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Living in a shed that is mostly wood, well fuck I can't think of much better.
This one is really just a short mobile home. They do bill themselves as tiny house builders for marketing purposes.

While there are no building codes per se, it's in a POA neighborhood. The POA might have some say in what you build, but there doesn't appear to much enforcement. There's an abandoned house across the street with weeds in the yard taller than me. It hasn't been mowed in the last two years. And some of the other outfits around here are just godawful looking. I'm sure whatever I do will be an improvement.

I think I could do with very limited indoor space and make up for it with a large screened porch. The humidity and mosquitoes in east Texas are nowhere near as bad as in Louisiana. Of course it's only the middle of May, so too early to draw conclusions. I grew up in this area and don't recall it having ever been unpleasant though. I mainly need a bathroom, kitchenette, and some studio / man cave space to work on my projects. I'll have to see what the cost would be to fit out a large shed vs. getting a trailer that's already fitted out.
Hell yeah.

And ideally (in my mind) you'd live in the screened in porch and only go inside when you absolutely had to.

Ah, a perfect world.
I just keep my window open all the time , its the same as living outdoors . You guys can live in tents with nature
Right on. The only reason I'm inside right now is because the electric outlet on the porch doesn't work, and I need to keep my laptop plugged in. This old computer doesn't have much battery life.

We hung two bird feeders on shepherd's hooks in the front yard. There's an amazing variety of wild birds in the area. A bunch of huge vultures occasionally congregate in a dead treetop across the street, which is a rather ominous sight.

A lot of folks around here hang iron stars on the front of their houses, as that's the seal of the State of Texas. They look suspiciously like pentagrams. My friend had 4 or 5 of them in various styles and sizes before she moved down here, even though she lived in Oklahoma her whole life until two years ago. She said she moved here because of how I used to talk about growing up in this area. LOL

LOL there I go with amazon again (holy shit the price! but damn thats cute)
(05-17-2019, 10:54 PM)thatguest Wrote: (holy shit the price! but damn thats cute)

Now that's cool as fuck.

So many cool things that can be done.

And there's something about miniature houses that is so... magical.
(05-17-2019, 10:54 PM)thatguest Wrote: holy shit the price!

And you'd still have to build a foundation, buy roofing material, and put in a chemical toilet on top of that. May as well build a large shed and trick it out.

They make these pre-fabricated bathroom modules that are fairly cheap. That's probably the way I'd go.
^^^ That bathroom is so cute!!!
Hm. I never thought about having a bathroom.
LOL honestly same!
I have seriously never even seen a bathroom pod before, smart one Guest

You'd need somewhere to get rid of the turd matter, but other than that... sigh.

I'm so jaded on bathrooms and kitchens and all that kinda shit.

Especially bathrooms.

Admittedly of late I've been enjoying my salt baths.

The only part of a bathroom I'd ever want is the tub.
I never figured you for a squatting-behind-a-bush kind o' gal, Flo.

You have no idea.
I like peeing outside, but there's not enough privacy to do it here. There's a road on both sides of the property, and neighbors across the street on both sides.

Besides which, I refuse to go to work without bathing first.
This is a wonderful chick. Where did she go?
In a perfect world we'd all have enough privacy to do it outside. We really would.
(05-17-2019, 11:47 PM)Rood Wrote: This is a wonderful chick. Where did she go?

I have her tied up in the closet right now...


But I make sure she has a laptop and plenty of seltzer water, so she's all good.

Literally never even asks to be let out.
(05-17-2019, 11:49 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I have her tied up in the closet right now...

How much do you charge for a visit? Hump

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