Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 18 - "Book Of The Damned"

I like this Charlie character, she's pretty cool.

1:33 this guy's pretty hot and exciting.

2:44 Metatron is absolutely the least likable character in this entire series.

3:40 "Can I just kill him now?" ROFLROFL. My thoughts exactly, Castiel!

5:03 ooo la la, they're showing some forearm in this episode!!!

16:53 Dean hardcore wants to kill Sam right now.

21:05 maybe Dean should just leave and let them deal with it then since it has no fuckin' effect on them.

22:04 he ain't in his right mind obviously.

25:43 LMFAO just by the way he's saying this you can tell Jared in real life is sooooooooooo into this. ROFLMFAO.

29:30 holy shit Castiel just took in some grace!!! So hot.

31:19 I meeeaan... he's no Jensen, but he sure is fine. Where do they find all these hotass people??

32:36 "Power is wasted on the weak"... oh I sure do agree with that.

34:24 dude what is it with Dean telling Sam to burn books lately?? That'd be a serious hangup for me.
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 19 - "The Werther Project"

0:16 oh the days when televisions were huge pieces of furniture that were capable of serving some purpose besides rotting minds.

1:11 what thaaaaaaa fuck is she doing?!!!!!

1:37 uuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmm.

On an unrelated note, could you imagine the fucking MAJESTY of the 70s wherein everything on the radio was AWESOME?? Whooooaaaa.

2:58 see that's the proper response to a situation like this. Don't make a lot of noise, just turn around and walk out. I like this kid, she's chill.

5:56 God I love violent Dean... why do they wanna fix him?? C'monnnn. So sexxxxyyyyy.

6:24 LOL look how Sam just comes running up, fuck he's so adorable.

11:52 daaayum Rowena, why so sexy!? She's sizzlingly fucking hot for sure. I can hardly type.

Sexy McSexsex.

13:36 whhhhhoooaaaa. Ummm hey baby. How YOU doin'? Rrrraaarwwawaawwaaawwwwaaarwawaawrrr.

This episode is making me wanna bang pretty hard.

16:09 agh, my God. I mean. If I opened my door and saw that sweet piece of meat standing there...

17:14 I feel bad for this lady still living in this house though, like fucking wow, how depressing. People should NEVERRRRRRRR live in one place their whole lives. Or even two places. They should live in a different place at least every decade. AT LEAST.


25:29 LOL... ahhh. Hell yes. Team Rowena... happening.

30:16 GOD I think Rowena is SO fucking HOTTTTTTTTTTTT. I CANNNN'TTTTTT.

36:30 LOL, Dean catches Rowena and Sam in this... compromising position and ummmmmmmm. She's probably gonna get dealt with.

37:11 lmfao this show is so fucking... ridiculous I mean, ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. But I can't even lie, I'm so turnt right now.
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 20 - "Angel Heart"

Dude I'm sorry as shit, but I don't give a fuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhk about this chick and her mom. At all. I already totally don't even like this episode.

5:00 awww... I feel bad for this poor guy, legit though!

10:21 ohhh Deeeeeean... Hearteyes

12:05 oh how I'd loooooove to come home to that!

14:35 well it was nice of him to blind him first!

15:17 my God this is the luckiest bitch ever, could you imagine having all three of those hotass dudes in your hotel room?! And there are 2 beds and everything!!! SLEEPOVERRRRR!!!

16:43 see I think just the opposite... I think Dean's getting BETTER. He was very effective at getting answers.

19:21 alone, with Dean? Jesus what a lucky bitch!

34:35 how about a lil healin' there, Castiel?!
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 21 - "Dark Dynasty"

0:19 God I love my curly haired bitches! They better not do anything nefarious to this fine ginger.

1:01 uh oh, he's got the bad guy tattoo.

1:11 uhhhhhh, spare this chick. DAMMIT. You fuckers! Fuck you fucking fuckers!

2:43 did she just call him Samuel?? LOLOL. That's so Rowena!

3:11 ummm, I have an issue about killing Crowley.

8:03 wow, Dean just shit talked disco. Ah well. It's no surprise that we'd have our differences.

11:13 again with the Microsoft Surface product placement, LOL!!! Agh!!! My God it's sooo... agh, so in your face. And the icon screen demo. 11:24 LOL, Lord.

20:39 Dean and I are like one.

21:31 "This call is pointless." ROFLMFAOLOLOL. Castiel is such a great character.

27:22 well that's definitely true.

35:03 it's interesting they're painting the Frankensteins to be the shit stirrers of the world and saying they started all the wars and pit peoples against peoples...

They're basically the elite. Which is interesting since they're basically reanimated corpses and survive throughout the years by changing out body parts.
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 22 - "The Prisoner"

0:25 whoooa, mega gay question bruh. This hoodie guy looks like a FTM tranny.

3:20 LOL that time Dean beat the shit out of Charlie... that was pretty hot. I'm not touched by this at all because I looked ahead and she's in like 3 more episodes in the 2018 season.

4:12 kay, whatever Dean, fuck you.

4:57 wow Dean is being such a fucking cunt!

7:56 LOL! Truuuuue.

8:02 ummm, naaah. Thanks though!

9:04 that dude's wearing a super nice button up shirt though.

18:24 rrrrraaaaawwwwawaawaawwwawawwrrwrrrrrrrr.

19:50 they better not hurt Crowley under the guise of being summoned by Dean... these people are about to piss me off.

21:06 it's ridiculous that Sam is nonchalantly going about killing Crowley when he didn't even do anything. He's practically innocent.

25:06 oh hell yeah Crowley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28:53 see now why the heck would they ever wanna get rid of the mark of Cain?? It makes Dean practically unstoppable! It's great!

31:39 I'm so proud of him for killing all those evil bastards... why don't Sam and Castiel and everybody else ever praise his victories anymore? It's not right.

33:18 that's because he has damn good taste!!!

34:06 God yes, SAVE THE BOOKS DEAN, SAVE THE FUCKING BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35:35 God I love Dean. Fucking hell. My God. Yes. God yes. One of the best scenes in the entire series.

35:48 I seriously hope he lets this lil dude live though... he could be useful. Really. I'll be low key mad if he doesn't. Gotta say.

LOL. Awe. Oh well! Dean <3 I'm sure he was right anyway!

36:58 he's done a GOOD JOB, Castiel... that's what he's done.

39:54 what're we supposed to feel bad for Castiel?? He's a fricken angel. Castiel should just back off.
Supernatural - Season 10, Episode 23 - "Brother's Keeper"

1:16 God these are two perfectly gorgeous beings right here.


7:27 I mean yeah Dean's approach seems a little hardcore, but...

I dunno, I still feel like he's winning pretty hard.

10:19 ooo, wow, we get to see into Rowena's mind!!!

12:56 oh come on. This chick would NOTTT be saying this shit. She would NOTTT. LOL and it's SOOO dumb to suggest she would. Dean just SAVED HER FUCKING LIFE. What does she care HOW he did it?? Come on. EVERYONE is being RIDICULOUSLY hard on Dean for NO good reason. They've ALWAYS done this. It's OBNOXIOUS.

13:47 ah well, it's on a bogus credit card anyway, what does he care?!

14:40 and the suggestion that they never find the fangs on any of these vampires at the morgue is a plot hole in and of itself, but let's just look the other way I guess huh?

14:51 LOL, very cute scene.

16:18 LOL =\

I'm so glad they eventually made Crowley likable.

OMG this is the season finale!

WTF was this season even about anyway.

17:37 WTF did Dean just give Baby to Sam??

17:50 who is he invoking?

18:12 I love that Dean cooks. That's so hot.

20:30 oooo, this is getting interesting!!!

21:30 uuuhhh, say what?!

23:10 holy shit NO WAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28:04 seeing Rowena love some shit is pretty hot.

33:03 oh come on y'all.

34:19 it's crazy because they're so wrong about this, LMAO. Like... Dean hasn't even done anything that bad. It's so dumb. I'm sorry but it's just dumb.

35:10 oooo, I didn't expect that?! WTF!!!

36:15 I've honestly grown to love this show, I can't even lie.

37:47 OMG Rowena even has power over angels! God that's so hot! Rowena is so hot!

38:31 OMG WHAT is going on?! OMG SO EXCITING!!! So "The Darkness" comes out of holes from deep in the ground. Wow. Interesting.

What an ending, fuck this is exciting!!!

Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 1 - "Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire"

8:32 ooo, check out the hot chick!!!

10:18 lmfao better whip out the dental floss!!!

15:51 uh oh, LOL, Crowley's about to be a chick.


19:32 these looks Sam/Jared gets sometimes... makes me wanna fuck so hard.

20:10 alright buddy... gonna need you to hand over the baby. Lady cop needs a real job anyway.

21:10 awe... poor Castiel.

22:54 yeah you better take that fuckin' baby, lady.

28:56 ah for fuck's sake.

Dean and Sam turn me the fuck on and I'll be low key sad when this is all over.

26:33 LOL Crowley is great even when he's not himself.

27:10 she's SO good at acting like Crowley. She really is.

29:37 LMFAO, being a fly on the wall (or a cop chick) right now... freaking hilarious. The drama between these two.

30:30 oh for fuck's sake. Not this shit again. Honestly??

34:39 yay, he's back!!!
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 2 - "Form And Void"

4:20 this lady is great at playing grandma.

10:12 mwahahahahaha holy shit it's a magic baby, bitches!!! "FEED ME" ROFLLLLLL. Bwahahahaha. I love itttt.

12:34 here we get to see Castiel/Misha's teeth better. In earlier episodes I noticed they never really showed him smiling for very long, like they were trying to hide something about his teeth. I figured he'd probably gotten some of them terrible Chiclet veneers. But I guess not! They look pretty good to me!

13:19 oh my damn! Who is this? She sounds HAWWWWWWT.

17:13 OMG he just said my name!!!



28:46 God I love Castiel as a badass.

29:47 oh geez, I forgot all about Sam!!! Somebody save this poor sweet delicious piece of meat!!!

31:30 wow that was pretty amazing.

36:12 LOLOLOL amen to that!!!

39:07 man oh man do I ever know that feeling!!!

39:38 OMG IT'S CASTIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40:08 oh I think these two are gonna be best good friends!!!
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 3 - "The Bad Seed"

"The Bad Seed" (1956) was a damn good movie BTW.

3:48 Castiel making these hotass sex sounds, I seriously can't.

6:43 roflroflmfao megacoven... this is fricking hilarious.

15:36 YEAH!!!!! POWDER THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

20:18 we all saw that coming!

21:08 OMG it's Dean, LOLOLOL!

35:02 ooooOoOoooOoooOoooo, Castieeeeeelllll... rrrrraaaawwwwawawawawawrwrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 4 - "Baby"

According to the synopsis, this whole episode takes place in Dean's Impala. I think it sounds interesting.

Definitely an intriguing open.

0:44 of course good music is gonna be inherent in this one.

0:57 "What's up with the shorts?" LOL... I don't like shorts on dudes. I don't even wear shorts... on their own at least.


7:51 "Is everything a Bob Seger song to you!?" "Yes." ROFLROFLROFLROFL LOOOOOVE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

14:42 he's right, it's not in the Bible.

19:54 LOL awwwe. She's such a cutie! WTF OMG she stole Baby?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

22:15 ROFLROFL legendary as always, Castiel.


30:23 LMAO driving around with blood all over the door/window.

Pretty good episode.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 5 - "Thin Lizzie"

This episode isn't insanely good so far or anything... I'm just not that into the Lizzie Borden story. I think this was around the time the show version of it was happening, with Christina Ricci or whatever. That's probably the only reason they did this episode.

29:00 yeah I just have like nooo interest in this episode.

33:00 I do dig this rhetoric though.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 6 - "Our Little World"

21:09 they mention "legalized marijuana" as a possible cause of a "40% decrease in soul collections" in the PACNW... I found that sort of interesting.

33:50 ROFLLLL!!!!!!! Oh man, I hear ya on that one Metatron!!!!!!!!
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 7 - "Plush"

I got one thing to say about this episode...


Past three episodes have been kinda crap, gotta say.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 8 - "Just My Imagination"

The synopsis of this one sounds pretty good... hopefully it won't disappoint.

1:13 ANOTHER dumb as fuck costume. At least he talks though. Still a really bad sign, doesn't bode well for this episode. This has really not been a great season so far.

12:15 LOL, this is pretty funny.

13:26 LMAO this is great.

14:33 LMFAO OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:20 oh they better not take this one out... I'll be pissed off.

This is NOT what imaginary friends are like BTW.


33:43 WTF!!!

Honestly a touching episode though. Sorta dumb, sorta touching.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 9 - "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

2:39 so this is the hell cage?? Doesn't look that scary.

3:05 WTF, Luci leaning in for a kiss?

32:38 I've barely been watching this episode... NGL. I don't find the back 'n forth between Amara and Dean very interesting.

40:00 I feel like Sam forgot what an asshole this guy is.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 10 - "The Devil In The Details"

LOL what in the hell is this?!

4:04 oooo, this scene is hotttt!!!

6:12 Rowena is so fucking fine, OMG.

8:06 "smiting sickness" roflrofl.

9:12 what the fuck does he want her body for?!


22:29 this episode is so dark... can't see shit.

32:30 LOL.

37:14 but Rowena said before that Crowley was conceived in an orgy and she didn't know who his father was. So was she just trolling or is this the most major plot hole of the entire series?

Great powerful delivery of good lines and all, but... I got an issue with the seemingly dropped ball.

38:20 so here we have Misha acting in a completely different manner due to Castiel being possessed by Luci. It's definitely weird... not sure he's gonna be able to pull it off, but so far he's doing pretty decently.

39:52 OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crowley can't like that. I sure don't.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 11 - "Into The Mystic"

15:25 I looooooooove sign language.

23:54 awww.

27:08 God this is so hot...

Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 12 - "Don't You Forget About Me"

It's not like anything that starts off this way ever ends well... *facepalm*

2:43 LMFAO that is so nasty.

6:51 ROFLMFAOOOO this scene is so funny.


8:46 "We're goin' there" ROFLROFLMFAOOOOOOO.

8:52 "If we can't talk about it, we shouldn't be doing it, right?!" ROFLMFAO SO TRUUUUEEEE I've always said that!!!

17:00 this guy looks like a younger version of Sean Van Der Wilt.

31:14 well this bitch wronged this dude pretty hard, it only makes sense she'd have people coming back to settle scores.

37:06 LOL, Claire is the shit.

39:54 they were pushing safe sex pretty hard in this episode, that's... cool and whatnot.
Supernatural - Season 11, Episode 13 - "Love Hurts"

1:10 oh this bitch is gonna get dealt with!!! Teehee!!! I love seeing the mistresses get it, even though I have a soft spot for mistresses.

3:20 so this is kinda a mystery because if it was the dad guy, it would have showed him.

15:54 I believe her.

18:09 how is this bitch not gonna aim the water stream right at the hole??? THAT pisses me off.

18:30 oh bitch hell no.

30:11 LMFAO Dean's reaction to winning that was priceless.

33:30 "You're practically a feminist." OOOOOOOOO BURRRRRRN!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! LMAO OMG!!!!!!!!! One of the best lines in the whole series. Throwing shade at feminists is something I could get behind any day.

38:11 RIGHT ON, SAMMY!!!!!!!!!

40:00 there's a flashing light in this window that I find suspicious.

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