Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Dead By "Apparent Suicide" (AKA Murdered)
Sad day for the Clintons, losing their good friend like this...

I guess they’ll just have to remember all the good times.
Dancing Banana 

Really dead, or plastic surgery and a new lease on life?
The whole of the beast system had its hands in Epstein’s cookie jar...

Hollyweird, politicians, all kinds of famous/wealthy people.

Talk about a unanimous decision...

They love ya when you’re feeding them trafficked hookers, but as soon as the gravy train comes to a screeching halt, it’s lights out.

They’ve all been feeding at their new supplier for years now anyway, Epstein’s been compromised for so long.

Second picture looks super fake, his head is huge.

Subtle differences between these two profiles.

Hairline different, nose not the same.
(08-10-2019, 09:16 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Second picture looks super fake, his head is huge.

Subtle differences between these two profiles.

Hairline different, nose not the same.
yes that huge head  should not be like that in background
he is still breathing somewhere far away getting facial surgery no doubt
and this dude makes fun of moon landing deniers also doesn't say anything about 9/11 or staged shootings , i feel like he is like most boomers living a life of delusion -

a couple more days and the sheep will have another fake event to be 'horrified' about , as easy as distracting a cat with a laser pointer

2:23 I agree with Styx.
People in the comments section saying Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s pedo plane 26 times like it’s news or something...

We’ve known this for YEARS.

What’s surprising is that he’s just now been ‘killed’...

More likely an agent retired and gone on permanent holiday.
(08-10-2019, 08:32 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They love ya when you’re feeding them trafficked hookers children

The mainstream media omits the word "apparent" in their headlines. They're stating it was suicide as if it were a proven fact.

Nobody believes it was suicide. They only differ on who killed him. The batshit left is spamming a new forced meme on Twitter:

"Trump body count"

Unoriginal fucks.

(08-11-2019, 11:34 AM)Guest Wrote: The batshit left is spamming a new forced meme on Twitter:

"Trump body count"

I read that Twitter themselves got caught enacting some "word filter" type of software that automatically changed 'ClintonBodyCount' to 'TrumpBodyCount'... dunno who said that or if it's true but I wouldn't put it past them.

I mean look how fucking HUGGGEEEE his head looks...

And it's not because it was swollen...

It looks so fucking fake.
Prince Andrew is one of the big names related to Epstein that has been drawing a lot of attention lately.

 I think the claim that Russia had something to do with Epstein's death is far-fetched. If anything, Russia would love to see Epstein bring down the whole Western globalist cabal. "Never interrupt the enemy when he's making a mistake." - Sun Tsu
If Epstein was on suicide watch as widely reported, they would've removed anything from the cell he could use to hang himself with. So the "found hanging" story is obvious crap.

I don't know what's up with the ear biometrics. If they made a cast or mask of his head, would they have made such a n00b mistake as getting the ears wrong? Maybe it's a body double? Why would NYPD go along with faking his death? They were pissed about the Federal government not investigating some of the horrifying stuff found on Weiner's laptop. I can't imagine those cops keeping quiet about yet another attempt to cover up a massive pedophile ring.
I think it's pretty likely that nobody in those pictures is who they're claimed to be.

Could be anybody wearing those uniforms...

New workers could have been put in place months prior to fill these positions, or they could have just been put it for this one event, maybe simply agents.

Who the hell knows??

That's just it...

Every aspect of it is so damn suspicious that LITERALLY NO ONE is buying it. At all.
I think he was a MOSSAD agent all along and that he's been taken back to Israel.
Even if that was his body on the gurney, there's no proof he was really dead...

Purplish hue could be makeup.

Absolutely no proof of anything whatsoever, in any direction whatsoever.
all they need is matching uniforms of police and paramedics and they can stage their little fake shooting ,suicides at a time and place of their choosing and then just air it as LIVE on their mass media

anybody who actually works at the chosen locations at the time of the supposed incidents can try all they want to tell somebody or phone the media or higher ups ...but it won't matter as key people in high places are in on it and won't give them air time and will in fact make life difficult for them
If those workers were legit...

The medics, the prison workers, any of them...

Well, I mean if I were them I'd be quitting my damn job and moving to Mexico.

None of them are safe if Epstein was murdered or carted off to Israel...

Maybe they're safe if he really did kill himself (LOL) but other than that, nah.

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