I always feel like humans are being watched
I believe the human race is a grand experiment . We are just too odd and different from all other living things on this planet. Those beings who terraformed earth making it livable are the creator of you and me. It then follows that the creators need to watch carefully with feet on the ground. They cannot be in public office or any kind of highly visible career so that people wont enquire on their health, whereabouts or longevity. However they need to be close to centers of power but still hidden somewhat. This is why i believe we have aliens in our midst perhaps holding jobs such as mid levelĀ bankers at global banksĀ , un employees , political interns, lobbyists and military personnel.

How can we flush them out and make them talk???
Torture is really the only option
(08-12-2017, 01:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:


It might sound like crazy-talk to some...

But what he says right there about them accessing your sensory perception by reading/connecting to your DNA...

That is a conclusion I independently came to YEARS ago.

It happened when I could feel an observer through my own senses...

So I 'backtraced' it and it was coming from another human in a 'study/office' setting where it was literally their job to 'plug in' DNA and observe lives.

The thing I couldn't figure out was the time period. I couldn't tell if it was current, or way in the future. But the conclusion I came to was that if they have any of your DNA, they can put it into the machine, and then literally view your life from your perception, on a screen just like a movie.

Another thing about it that was odd is that it seemed like this practice didn't go on for very long. Like they didn't do this for very long in the span of history... for some reason they didn't keep doing it. And I don't know if they were humans like us, or just human-like life forms.


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