dumb fuck after fucking dumbfuck


Those Whores Cannot betray my spirite.

i dont wish to succumb to there Low Life bullshit I Dont

Im better than THIS


Its like They know Im Weak They Know Im deprived of any woman
You feel ashamed because you approached that escort with an even less pure heart than probably 90% of her clients...

It’s not her and it’s not hookers in general, it’s you.

Put back more money to spend on these women and improve your fucking attitude toward them dramatically.

I think you have a debt to pay...

Be a better person.
fuck them all.
They can all get fucking real jobs for once int ghere fucking Life~!

Instead of taking the easy way out. Fuck that. they are destroying society and society fucking values.

This is meaningless Crap. I hope they all get fucked and aids dude.
Yeah see you’re just a fucking psycho.

What an idiot...

Respect the escorts to their faces AND when they’re not around.

Your attitude is sheer fucking disease.

Maybe you’re too crazy and dangerous to even deal with escorts.

They don’t deserve to put up with bullshitters like you.

Change yourself.
Get the fuck off my site you disrespectful, obnoxiously psycho piece of filth.
I wonder if carl ever got an escort
I am escort virgin

Hopefully you used a rubber, or it will fall off. But look on the bright side, then you won't have to worry about performing with women again.
you don't fuck escorts, man. you hire them to do weird shit. paint one of your rooms. act out some lines for an amateur movie. sit in the passenger seat so you can use the carpool lane. ya gotta throw the universe some curveballs sometimes.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner
The incel phenomenon has really gone too far. I observed years ago that the only sexual orientation that was forbidden was virginity. I knew as homosexuality and various other sexualities became more and more streamlined into the mainstream that the natural evolution of this entire concept would turn against the idea of saving oneself for marriage. Now, most incels are not that way because of religious convictions. Many of them would throw religious convictions to the wind to lose their virginity. But that’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people who abstain from sex because of their beliefs, not because they are true incels. Nevertheless, whether that way because of culture/choice or because it was forced upon them, celibacy is being pathologized, and that does not bode well for civilization.

Regardless of its disadvantages, arranged marriage had distinct advantages that make it in some ways superior to the current model. Contrary to today, where all marriages are entered into as a matter of choice (women are not being bought and sold like goats as they once were), over half of marriages end in failure. Millions of kids have never met their own father. Under arranged marriage, most marriages continued until one or the other spouse died. Children were raised by both parents in the household by parents who wanted to be there. And adultery suffered extreme sanctioning which obviously should be brought back. Also, there was a woman for every man. Not every man married the prettiest girl in the village, just like every woman did not marry Adonis. These decisions were made by the fathers, and sometimes with the mothers, in the interests of what was best for the families, the children, and the society, irrespective sometimes of what the young people wanted, But they still found a way to make it work. Unfortunately, the solicitousness of so many women in modern society has made healthy families impossible and will soon undermine the basis of civilization itself, that is if it is not already irreversible.
MO is the only bunny/girl for me . I cant wait to chase her around the house on easter, always leaves me tasty treats

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