Bonafide Bloom: Tarot and Divination Goddess

We discovered this sexy minx from the Rich Lopp thread:

I watch her vids on 1.75 speed, and generally the reads don't resonate with me...

But I can tell she is tuned in because she does mention things that have been in the thought-sphere.

So she's not a faker, she's legit AND...

She uses charms and runes and all kinds of other shit in addition to the tarot, which is something I do as well and something I think is sooo cool.

She's so great isn't she? Yes she is... I know!!!

Look she has her own website:

I've never actually clicked onto it though.

This is her Instagram:

Here she is on Facebook:

And of course, here's her YouTube channel:

OMG she's so pretty, what a groovy chick!!! 

She's unique, I mean hardly anybody reads the charms and runes too, it's usually all about tarot.

I bet people start copying her now!!!

1:52 OMG who does that!?

People though!!!
5:10 OMG the plastic bread roll tag thingies, dude this chick is the shit, come on.
Deal With It
I'd comment on her YouTube vids but I know Rich and his ilk just love serial blocking people for literally no reason so it's not like I'd ever waste my time.
She's such a hottie!
I like it when she plays with the string.
She's so interesting and special!
Too bad she falls just shy of being a Goat on the Chinese zodiac...

Horses and Goats are soulmates...

We were THIS close, Bloomy, THIS CLOSE.
Horses and Horses don't go together.
To think we might miss true love by a week or a month...

OMG she's so great!

Love you Bloomy baby!

*wink wink, nod nod*
She has good taste in decks too...

That lil Pamela Colman Smith (Smith-Waite Centennial) deck is the best.

She seems like a warm-tone kinda girl...

I approve.
Cool/blue tone is the fucking devil...
Dancing Banana 
I resent the fact that she keeps stating I don't do anything with my life besides watch other people on the internet and time stamp them...

Listen lady I'll have you know I do lots of other things!!!

Off hand I can't think of any BUT I DO. I DO DO OTHER THINGS!!!

Ya fuckin' ginger bitch!!!


Group Hug
Digging the charms idea, super cute
Have never seen anyone else do it

and yeah Im sure alllll the other readers will copy, awhile back I dont know if you noticed or not but one chick came along and did readings with sibilla's for additional guidance, then EVERYONE had sibilla cards
(06-03-2019, 01:07 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

38:00 I TOLD the haters her teeth issues were genetic.

Don't talk shit about peoples' teeth or looks...

You WILL get dealt with.

She's very cute and her smile is very cute...

It's a shame she'll have to cover up the natural shape of her teeth with protective coverings eventually, but it'll have to be done to save her from discomfort.
(06-03-2019, 01:37 PM)thatguest Wrote: one chick came along and did readings with sibilla's for additional guidance, then EVERYONE had sibilla cards

There's one lady I watch who uses those cards...

Christelle Martinette:

She's a groovy old chick, she's an Aries too, love her!
Yes! She is the one I was talking about

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