So did Paul Joseph Watson officially leave InfoWars??
(06-14-2022, 12:16 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: AJ's been married to his current wife for like 5 years and he was married to his previous wife for like 20 years, so as per usual, it sounds like you're reading some total bullshit by people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about. That's why you just can't believe everything you read, especially when it comes to highly polarizing figures like Alex.

I wasn't talking about Alex.  I was referring to Paul.
Paul's never been married, especially not "10+" years ago.
(06-14-2022, 12:15 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: Well chicks lie about that kinda shit all the time, I mean unless you've been living under a rock, you know the most recent and most public case of this was between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, wherein Amber's lying ass lost abysmally.

She never said that about Baked though.  She did seem to go off the deep end after she returned from London.  

I agree about Amber.  Her lies were exposed and she still can't admit defeat.
(06-14-2022, 12:24 AM)Guest Wrote: She never said that about Baked though.

He probably didn't do anything to make her feel rejected like Paul did.

That's what really sends these particular type of psycho women over the edge, just like in Fatal Attraction!
(06-14-2022, 12:21 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: Paul's never been married, especially not "10+" years ago.

Yes, he was.  To a chinese woman.
If SHE rejects HIM, she's not gonna lie and say he did anything inappropriate with her. See how that works?
(06-14-2022, 12:25 AM)Guest Wrote: Yes, he was.  To a chinese woman.

He had a long term Chinese girlfriend...

Married, no. Show me the proof.

You can't, all you have is some Reddit post, lmao.

I'm not hating on you, but come on now...

He's in the UK, their marriage records are probably way less accessible than US ones are.

The accessibility of marriage records in the US is the only reason shit like that can ever be verified.
Refer back to the PJW interview posted earlier in this thread...

If Paul had ever been married, he wouldn't have addressed the concept of marriage/starting a family like it was a totally fucking alien idea that had never even crossed his mind before, lol.
Guy's got nooo fucking experience with that, lmao.

Awww, little Paul.

All this talk is making me start to wonder what he's up to these days!

Too bad I'm busy.
(06-14-2022, 12:27 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: He had a long term Chinese girlfriend...

Married, no. Show me the proof.

He was married.  I know someone who watched/listened to IW back then and she was the one who brought it up.  She specifically remembered them discussing Paul getting married as well as Alex saying Paul was going because he was spending time with his wife.

Ah well... I'm not the all-knowing Zoltar.

I guess it's possible, after all Paul is like 40.

I only started paying attention to InfoWars around 2016.

Before then, I just made fun of the "fat bullhorn guy" like everybody else.

First you call 'em crazy, then you realize they were right...

alex has enough coin to build his own colony.

not sure why he keeps fighting against the other colonies,

buy up some parcels with access to ocean and start developing

if the amish can do it successfully, im sure aj and his cohorts could too.

problem is, alex is not who he says he is.

merely a decoy for the peasants

during j6, alex did a 180.
now why was that?
paid decoy with insider info

just dont tell owen (little alex)
Nothing is entirely evil and nothing is entirely good.
(06-19-2022, 02:29 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Nothing is entirely evil and nothing is entirely good.

evil leads to self destruction and annihilation

good leads to self preservation and construction

evil destroys itself
good rebuilds itself

because this is a truth.. 

in the beginning of creation, all was good. 
At the end of creation, all is evil.

understanding both good and evil, is being whole
being whole is being holy.

in order to create, sometimes one has to destroy
this is not evil,
especially if one is destroying those who destroy.
and especially if it is for self preservation.
If you're trying to assert that all this legal trouble means Alex is evil and therefore self-destructing, I mean...

That's like saying Jesus was evil because he got killed.

I think watson made up his own thing may AJ wasn't paying him enough.
(06-19-2022, 07:06 PM)Feckin FungJit Wrote: I think watson made up his own thing may AJ wasn't paying him enough.

He made up his own thing to circumvent the InfoWars bans on social media.  He never left.
Nah he just wanted more money and was off AJ's kinky penis pills.
I mean why would you buy such shit?
Butt chugging Super Male Vitality, and snorting neat little lines of Brain Force Plus... that was 2016!!!

No slap me upside head. You are better.


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