my balls
Hey all. I have considered getting some sizable nuts

There is an exotic surgery available

and when I have pondered it was it so that I could get more sexy ladies craving my baby maker thus leading to intense sexual activities 

Or perhaps I am trying to land a whale

Either ways more ladies will want to hold them and play with them

I am just curious . i like my small balls but 

I can't help but wonder
This is a huge misconception...

Women don't care about the size of your nuts, I promise.

And if you have sizable nuts and you brag about having "big balls"...

It honestly disgusts women, LOL!

I mean they'll act like they're proud for you, but deep down they're just shaking their heads.
If there wasn't such an extreme level of misunderstanding between males and females...

Humanity would have never lasted this long.

The very fuel of existence is friction and resistance.

This hellish, constant barrage of total misunderstandings and the inability to truly know one another is what causes life to continue on.
I always thought "Big Balls" and "Monster Mash" would make a good mash-up.

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