Just heard “You & Me” by the Dave Matthews Band in the gas station bathroom...
And it was so bad I literally thought it was a joke...

I’ve always basically hated the Dave Matthews Band...

They’ve got like two good songs.

And one GREAT song.


Like let’s be clear, I have like 100% astrological compatibility with Dave Matthews.

But it doesn’t make me like the music any more.
This is the only Dave Matthews Band song I don’t hate on some level...

That’s a great song. And Dave Matthews is hot. As fuck.

Legit, Dave Matthews makes me wanna get fucked HARD.

But just not to his music.
I mean Dave Matthews...

Has a look that legitimately makes me so horny, I’d actually get on top.

And you guys know that’s a pretty big deal.

I absolutely would hop on and voluntarily do the sex to his body.
For at least 2 or 3 minutes.

Probably not 5 though...

Then I’d be tired and just wholly unwilling to finish what I started.
According to the astrology, Dave would be down with some freaky shit too...

Dave Matthews would probably fuck me the way I like it.
Have you taken up cruising??? seem to be spending a lot of time in public bathrooms hahahaha
Sometimes I wonder about the logic behind keeping my other online endeavors separate from this place because then at least I wouldn’t have to explain myself...

But in the same token most people here know what the fuck I’m doing so it’s not some kinda secret.
I ain't gonna lie, I actually want to fuck Dave Matthews super super bad.
I actually really really do.
(04-17-2019, 02:15 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: This is the only Dave Matthews Band song I don’t hate on some level...

That’s a great song. And Dave Matthews is hot. As fuck.


I just found out that this song, the only song I can say I actually LIKE from him, was on his 2003 SOLO ALBUM.



The songs “didn’t fit with the band” so he made a solo album??

But his name is on the fuckin’ band...

I don’t get it.

Who played the music on the solo album then??

I mean to be honest, it kind of says a lot that his best song is from his solo album...

What, did his crossroads agreement state everything with the DMB had to be taint?

I was like 6 when most of those DMB songs came out and admittedly I fuckin’ hated the 90s, LOL...

Maybe for some people it was great and shit, but for me it just felt weird and it’s hard to find anything from that time that I REALLY like.

I dunno, I feel like Dave Matthews just needs to get naked and fuck my body.
Can he still do that?? How old is he anyway??


Meh, he can still get down.

I wonder if he’s tired of his wife yet.

How can I get in touch with Dave Matthews...

(04-17-2019, 01:15 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

2:35 and it’s like who the fuck ARE all those people?? Is that the whole Dave Matthews Band??

Isn’t that kinda overkill??

I just don’t get it...

Is Dave responsible for this music for real??

The lyrics are fine...

All the lyrics of the DMB songs are great.

It’s just some of the music that is...

Ugh, my God, I can’t even put it into words, it’s just this feeling.

And Dave has an amazing voice, super hot, but... it IS also the way he sings sometimes.

I want to get did by Dave. But I can’t deny the way I feel about some of this music.
I want Dave Matthews to tie me up and slap me while he fucks me super hard to the hottest 90s DMB hits...

Because I’m a masochist.
I think what I hate the most about “Crash Into Me” is the suggestion that the chick is on top, it’s like...

Men are supposed to lay the pipe.

It disgusts me to think about women riding the dick and doing all the work...

You know, I said I’d get on top of Dave for a couple minutes, and that’s true.

But the novelty would quickly wear off and once it did, I’d be expecting him to pick up the slack.

Bwahahahaha dude Dave Matthews is FUCKINGGG hilarious.
He’s gorgeous and I would like to become drenched in his seed.

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