Kate Bush is Emily Bronte reincarnated...
Emily Bronte, author of "Wuthering Heights", was born July 30, 1818.


Kate Bush, who wrote and performed the song "Wuthering Heights" as a tribute to Bronte's work, was born July 30, 1958.

1818 and 1958 are both Chinese zodiac Dog years.

They even look similar...





Uhhh, yeah. 

It's one of the most obvious cases of famous reincarnation ever.

It's especially clear with the creative arts... I find we make the art in one life, then in the next life we discover our art as someone else. We become inspired by it, and create more... and on it goes.

It's an endless cycle of understanding ourselves through successive lifetimes of creation.

12:21. 14:50.

LOL... I stumbled on Kate Bush's videos when looking at the "Golden Brown" video and have been fapping at Kate ever since.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Somebody made a thread about her sometime ago...


I wasn’t ready to go down the rabbit hole at that time because “Don’t Give Up” meant so much to me, I was afraid to learn anything else about Kate Bush...

(12-16-2018, 10:24 PM)Guest Wrote:

But I finally watched this video and around 8:10 when she’s talking about how it all started, she says “The Pink Floyd”...

That was the moment I knew I was in love.


In my entire life.

Have I ever heard somebody call them “THE” Pink Floyd.

It was such a WTF moment, in her adorable voice, LMAO.

Fucking amazing.
0:42 oh I'd bang that curlyheaded ginger for sure.

With somebody else's dick of course.
Dude those bitches are hot.
1:44 fuck yeah baby, I love that dark orangey red 90s lipstick...

Big Nanarub
That's a shade you can basically never find anymore, in the world of ridiculous oversaturation of lipsticks in every shade imaginable... nothin'.
LOL that short haired blonde chick is singing this shit like she REALLY means it.

I wonder what's her sign.
Aqua Monkey, LOL.

She's hot, lookit them pants.
I'd wankity wank wank hard all over them ladiez.

To be 100% honest, Kate Bush is one of those musicians who I love as a person... but don't really like their music all that much.

Her first album (The Kick Inside) was the best in my opinion... after that, she had a couple epic songs here and there. But most of her stuff is just too weird for me.

What I can really relate to about Kate is the way she moves/dances... when I saw some of her moves, I was reminded of my own "private dancing" that nobody sees. I move in much the same way, but I don't do choreography, so I don't repeat the same moves in certain places on purpose... I just don't believe in that kinda shit. I ain't no fricken ballerina like Ms. Bush, but I do see some similarities in our expression via movement. I've seen very few other people who do this.

Grimes is another person who moves somewhat similarly to us but... I can tell hers is basically because she did a bunch of ecstasy at one time and that's why she's like, permanently altered. I talked about it in this thread: http://www.sectual.com/thread-2025-post-...l#pid18259 Grimes' political views are sheer fucking disease, and I did like her music a few years ago but politics always totally fucking ruin it for me and I don't even like her anymore.

I would NEVERRR commit the heinous atrocity of comparing any 21st century fuckwit to Kate Bush. I've seen some people do it... and it's just so, SO very ridiculous (embarrassing, even). No one will ever come close to her. I'm just saying... some of the movements are recognizable and I think in some ways these are archetypal qualities.
"Don't Give Up" will always hold the number one special place in my heart because truly, it was the first time I ever really saw or heard Kate Bush as far as I know. Of course I probably heard one of her popular songs on the radio... but would I have ever noted it? Most certainly not. The truth is that "Don't Give Up" literally saves lives... it is a very serious song with a very powerful and deep message and it is not "just a song".

As far as Kate Bush by herself, "A Deal With God" is my favorite right now, I think it's her most iconic work... and damn amazing video too:

I don't call it "Running Up That Hill" because she originally named it "A Deal With God" and the record company wouldn't allow it to be called that because it "might offend people"... well you know I raise two middle fingers to that concept so, of course I will call it by its rightful name.

And "Moving" is absolutely ethereal and haunting in the most wonderful way... that chorus though, my God. Legend. Total undisputed legend.

Horrible video quality but that outfit OMG...

Big Nanarub
She's so freaky ROFL I love it.
1:36 totally my kinda dancing right there.

She's like some kinda otherwordly ethereal creature from the mystical realms.

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