"The Forest"
The Forest is thriving. The canopy now blocks the daylight, it is always night. This forest has been germinated from the seeds of early trauma. They extracted the hydration from years of tear filled nights. Slowly, the forest grows. My adolescence is the photosynthesis. Now towering thousands of feet above me, this is where i have made my home. Wandering with the ghosts of failed and discarded lovers who found their way out. Past spirits forever trapped here with me.  The premonitions of future beings, not yet formed. In order to clear out the bad, i must burn everything including the good. The orchards that have fed me the sweetest and most nourishing memories.  The thorns that have burried themselves so deep, my fake smile covers them perfectly.  I soak the forest with the accelerant of my rage. I strike a match of optimism and set the maps ive followed my whole life ablaze. The inferno begins. Destruction.  Beautiful destruction.  The war within myself can only have one prevail, or we both shall perish. This war has to end. I laugh, watching the crashing forest fall tree by tree. The heat of hatred, embarrassment,  revenge, spite...all too familiar.  I dance in the warmth. Embers flicker all around, as a breeze of hope carries the smoke downwind. I see the first sunrise in ages. I have either destroyed everything i know about myself, or started the rebirth of a new welcoming forest that will grow stronger from the ashes of the past.  I embrace either scenario. Sometimes you must destroy who you were in order to grow into the person you should be

In memory of M.A.S. rest in peace brother. 8/11/2019
I woke up out of a sleep to write this for the forum. I assure you, not all of my newly found writing intrest are only dark. Lol. This is actually a triumphant entry for me. I hope ive made it out of my "forest". Depression is a painful thing, and i really hope anyone who may deal with it as well finds your way out. Just strike the match and burn your way out
Fantastic !
Thanks for the feedback!
Sorry for your loss, Bump...

This reminds me of a poem I wrote that I was actually reading lastnight...

I happened across it in a note on an old device I haven't used in a super long time.

"Let's Decay Into One Pile"

And grow grains from our remains
The plains golden, our souls emboldened
To keep sprouting from the soil, our infinite royal standing
To wave at each other from across the abyss
Our former paths flowering, glistening with dew in the mist
Resilient life will give birth to us once again
Wow, that was amazing, MO! That  resonates with me alot. Absolutely Beautiful!   Thank you for the condolences, and taking some time to check out my post

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