Ahhhhh, Chris Crocker.


Thoooose days though.

My mom and I loved watching Chris Crocker circa 2007, LMAO!!!

Then he went on to do some SUPER weirdo shit.

Like gay pr0n and whatnot... YEEEEEEIIIIIIIKES.
Got all kinds of crazy plastic injected into his lips and shit LOL.

Could never decide if he wanted to be a dude or a chick. LOL.
I remember one time circa late 2007 or early 2008 I was listening to some radio show he was doing and this woman (I guess, it sounded like a black woman) called in and asked Chris if she should continue on in a relationship and have unprotected sex with a guy who told her he had AIDS. Like... I felt like this individual wasn't trolling. She literally said the guy was pressuring her to have unprotected sex. She sounded drugged up and not right in the head, that or she was just really really slow. She was saying she loved him but she was too scared and all this, asking Chris what she should do. I can't really remember what he said, I just remember as the call progressed, he was totally mortified. It was one of those things that sort of just... ruins the rest of whatever you're doing. It was just kinda... flatlined after that and I'm sure the show ended not long after LOL. He was basically like, "I can't help you" and then had the show hosts go to the next caller.

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